Halloween Night (2006)


Written & Directed by: Mark Atkins


Derek Osedach .... David Baxter
Rebekah Kochan .... Shannon
Sean Durrie .... Larry
Alicia Klein .... Tracy
Erica Roby .... Angela
Amanda Ward .... Kendall
Jared Cohn .... Daryll
Scot Nery .... Chris Vale

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 24, 2006





Chris Vale (Scott Nery) is burned to a crisp and survives the incodent after witnessing a family murder that he was convicted of doing now looking like a burned up zombie he managed to escape the asylum after years of being tormented making him lose his sanity and heading back to his former home on Halloween night which is owned by a new resident anmed David Baxter (Derek Osedach) whom is having a party there in which pranks are set up that are supposed to look criminal but people end up being slayed one by one by this maniac.


We spot a disturbing prologue in which we have the character Chris Vale hiding underneath a bed while we spot a moment going on of a maniac ready to rape someone's wife or what we may think of that but when we spot the reactions things don't seem convincing until later on when things start to unravel and we think to ourselves "AHA!" Some interesting and suspenseful effects when we spot Chris being burned alive which worked in well for the story.
Also some good fast action moments when Chris is out of the hospital and attacking someone there which really catches you by surprise big time and looked well done.
We spot some cheesy situations with a teenage couple named Todd and Jeanine driving to the Halloween party and are stopped by the police warning them about a killer on the loose and not to pick up any hitchhikers which seemed to work in well at the same time.
There's a real effective moment when Todd is in the can at a gas station and someone is watching him as well as approaching him which gives you the chills and having the feeling that it's the killer Chris Vale but when we spot the full make up effects on his zombie looking scarred face it looks way too cheesy to be taken seriously in order to be frightened anymore. Also the killing looked slightly phony to watch as well.
Some fun stuff at the party happening with people joking around and having a good time with lots of good shots on this along with a dope head named Daryll trying to come on strong towards a lesbian that he's attracted to which looked oddly interesting and the outcome of it all while having to be humiliated by her assertive lover later on.
Plus we spot a moment with Jeanine in the car trying to talk to what she thinks is Todd wearing a Halloween costume as well as good close up's on Todd in this outfit which makes you cringe and wondering if he will take a stab at her next but when he does the shocked reactions lacked a bit. However great close up shots on him quickly throwing the slayings at her which should please any slasher fan.
Some perfect hallucination sequences with Chris entering the party and one of the main character's named Shannon talking to him as he thinks it's his mother speaking to him as well as spotting other moments at the party that he thinks looks horrifying. Another nice pointer for a slasher flick.
Also at the party we have a moment when David Baxter is about to kick out Daryll for being the way he is and acting like a dickhead about it to humiliate him which was drawn to life a great deal since it reminds us as one of those types. Plus it draws you in even more while watching furthermore on his reactions and having a feeling a brawl is about to break out which just does but the struggling needed a bit more inspiration and not looking intense enough while watching all on what's going on. However, there's a great effective scene when Daryll points a gun at an officer while this cop tries to reason with him and he refuses as you think to yourself that this is not a good idea at all and will lead him to more trouble. This scene here was perfectly put in.
Great shots on a murderous girl in a bathtub sequence in which we spot the water looking bloody and another nice memorable horror moment here.
There's also situations which looks clever when David tries to warn others about a killer and no one believes him due to all the set up pranks that went on in his party which definetely makes you think of the old tale on the boy who cried wolf and now something real is happening and no one believes him. Givies it that sorority pledge type of feel to the whole thing.
Viwers may get a kick out of spotting the assertive lesbian lover kicking the shit out of the killer Chris which is rare to spot in a horror flick and you think to yourself "Right On!" But then we find out the deadly outcome of it while we keep watching this which is not good on her behalf.
Alot of good intense moments with Shannon gagged and tied up due to what Chris did since we spot these moments in certain other flicks on an innocnet victim. Also near the end we spot a sitation on what we may think that's the end of the killer but he is clever on what he does to get away which seemed to borrow heavily off of Halloween: Resurrection from the beginning of the story on that one.
Bottom line is that this was an independent film by Asylum as alot of their films are bad. Although there's are cheesy moments here and there it was still well done and enjoyable to watch. Almost seemed to borrow a bit here and there from those retro slasher flicks and making it look like a modern film in general. If you enjoy party slasher flick by all means check this one out.

The acting is very well performed as Derek Osedach (David Baxter) really pulled off his part as the head party animal in which he shows off some great energy and enthusiasm for what he had to do here. He was great at being a wise ass and dickhead while about to kick someone out with his cocky type of behavior just making this moment realistic but at times when he's struggling in other situations he needed to pick up the pace. He does do a good job freaking out when the terror starts to happen crying for help as he got into this nicely.
Rebekah Kochan (Shannon) showed some good spunk into her part as someone whom is outgoing and really got into her conversations as well as good reactions to situations. She also does a nice job with her aggressions too by having a disgusted type of behavior which really catches your attention a great deal to what she does. Shows off fairly good emotions too while being scared or acting completely alerted with the terrifying moments by adding a good punch to everything that she does here. She was a worthy character actress.
Sean Durrie (Larry) Had the right looks to portray one of those party type geeks with the brainy attitude but yet a cool one in which he adds alot of humor into his part and is a natural ham at all this too. He really knew on how to let it all out and act full of life as well as knowing on how to make his role highly entertaining and showing off well onto the camera. He had the most effective role in this film indeed.
Erica Roby (Angela) had the other most effective role as the passive tough as nails lesbian in which she says her lines clearly which comes off nicely while watching her perform all of this. She also knew on how to be straight forward and shows off a perfect aggression and high on energy with her level too especially when she performs a fight really getting into her fighting mode and acting believeably heroic too. SHe also had the right female masculine and beautiful looks too which was another perfect plus for her.
Amanda Ward (Kendall) seemed to do an okay job playing the passive lesbian lover with her inncocent type of behavior which showed off nicely as well as her small like features and wholesome type looks too in which by spotting her seems this type. She also knew on how to act tense whenever she needed to be this way coming off as a non tough type.
Jared Cohn (Daryll) looked great in his performance as a dope head type who likes to cause trouble in which he shows off his sleazy flrtatious type of behavior and talking stupidly without acting too over the top. Plus shows off a fairly convincing macho type of behavior too. He also really brings up the hype a great deal with his aggressions and violent behavior especially while pointing a gun and showing no mercy. Yes I was fond of his supporting role.

A woman is barebreasted while fornicating with her boyfriend in bed.
Two lesbians are barebreasted while getting it on with one another as well as one of thekm topless while kicking the killer's ass which may attract any of you who likes action and skin in their story.
A woman is barebreasted while taking a bath.

The killer's face is burned to a crisp.
Fast action slayings occur in a hospital.
Sharp pliers and stabbed through someone's mouth.
Many different scene's on heads being stabbed or split open.
A coat hanger is stabbed though someone's eye.
Person's mouth is stabbed by a pair of garden clippers.
Lots of blood sheds and people spitting out blood.

We have alot of overplayed cheesy synthesizer sounds which was supposed to be classical violin playing that got on my nerves alot but at times it could sound fun if you're in the mood for Z-grade horror such as this one. There's also lame guitar twanging during a lesbian love moment in a couple scene's which I couldn't stand and seriously lacked inspiration big time. In alot of areas during the slashing moments the sound effects were not too bad as we hear screeching sounding or rusty metal sounds as well as dark type music too which seemed to blend in nicely. There's some heavy thumping as usual too as this seemed to fit in nicely.