Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Directed by: Rick Rosenthal

Written by: Larry Brand & Sean Hood


Busta Rhymes .... Freddie Harris
Bianca Kajlich .... Sarah Moyer
Thomas Ian Nichols .... Bill Woodlake
Ryan Merriman .... Myles 'Deckard' Barton
Daisy McCracken .... Donna Chang
Dan Joffre .... Willie
Katee Sackhoff .... Jen Danzig
Luke Kirby .... Jim Morgan
Brad Loree .... Michael Myers

Special Appearances:

Sean Patrick Thomas .... Rudy Grimes
Tyra Banks .... Nora Winston
Jamie Lee Curtis .... Laurie Strode

Release Date: Theatrical: July 12, 2002

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Just when you thought that H20 was going to be the last of it's kind cause Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) beheaded her biological maniac brother Michael, the story explains that Michael (Brad Loree) knocked a paramedic unconcious and then put his clothes and mask on him to make her think it was him and then Laurie/Kate was locked away and never spoke a word since.
Michael tracks her down and kills her.

Then back in Haddonfield Illinois, an ambitious entrepreneur by the name of Freddy Harris (Busta Rhymes) wants to make some money on the Myers house by making a real internet film event called Dangertainment in which six local college students participate as part of the webcast.
They have to spend the night at the house as a scholarship is offered by Freddie whoever can survive the most in the house by not being scared away.

One of the people Freddie hired to scare the students is dressed as Michael Myers as a joke to scare them away but however the real Michael Myers returns to the house and kills people one by one and then one of the survivors named Sarah (Bianca Kajlich) asks one of the internet viewers to help her to escape from him by going online with one of them.


H20 promised to be the last one as Laurie Strode's plan was to kill off Michael Myers for good and she did just that in the end. I just couldn't understand as to why this one resurfaced since Resurrection was a perfect title to it all.
I enjoyed this one better than H20 as it had more happening in it and more excitement too.
The story opens up with Laurie Strode acting like a basket case in a psych ward staring dazedly at a window which makes you wonder as to why she's in there but that's when two nurses have a discussion about her killing the wrong person which describes on how Michael did this and I was thinking to myself "RIIIGHT"
The scene's looked exciting when Michael breaks into the ward trying to kill her but she sets a trap for him and tells him he failed cause she's not afraid of him. Yet we all know that is too easy to put an end to him so soon as there's some bad writing and unwise choices during this moment when Laurie gets killed off. Nothing is explained as to what has happened to her son as if he never existed.
Then the story moves forward with the lead character Freddie Harris really getting into the hype of his internet reality show on the Myers house and who will be the lucky contestants to go there which is another unwise choice since that Michael is still on the loose.
There's a nervous winner named named Sarah Moyer reluctant to participate in which she has every right to.
In another scene there's a flakey security surveillance watcher named Nora being distracted by making some coffee while one of the crew members move some stuff into the Myers house which Michael of course kills this dude off then Nora returns after this incident which seems to be a traditional moment for a slasher film on the killer being sneaky about stuff.
There's great exiciting moments with the winning contestants entering the Myers house and spotting creepy props set there to make things creepy and the setting were perfect to watch.
There's also some slapstick moments with Freddie dressed as Michael and then talking to the real one thinking it's someone else by giving him a hard time telling him that he's playing Michael for the show. This could offer some chuckles.
There's even a teenage couple making out which is a perfect target for Michael to kill since we know about teenagers being naughty and dirty to be one of the first to die and there's even funny moments when supposed corspes fall down on them and they're fake. You think at first that they'll be safe but then Michael comes in when you least expect.
Another good quote in the story is when Freddy explains to others that reality shows aren't real else they'd be boring which is a fact which is why he dressed as Michael to scare others so the viewers can get a kick out of watching his show. When this happens you wonder who is the real Michael which will be a perfect target to these teens.
The adventure and terror really heats up when Sarah tries to escape from Michael and talks to her internet buddy Dekker on how to escape from him in which Dekker's friends thinks is all an act. It goes to show when something really happens that's bad that no one believes it. Still the suspense piles up when Dekker believes that this is really happening and his friends are in suspense as well. Alot of this was pretty creepy to watch.
There's some classic ninja fighting with Freddy against Michael and other moments making you think that this film puts an end to Michael once and for all but if you watch very closely to the very end a door opens up for another sequel which it sadly didn't no thanks to a fucking remake by Rob Zombie. I almost hoped the sequels would keep happening till Michael was 100 years of age.
Bottom line is that this film was fun mainly taking place inside the Myers deserted house which is what a Halloween sequel should be since it all started there in the first place. The film was quite entertaining even if it seemed pointless to do another one since Michael finally put an end to his biological sister and now is just killing anyone.

Although the film is a bit better than H20 the acting isn't. Bianca Kaljich (Sarah Moyer) seemed to just have the pretty girl looks to grab attention to the audience but yet she does show a sensitivity and shyness to her character in which she portrays quite well. Does well approaching someone else and acting soft spoken telling him that she's dropping out which looked nice and mellow. She reacts well with her frightening reactions trying to get away and talking to someone online to try and escape from Michael which looked realisitic but then her acting lacked in other scene's of the film like her getting scared which didn't look believeable at all. Yet when there's scene's when she gets scared or acting anxious she seems to lack a bit wit her characteristics doping all of this. It isn't overly terrible though.
However rapper Busta Rhymes (Freddie Harris) steals the show with his dynamic performance as the director of the reality internet show bringing his character to life. He brings on a terrific charisma like a terrific outgoing businessman trying to make everyone feel good about themselves as well as having a nice aggressive attitude too for when the terror really happens to him. He also does well by sweet talking to someone to stay with his show while he hears that person is dropping out as he looked believeably charming. A nice aggressive moment on him by telling the real Michael Myers off on who will be dressed as Michael which was believeably humorous on how this was all done since he thought that person was one of the actors. Has a nice fast paced speaking explaining towards the contestants about why he's dressed as Michael and scaring people on his reality show which he believeably draws his point with good energy. I loved his battle with the Michael character which looked highly energised and nicely choreographed with his martial arts as well as great moments on him jumping on this maniac by trying to fight him. Also does a terrific job by getting aggressive on a news camera explaining what Michael is and letting them know how he feels by hitting the news camera which showed terrific energy too.
Ryan Merriman (Myles 'Deckard' Barton) played a perfect internet geek in which he looked sharp for the part and really brought alot of spunk and energy to his role in what he had to do in the film showing great anxious moments while trying to help an innocent victim escape. He brings all of this together marvellously.
Daisy McCracken (Donna Chang) looked like that she was fresh out of the modelling academy with her performace. She does well the odd time but when she discovers Michael it is not at all believeable when she starts to freak out. She was fairly wooden most of the time when she was supposed to have picked up the pace and doesn't. She offers a fake scream and expression on her which could've looked more convincing when she is attacked by the Michael character.
Dan Joffre (Willie) certainly portrayed a great outgoing partying type of fellow who is in the reality show in which he really studied his part well and bringing it on as one of those nice guy next door types.
We also get a one final appearance by Jamie Lee Curtis (Jamie Lloyd) in the very beginning of the film showing her anger towards Michael. She also performed well and believeably looked like a basket case just sitting in her bed in an asylum and staring at the window. There's a great gruff speaking with her on top of a roof towards the Michael character by being hung upside down and her slowly walking towards him which looked impressive. She really brought out great characterisitcs as a basket case suddenly losing her happiness alltogether. Unfortunately Michael kills her but Jamie wanted that so she can say goodbye to her fame in the horror films which was only a stepping stone to her career as a movie star.

A college students breasts are briefly revealed while she is making out with a guy in the Myers house.

More gore in this one.
A few decapitations with blood galore
A guy's neck is stabbed by a speare gun
A head is stabbed by what else???? A kitchen knife
A rat is revealed slaughtered
A metal object from a fence is stabbed through a young lady
A big puddle of blood is on the floor with a corpse that is hung (There are other corpses revealed throughout the film)
Most of all towards the end, Michael Myers is burnt to a crisp.

John Carpenter's theme is again used during the ending of this flick but it sounds more chilling. Danny Lux composes the music and does a fine job in it especially during Laurie Strode's death fall in which there's the odd chanting sounds. He also had Kathie Talbot and Marco Beltrami add some music in it too.

Laurie Strode: I knew you'd come for me sooner or later. What took you so long?

Laurie Strode: You failed Michael. Want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But, what about you? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die Michael?

Laurie Strode: I'll see you in hell Michael.

Aron: Don't do it. That's the house where it all started. He walked it's hallways. Hide in it's closets. Dreamed in it's bedrooms. Helped his Mother in the kitchen. Watched TV in the living room with his Dad. Played in his Sisters bedroom. Then one day he picked up a knife and he never put it down again.

Rudy Grimes: Never underestimate the effect of a poor diet. Too much protein not enough zinc. Next thing you know your cutting up bodies in the bathtub. I mean look at Hitler he was a vegetarian. The brother was seriously malnourished.

Sara: I don't want to be famous.
Freddie Harris: What do you mean you don't want to be famous? That's the American dream!

Sara: Aren't we supposed to be looking for answers.
Jim Morgan: All right, the devil made him do it. I'm done.

Freddie Harris: Let the dangertainment begin!

Bill: You know I think it happened when she was right there. Poor little Judith, helpless, brushing her hair, young and naked.
Jenna Danzig: Yeah 'cause that's gonna happen right?
Bill: Come on, Jen. One flash and you could light up a thousand computer screens. Launch your whole career.

Donna Chang: Cameras are so...phallic.
Jim Morgan: Is that good or bad?
Donna Chang: Depends who's watching.

[After a wall full of skeletons collapses on Donna and Jim]
Donna Chang: All his victims, all his victims!
Jim Morgan: Shit...
Donna Chang: What?
Jim Morgan: [looking at an "arm"] Made in fuckin Taiwan.

Sara: Rudy, do you ever think about anything other than food?
Rudy Grimes: Wouldn't you like to know?

Freddie Harris: Fear is good. Fear is what gives us the feeling of being alive.
Sara: Fear makes me want to throw up.

Jenna Danzig: You are like this close to getting voted off the island.

Jim Morgan: [To Donna] Nice legs. What time do they open?
[Donna gives him the finger]
Jim Morgan: Is that one o'clock?

Freddie Harris: [to the REAL Michael Myers] I'm not payin you to be Michael Myers! I'm playin Michael Myers! And if them kids come around and see us dressed up in the same shit, it's going to ruin the whole effect! God damn it! What the hell is wrong with you?
[Michael remains still]
Freddie Harris: I said what are you looking at me like that for?
[tapping Michael's forehead]
Freddie Harris: Huh? You don't get it? You don't get it? Your shit up there ain't workin or something? Huh? You need to get you ass back in the garage with Nora! That's your job! Go back in there and help her ass out! Go do your job! I left the back door unlocked for your ass to go out the back and into the garage! That's what I did! You need to get the hell out of here!
[Michael's still motionless]
Freddie Harris: Go on! Skoot! Skadattle! Get the fuck out of Dodge!
[Michael finally walks away]
Freddie Harris: God damn it... what the hell does somebody gotta do to get a little decent help up in this mothafucka?

Freddie Harris: You hit me like I murdered your fucking Mother or something!

Jim Morgan: She must be going for the first Internet Emmy.

[About Myers' bed]
Jenna Danzig: This must be where the demon was conceived.

[Trying to lure Michael away from Sara]
Rudy Grimes: Hey, Michael. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you. You want a piece of me?

Rudy Grimes: You want some of this? Huh? You want to try and fucking kill me? Huh? You like sushi, motherfucka?

Rudy Grimes: Don't distract me.
Jenna Danzig: Oh, I can't help myself. I am distracting.

Sara: Look, every time I let you two talk me into something I live to regret it.
Rudy Grimes: Listen, without me you would die of boredom.
Jenna Danzig: Us! Without us you would die of boredom.
Rudy Grimes: Whatever.

Freddie Harris: [Fighting Michael] Let's see what you got!

Freddie Harris: Trick or treat, motherfucker!

Freddie Harris: Hey Mikey! Happy Fuckin' Halloween!

Freddie Harris: Michael Myers is a killer shark. In baggy ass overalls who gets his kicks from killing everyone and everything he comes across.