Happy Death Day (2017)

Directed by: Christopher Landon

Written by:
Scott Lobdell


Jessica Rothe .... Tree Gelbman
Israel Broussard .... Carter Davis
Ruby Modine .... Lori Spengler
Charles Aitken .... Gregory Butler
Rachel Matthews .... Danielle Bouseman
Rob Mello .... Joseph Tombs

Release Dates: Haifa Film Festival: October 7, 2017; Theatrical: October 13, 2017




A stuck up frat student Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) ends up being murdered at the end of the day by a killer in a dollfaced mask but wakes up reliving the same day over and over after being murdered again and again until she tries to reveal on who the killer is as well as changing her snobby ways.


The beginning of this story looked very stale and cheesy when we have our title character Tree Gelbman waking up from a hangover as well as showing attitude towards Carter Davis after sleeping at his dorm and then starting her day showing a negative attitude towards others as I found that all of this looked awfully bland to watch and worried that I was in for a bad movie and boy was I right.
Yet there's a moment when she is returning to her dorm at night underneath an overpass and sees a music box with a birthday chiming music as well as a shot on the killer in a dollface mask stalking her as this was supposed to look effective which it does a bit but it wasn't creepy as it was intended to be.
After this psychopath kills her she wakes up in the dorm again and the day repeats in which this looked twisted as well as her being cautious by all that is happening but I was still thinking to myself ho hum!
yet a mild impressive moment when she tries to cheat her death by not going to the overpass and suddenly she has a surprise party waiting for her which looked mildly fun to watch and then she approaches the fellow who was wearing a dollfaced mask before to surprise her at the party as she approaches him but things seem too silent as you wonder if this is the friend of hers or the killer. It makes you watch carefully wondering if she will be killed once again.
Effective situation when she goes back to her dorm after awakening the third time after she got killed and talks to her roomate Lori Spengler on what is happening as well as telling her what will be happening as I must admit was well put into the story.
Things also look clever in a scene when Tree tries to board up the windows as well as putting a dresser next to the door to prevent the killer from getting in as well as a good cringing moment when she is closely going towards the bathroom to open the drapes of a shower curtain wondering if someone is behind it as this leaves you with a brief chill down your spine which is about time to make something look spooky.
Then there's moments when she tries to cheat her other deaths when she tries to figure out who the suspect could be and writing it down in which this was done in an okay fashion plus there's a moment when she repeats her day walking out of the dorm naked in which this was mildly funny but at the same time stupid.
A real suspenseful moment when Tree tries to hide and get away from the killer in a parking lot as it makes you wonder if she will manage to escape as well as her getting away in a car and her cheering when she speeds away. But when I watched this it left me a feeling that something was bound to happen.
Perfect timing when a police officer pulls her over and she tries to get arrested which was fairly humorous to watch and then BAM! Something happens to this officer on the road as this made me jump out of my seat as I was thinking to myself WHOA!!!
Nice timing when she tries to have Carter help her with this situation after she wakes up once again and telling him on what is going to happen as well as good discussions between the two of them later on having a romance as this seemed to be well put into the story.
Powerful struggling moments between her and the killer revealing himself or other moments when she prepares to go into battle as well as trying to change her attitude towards others. Plus a nicely focused moment when she does lunch with her Dad and apologises to him on how she was towards him which also looked well done. These moments were probably the best ever but doesn't save the film from bombing.
Perfect timing with both Tree and Carter alone together holding her birthday cupcake and getting romantic with one another which looked very peaceful as well as making her wish before blowing out the candle but we get a surprising moment that her horror isn't over which was fairly impressive.
Nice final horror moments when there's battling moments with Tree and the actual killer which looked powerful done and shot as well as with what happens during the final moments too.
Bottom line is that this film is a total bore to watch and not the least bit scary by any means. I can see why Hollywood is running out of ideas and doing remakes in which this is a perfect example. This film was well advertised but a total waste of time while doing this one. It is a ripoff on both the Scream and Final Destination legacies.

The acting is not too badly performed in which we have a straight up effective role by Jessica Rothe (Tree Gelbman) in which she knew on how to have a negative attitude as well as being perfectly stuck up and unlikeable. Also does well by freaking out or losing her mind when other moments and situations starts to strike her. Plus shows off a nice versatality when she turns over a new leaf as she was convincingly believeable while acting this way. Was great showing off her sobbing and other emotional behaviors. Had a powerful motive when she tries to battle her onscreen killer too. Basically was sharp by anything that she did here.
Israel Broussard
(Carter Davis) had the right looks and motive for a geeky type of sigma student and seemed to really get into his role pretty well. Shows good energy and enthusiasm when he tries to help someone out on a case in which he brought this to life quite well. Also does a nice job when he goes into a romantic mode too. He seemed to pass pretty well as a character actor.
Ruby Modine
(Lori Spengler) does a nice job as the somewhat sympathetic and caring roomate offering a perfectly likeable and down to earth attitude. Has a nice mellow and softness into her speaking which looked very natural all around. She stood out very well throughout her performance as well as showing a perfect versatality when acting wild and crazy. I found her to be the best in the cast.
Charles Aitken (Gregory Butler) was also the best out of the cast in which he delivered a perfectly charming attitude as well as coming across as perfectly outgoing too. He had the fair looks for this role too. Seemed to study this role inside out. I enjoyed his performance and he stood out the most by what he did here.

Rachel Matthews (Danielle Bouseman) strutted her stuff marvellously with her sarcastic attitude and portrayed a perfect type of stuck up prissy little bitch. Really showed off alot of good adrenaline within whatever she did here. Seemed to add alot of spunk into her speaking too bringing it all to a perfect hype within whatever she did. Had the sharp looks too which was another plus.
Rob Mello
(Joseph Tombs) really had the right looks and appeal to play a maniac in which he knew how to leap up and strike when he had to behave that way. All of this looked incredibly energetic. Had the perfect gravely insane speaking too as he shows it off wonderfully within the rest of his performance. Knew his part inside out.

Fairly decent classical composing put together by Bear McCreary in which there's the odd weeping violin music in a certain spot as well as some comedic classical composing for the dry humor that's used in the story which fits in okay. Also alot of the dark music too with clanging sounds as this works in well for the killer. Also some odd gloomy deep sounds for other killing moments as this sounds good and reminds me of those retro slasher films by how it was all brought out.

[repeated line] Carter Davis: Oh hey. You're up!

Tree Gelbman: [to Carter] Would you stop looking at me like I just took a dump on your mom's head?

Tree Gelbman: [to Tim] Who takes their date to Subway? Besides, it's not like you have a footlong.

Tree Gelbman: [to her arresting officer] Thank you!

Tree Gelbman: Tim, I know you're really not into girls. But it's okay. Love is love. Now go out there and get yourself a fine piece of man-ass!