Hard to Die (1990)


Produced, Casting & Directed by: Jim Wynorski

Written by: Mark McGee & James B. Rogers


Robyn Harris .... Dawn Grant
Karen Mayo-Chandler .... Diana
Debbie Dutch .... Jackie
Melissa Moore .... Tess
Bridget Carney .... Shayna
Toni Naples .... Sgt. Phyllis Shawley
Jurgen Baum .... Lt. Mike Block
Peter Spellos .... Orville Ketchum
Forrest J. Ackerman .... Dr. Ed Newton

Special Appearance:

Kelly Maroney .... Porno Wife

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1990




Five clad women are left alone to take inventory at a lingerie company in a tall building as they are introduced by a creepy looking janitor Orville Ketchum (Peter Spellos) as he tells them about a maniac Hockstatter who killed many sorority sisters nearby.
The woman open a mysterious package that lets an evil force out and one by one they are slayed by a mysterious killer. Could it be Ketchum or the ghost of Hockstatter?!


Of course there's a beginning with the tower as well as both Dawn Grant and Tess having a discussion while moving in to the place to do business in which this looked trashy within what they were talking about but this can look fun to watch if you're in the mood for it.
Then more cheesy moments when the rest of the gang are inside the building and are shocked when an elevator door opens and a nice creepy shot on Orville Ketchum when it opens which offers a comedic and horror cheese type as this was supposed to make you think to yourself that he's gonna be a suspect on what will occur in the story. Also he ppears again in the elevator which loses the creepy touch to the story since this scene has already happened and seemed a little too obvious. However, the fun gets going when Orville warns them about Hockstatter and what he did at first showing the Sorority House from of course Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare as well as revealing this killers history in the beginning which showed clips of Slumber Party Massacre which of course was showing in SHM 2. It looked like a repeat a bit but still was campy fun spotting this.
In the story they enter the lingerae department which seemed typical for a film like this with a sleazy type of owner talking to them while he's leaving the area to do the lingerae outlet which seemed to show of course a cheesy but interesting pace on everything.
When they go in the storage room to take out some boxes and emergency sprinkler goes off as they all get wet which leaves a clue that they will have to change their clothes since this film will offer skin and this is an excuse. A good shot on some box with smoke coming out of it which is a nice attention grabber.
A neat moment is when they open this box and fiddle with it a flash of a bolt comes out of it zooming around as the special effects were passable for a low budgeter such as this one.
Then they discuss ordering in some food and an attention grabber with Tess wanting a nice hot shower which of course seems typical that we will see lots of skin and that's what we get with some time killing on the women taking turns and rubbing themselves. Then of course they change into the lingerae's that was from the boxes they took out of the storage room and if these moments seem pretty trashy to cover a bad plot you guessed right but once again in a fun trashy way if you're in the mood for a so bad it's good type.
Then the killings start to begin but in a roughly shaped way which we have Tess' back giving out after carrying a box and telling Diana about her back problem and tells her she'll catch up with her which looked obvious that this will be a perfect target for the maniac to do her in and rightfully does so which looked phony with a hand grabbing her and pulling her in being murdered offscreen which also looked quite fake for a slasher flick.
Another situation is when Dawn is talking on the phone with Dr. Ed Newton about that box and the line goes dead which seemed quite obvious for a horror flick but yet none of these women seem too concerned which is typical.
Plus there's a moment with Shayne looking around when she hears something with thunder and lightning happening as all of this was extremely phony looking when it was supposed to have been suspenseful and the killer comes in late due to more time killing moments such as this scene but in between this there's more women taking a shower to fill in more wasteless time.
Then the delivery person arrives with the food and she is trying to find them along with lightning striking still as it offers mediocre to tongue in cheek suspense since we get a feeling that she will become the next victim.
With the survivors spotting some corpses we have Orville slowly approaching them while they try to get the elevator to approach and he slowly approaches slowly towards them as this was supposed to keep you in suspense but it only half works.
Then brutal moments when they try to kill him including firing their weapons against him off a building but he survives this which I rolled my eyes thinking that this is as phony as it gets as no one would ever survive that.
The action piles up greatly when Orville along with both Dawn and Jackie are pitted against one of the bodies that Hockstatter possessed with this 0person cackling and firing a machine gun as the excitment piles up greatly and anyone who loves slapstick possessed cheesy horror's will love every bit of this moment unravelling. The moments looked intensely energetic watching this all happening.
Bottom line is that this one was a loose sequel to SHM 2 but having many of the same cast members portraying different characters which seems confusing but again as I said loosely which is just that. Most of the same old but not at a sorority house and in a building. It's fun to watch if you want to watch a bad horror film that barely carries a plot and want to watch it for a parody on women exploiting themselves. Otherwise you may want to skip this one.

The acting is pretty bad and only certain one's to mention here so let's see.... Ahh! Lead actress Robyn Harris (Dawn Grant) seemed to be the best out of them all in which she really tries to pull her weight in this one as you can tell. Seemed to show off an outgoing and somewhat innocent type of behavior. Offers a convincingly wise and spunky type of attitude. Also was nice and clear within her speaking too along with her decent looks which was another nice plus to her role.
Karen Mayo-Chandler (Diana) shows a fair energetic motive into her part of the story. She wasn't the greatest actress but can still prove her part farily worthy as well as doing an okay job by actin alert on some of the situations surrounding her. Also sprins into action a great deal while firing away a machine gun offering nice menacing expressions as she brings this all to a great hype.
Debbie Dutch (Jackie) is however awful in her performance in which she really seemed unnatural in every way possible. Her scared emotions looks very low on energy as if she was forced into performing this way. I was shaking my head seeing her act like this. She just had the looks but barely even that. Needed some serious lessons or yet a different career.
Melissa Moore (Tess) stood out the most and the tallest of the female cast too. She seemed to show off an okay cocky type of attitude but again most of her looks did more of the talking than her talent. Also seemed a little phony when reacting in pain while lifting a box. She wasn't overly terrible in her role but could've used a bit of inspiration nevertheless.
Jurgen Baum (Lt. Mike Block) wasn't too shabby however in his detective role in which he shows a nice seriousness into all that he had to do as well as offering a nice toughness along with his stern behavior too. Had the right tough looks for this role so he was an okay choice for the part.
Peter Spellos (Orville Ketchum) of course had the perfect burly and creepy type of looks like he did in SHM 2 and offered a nice expressionless and emotionless speaking too. He seemed to do well as a possible suspect as well as offering okay timing for being so serious that it was comedic. Was better than most of the cast mentioned here.
Forrest J. Ackerman (Dr. Ed Newton) was just plain flat while delivering his lines as it looked like he wasn't into playing the role at all. He was just a line reader and that's it. There should've been a better choice for this one as I found this person in bad taste while doing all that he did here.

A bare breasted woman is revealed while trying a lingerae.
Another topless woman enters a bedroom when someone else is on the phone.
Many women take a shower one at a time revealing their breasts and sometimes their butt which was the main focus.

Blood is splattered on a wall after someone is killed.
Bloody gunshots.

Most of the composing done by Chuck Cirino was pretty much the same as their previous flick SHM 2 in which there's the deep piano music as well as some of the chanting which sounds fun to listen to while watching this cheesy flick but there's some dated music which didn't impress me. However there's the odd bonging and chiming music for the silent moments with someone looking around which worked in greatly. Some of this sounded a bit different too which is a nice change.