Hatchetman (2003)


Written & Directed by: Robert Tiffi


Cheryl Renee .... Claudia Wagner
Chris Moir .... Rob
Jon Briddell .... Sonny Banner
Mia Zottoli .... Star
Darren Keefe .... Curtis Moore
Nina Tapanin .... Molly
Racquel Richard .... Chloe Bennett
Matt McDonald .... Marty
.... DiAngelo

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 7, 2003





A nightclub stripper named Claudia Wagner (Cheryl Renee) is hopeful to become a lawyer but her co-workers are suddenly turning up dead by a killer wearing a grim reaper outfit and cutting off their hands
Claudia's boyfriend who is also a cop named Sonny Banner (Jon Briddell) suggests to all of them not to go out bar stripping and to stick together but some don't listen and continue with their nightshift work.
It all comes down to a troubled man named Daniel Strong (Daniel Browne) who had a bad break up and threatened her badly that the law had to be involved and now he's a suspect for these murders as no one feels safe around him.


We have a neat opening with the killer grinding his hatchet with spraks etc while we spot the opening credits. Of course since this film is about strippers we have them dancing on a stage with excited customers watching all of this and close up shots on most of this too.
Also we have someone obnoxious named Daniel Strong shouting obscenities while speeding in his car as this seemed nearly impressive that he could be a suspect as the killer. Needed a bit of improvement but not a whole lot.
There's a good still moment with one of the strippers Michelle Spencer in her vehicle putting on some make up at night as the setting looked good for a horror moment but then we spot the killer in a grim reaper type of mask ready to do her in as this was supposed to make you jump but misses as by how this was done looked a little too obvious but great gruesome results in which gorehounds can take a nod to this. Good close up shots on the killer though.
There is a good dark moment with a supporting character Brittany Evans walking down a dark street with good camera shots on her legs walking and her looking nervous as you know something is going to happen which is one of the only good moments in this film but then we spot the killer in which things still looked a little obvious and when we see him raising his hatchet you could tell that this prop looked very fake.
Good discussions on the group of stri[ppers backstage as well as the snobby one Star acting negative to others as this seemed impressive for a slasher film to have one of those as well as having the obnoxious bar owner DiAngelo getting on people's cases as all of this looked natural. Plus we have the newcomer for doing a strip dance Molly being nervous doing this as well as her friend Claudia Wagner giving her confidence as well as her nervously going onto the stage and people cheering as you wonder whether or not she will chicken out as this looked psychologically well done imagining if you were in a position and scared stiff doing something that you've never done before.
Nice uplifting moment with both Claudia driving in her car with Molly on Sunset Strip and Molly herself acting full of life and going wild as the scene really fit into the story.
We spot a situation with someone in a bathroom and suddenly the killer raises his hatchet but this also looked a little too obvious like in the previous scene's as it needed a bit of a boost and the hatchet once again looked phony.
There is an interesting moment with Rob breaking the devastating news to everyone on the murders but the women involved that starts crying looks so phony.
There's a moment with the perverted Rob showing his buddy Curtis Moore on the surveillance camera he installed in a girls bathroom so he can get his jollies as well as Curtis telling him on what can happen on this being illegal as this adds a good psychological peer pressuring moment on him trying to remove this object without being caught which the moments looked believeable. Also when he goes into the bathroom to reveal a dead corpse it for sure looks shocking as wellas him trying to prevent the others whom are entering their suite not to look as this seemed to work in pretty well.
There is a scene between Claudia and Sonny Banner having an argument as this scene tries to bring it to life but doesn't succeed enough with it.
There's a good shot on Rob crying on Molly's lap after when he finds out the woman he loved is killed.
We have a scene with Daniel Strong being pitted in a room with a good cop and bad cop as it tries to look strong but at times looks a little too bland and campy.
Also we have the moment with the survivors going to a lodge and leaves an impression that the killer will be revealed there as it almost leaves a Scream type impression but it's confusing when this maniac is revealed and not impressive at all.
Bottom line: Just another Z-grade run off the mill slasher film offering mostly on strippers showing it off. I mean the film tries so hard to be dark and creepy but it's so low budget it's not at all convincing plus the ending doesn't make sense at all and you will see what I mean if you dare to watch this lame flick.

The acting is very average an uninspired too. Lead actress Cheryl Renee (Claudia Wagner) tries to pull it off as the main scream queen of the film but doesn't succeed too much but isn't too bad. When she is screaming and freaking out with the killer it looks very set up like. She seems to show some nice outgoing type of likeable attitude which shines off by what she does and comes across as the clever one out of the bunch.
Chris Moir (Rob) needed serious acting lessons as a dorky and perverted manager of a hotel. Yet he does show it off as someone whom is a convincing pest and does well by acting annoying too by all that he does here. Had the right dorky looks too. When he is grieving he looks terribly fake and over the top when he does so and incredibly stale too.
Jon Briddel (Sonny Banner) seemed to do okay as a serious police detective in the film as he had the right serious appeal and rough looks. Plus showed off a good no nonsense type of behavior. Seemed to be right on target when an incident happens too. Shows some good energy within all that he does here.
Mia Zottoli (Star)  came across not too bad as a stuck up stripped but I've seen better. Yet sahe had the right lustful looks and smooth attitude. Was very sharp within her speaking and seemed to keep up the pace whenever she acted aggressive. So by means she wasn't a terrible actress and grabs your attention while doing so as well.
Nina Tapanin (Molly) was the best one of all as a shy stripper as she seemed worthy with her role. She does well acting scared to strip on stage as it makes you wonder if she will bomb big time. She really made this realistic. Also later on acts full of life as this looked impressive and believeable as well. She also shows off a ton of punk into all that she did here. Had the nice girl looks as well which was a good bonus to her part.
(DiAngelo) had the most effective supporting role in the film bringing his character to life as he lived to play a bar owner with his cocky and obnoxious attitude. Certainly comes across as intimidating and not someone you'd wish to cross either. For sure comes across as an employer that you'd love to hate and finding any excuse to boss you around in a bad way too. He brought all of this to life and had the right looks to portray this.

The nudity was the films drawing card for sure as we have numerous topless dancers at strip bars during many scene's showing off their boobs
There's also a nude shower scene too

Lots of violent bloodsheds
Wrists are cut

We have some interesting echoey piano sounds and some synthesizer playing by Gerhard Daum which isn't too grande but what do you expect from a no budgeter? Yet good deep bass violin playing sounding smooth and strong as well as the odd booming sounds too which isn't too shabby either.