Haunting of the Innocent (2014)

Directed by: Matt Hish

Written by: Ian Ascher, Chris W. Freeman & Matt Hish


Rib Hillis .... Tom
Jessica Morris .... Brenda
Hannah Cowley .... Beyla
Neil Dickson .... Erik
Dane Hillis .... Rodger

Special Appearance:

Judd Nelson .... Mr. Franklin

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: February 1, 2014




Tom (Rob Hillis) and Brenda (Jessica Morris) seem to have it made in their perfect home but Brenda is attacked by a ghostly evil force and things seem to turn upside down for her as well as Tom having disputes with his father in law Erik (Neil Dickson) due to things that are going down and tries to prevent him from causing more problems with his daughter.
Tom is also being attacked by raven's near the home as well as becoming possessed himself while discivering a historical moment on his property.
The two fo them also encounter a strange type of gypsy woman named Beyla (Hannah Cowley) in which they end up being tormented in their nightmares involving her as well as wherever they go.


During the beginning of the film we spot a woman whom seems to be raped by an invisible force as this situation looked terribly trashy to watch as I had a feeling that I was going to be in for a bad movie. Things seems to improve a bit better other than the stale situations since things seem too still for the storyline while we are watching this flick.
There's however a moment that breaks this still moment during a funeral sequence when a father in law named Erik gets stern towards Tom in which this looked fairly strong to watch and grabbing your attention. Also we spot a moment with Tom's wife Brenda standing there and a mysterious woman named Beyla approaching her and speaking strangely towards her as it makes you wonder if she is a spirit or not. Seemed to work in well with the story that we spot unravelling.
A good surprising moment is when Tom is outside and suddenly through a vent we spot a bunch of raven's shooting out of nowhere at him as this can please the horror fans thinking that where they are that their home is not a safe place to be.
My favourite scene in the film however but doesn't save the film from flopping sadly is a still and silent discussion between Brenda and her son Rodger as he is afraid on going to sleep as well as what's going on out in the night as this makes you cringe that something will break the silence when she assures him that nothing bad is out there as this totally jumped me from out of my seat when we find out what happens next. A perfect add on into the film at it's extreme.
Another nice moment is a dark scene during a dream sequence involving Brenda is when the mysterious woman Beyla approaches her and a near suggested lesbian moment happens which looked perfectly setting for the calm and mysterious moments here as I thought there's still be hope for this bad movie whille watching this which looked mildly amusing to watch.

A nice mysterious moment when Brenda enters Beyla's shop with her smoothly interacting with her as well as on what happens with good shots on the situations that unravel here as well as the moments looking convincing on a trance that is about to happen here. However there's a tale told showing a flashback historical moment on a viking in gothic make up as well as a witch doing battles which looked lame to watch and a bit amateurish within the scenery too.
Also we spot a real well focused moment with Erik looking at a phot album with his grandson Rodger which looked fairly heartwarming and realistic to their interactions with one another.
Also a real intense moment when we spot Erik getting in Tom's face sneering at him while trying to protect his daughter as well as this looking convincingly bullying and nasty. This makes you cringe while watching this and wondering if this nasty father in law will take a blow at him as it suggests this. A disappointment in the end though as it keeps you in suspense while you continue to watch on wht will happen later on.
There's a moment with Tom trying to talk to Brenda and she gets sneering as well as some moments on him acting possessed and trying to rape her which showed some nice slow motion shots as well as some creepy movements on the two of them. Yet it doesn't look intense enough as well as trying to make it look more disturbing which also fails as it was starting to look a bit overly long and boring.
Also many nice close up shots on Tom digging up a skull which looked incredibly phony as well as lame CGI effects taking place with what he spots as well as a lame explosion which also didn't look too thrilling as well.
Also spot a moment with Tom nearly havin an affair with his coworker as well as her getting nasty towards him when he tries to back out of the affair which doesn't look convincing at all and lamely put into the story.
Then we have a final sacrifice involving Tom in which some of this drew in well except that it took place in the day as night time would've worked better. Yet this also lagged in some spots. Plus a stupid ending which doesn't explain itself too well either.
Bottom line is that the film in some spots had potential and almost saved it from being bad only to realise that it really is bad. It was very slow, pointles, uneven and doesn't explain itself too well either. Not terrible but not a film worth watching over again and can see why it wasn't too known or out there.

The acting is passable but nothing too spectacular in which there's some rusty performances here and there.... Rib Hillis (Tom) seemed to do an okay job portraying a family man with his struggling type of attitude as well as trying to act reasonable in certain spots whenever he needed to be this way. Also does a nice job with his frustrating attitude whenever he is being challeneged which shows off quite nicely and showing good aggressions within this. However there's a scene when he acts forceful and controlling in which he needed a bit more energy as his intensity is a bit off.
Jessica Morris
(Brenda) seemed to do an okay job as well which she showed a good seriousness as well as speaking perfectly clearly especially to her onscreen son about assuring nothing terrible is outside in which she had a perfect focus within this just drawing it in while we continue to watch her discuss this matter in her calm mode. She seemed to do quite okay jumping out of her bed from a nightmare and acting crazy but at times it's a bit much. Does well acting ignorant with her upsetting and crazed emotions however drawing some good energy within this.
Hannah Cowley
(Beyla) was perfectly believeable and mysterious in her presence as she knew on how to portray a ghostly type of personality within whatever she did. She showed a nice soft type of speaking too like she was some sort of a gypsy. Was a true attention grabber in her supporting role which looked terrific. She also had the right looks for this part too which was another nice bonus.
Neil Dickson
(Erik) was the best out of the whole cast in which he stole the show in fact with his wicked attitude as well as showing a perfect cold speaking in his gruff voice. He sure makes you want to hit him for his harsh behavior. Also does a great motive when he acts nasty and protective as if he was about to hit you he comes across that way perfectly as if someone you wouldn't want to mess with. Shows a good creepy heartwarming chamr with his onscreen grandson while looking through a photo album and showing a nice pleasantness into all of this. He was for sure a good character actor.
Dane Hillis
(Rodger) certainly shows a perfect innocence as a little boy whom is concerned on stuff in which he shows a good softness in his speaking as well as having a good mellow attitude. Plus does a good job acting alerted with his fear on things which he brought this nicely as well as discussing on what he's afraid of which made his role believeable while doing this too. Plus got into looking at a photoalbum showing a good uplifting attitude. Adds a nice charm inot his performance and adding some good spunk too.
Judd Nelson
(Mr. Franklin) only had a cameo in his role although onto the screen it said he was one of the leads simply cause he's a name and this was a bad movie trying to get publicity. He was worth mentioning though as he has a nice sharpness to his personality and was nicely energised as a businessman. A shame he doesn't get great roles anymore as it's been a while since he has.

We spot a dream sequence with a woman fornicating barebreasted.
A breast shot on a woman lying in bed.
Another moment with a woman exposing her breasts while trying to fornicating with someone else.

The music was half good and half bad. I will discuss the good and effective moments like we hear good hissing and airy sounds as well as the odd screeching and bonging for the real dark moments. Plus there's perfect banging moments or other types of sound effects for the real jumping and terrifying situations. Not for the bad pats is that we hear some drumbeats that sounds simply annoying and tried best to sound powerful and effective as well as other music type of sounds that sounds too overrated. All of this was put together by Darren Morze.