Hellions (2015)


Directed by: Bruce McDonald

Written by: Pascal Trottier


Chloe Rose .... Dora Vogel
... Corman
.... Doctor Henry
.... Kate Vogel

Release Dates: Sundance Film Festival: January 25, 2015; Edinburgh International Film Festival: June 19, 2015; BiFan - Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: July 19, 2015; New Horizons Film Festival: Julym25, 2015; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest: August 5, 2015; Film4 FrightFest: August 28, 2015; Toronto International Film Festival: September 10, 2015

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On Halloween, a 17 year old named Dora Vogel (Chloe Rose) realises that she's pregnant as told by her Doctor Henry (Rossif Sutherland) and is being stalked on what seems to be trick or treaters but terrorise her as well as making things change outside as well as her seeing ghostly surroundings and hallucinations as she has entered the depths of hell.


The beginning draws you in as we spot the lead character Dora Vogel walking in a hospital hallway out of it and then pressing her hand on some glass window and then goes into a story which makes you wonder as to what that was all about.
There's some interesting moments when Doctor Henry tells Dora about her being pregnant as well as her looking as a fetus display and a figure of a pig bleeding as this psychs you out and wondering what this was all about but it leads to the story while we watch this as you could tell.
A perfect camera shot on Dora looking out at her window and spotting a kid in a creepy costume across the street staring back as it gives you that horror type of feel to everything.
A nicely focused shot on Nora taking a bath and then blood starts to form as well as spotting her unborn child in which this makes you wonder as iif she will wake up and realise that she's dreaming. It for sure looked twisted.
Plus we have this character enter at her door and doesn't say anything and she gives him a candy as this looked funny to watch as well as later on kids banging at her door when she calls out no more candy but they are persistent and later on she opens the door with this same child as well as two others making cackling sounds which sounded effective as well as what she spots in one of their bags which is shocking and twisted in which I haven't seen in a flick taking place on hallows eve. Seemed to work in well.
Strange moment occur when she calls 911 and we see the clock turning fast as well as spotting outside looking bright with strange colours as well as intensity happening when she is trying to talk on the phone in which this looked truly distracting. Plus when she goes outside we see psychedlic colours which looks like you're tripping out on acid while seeing this. Things seem very strange.
There's also a moment when Dora checks out a window and suddenly her injured Doctor Henry slams a hand at the window as this was supposed to make you jump but this misses by a longshot.
There's also moments when she's struggling against these kids which looked good and dark as well as her going in a trance and realised that she's being carried to a pumpkin patch with a strange voice calling to her but yet it is hard to understand as to why this is all happening.
Things seem more twisted and unexplained but there's a neat moment when she looks at herself in the mirror and her reflection is speaking to her as well as showing a fetus and eating it which was done in good horror taste.
Good moments when Officer Corman tries to help out Nora by getting away from these hellions and towards safety along with a good shot on some sort of a cathedral with jack o lantenrs and then she walks up to him and he hands her a deformed baby as this looked good and dark.
Plus we have a moment when she wakes up and is in a hospital bed with her mom and little brother as things seem calm and then the mother goes in a rage stabbing at her stomach as you get the feeling that she's having another nightmare in which I will admit that this looked brutally intense and done in a good horror fashion.
Bottom line is that this story goes around in circles and doesn't rally get to the point and only focused on one person in mainly her home which is boring and pointless. Nothing really gets resolved and seems to borrow from alot of other flicks like Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, Trick R Treat, It's Alive and so fourth but those one's were done in much better taste. I'm convinced whoever wrote this was on a serious LSD trip. You're not missing out much on this since it doesn't really pick up at all.

The acting is pretty good for a bad movie like this one as the lead actress Chloe Rose (Dora Vogel) really put her work in well to add many versatile moments in which she does well by getting emotionally upset and shocked when she found out that she was pregnant. Plus does a great job by acting mellow and nice as well as changing that by acting arrogant and aggressive too. Really got it going when she freaks out after spotting what is in one of the trick or treaters bag as well as freaking out which calling 911 in which she was natural doing this. She adds a ton of great energy and enthusiasm into all that she did here.
Robert Patrick
Corman) pulled his weight quite well I must say for what he did in this flick even if he was seen only a bit in the beginning and then comes back a quarter way through the story. Does a nice job with his seriousness and caring attitude. Was really on the ball when he tries to find a way to help someone get out of a home and for safety as well as at the end of his performance speaking creepily as he deserves good credit for all of this.
Rossif Sutherland
(Doctor Henry) seemed to do an okay job with his seriousness by talking to his onscreen patient and concentrating well onto his character. Also does a good job struggling and acting in pain and sounding weak within his speaking as he gets into this fair deal. Had the okay looks for this role too and was a passable character actor.
(Kate Vogel) didn't have a huge part in the film but thought I'd mention her regardless. She shows off a good and caring attitude and coming across as believeably sympathetic. Also shows a perfect versatality by acting evil and vicious later on at the end of her performance plunging a knife down constantly and screaming out. She for sure can be fondly remembered for her work in this even if it was a clunker.

Decaptiated head is found in a trick or treat bag
Trick or treaters melt away in watered bath
Headless corpse is revealed
A pregnant woman stabs at her stomach

The music doesn't sound too bad as we have many piano playing which sounds nice and clear as well as various low synthesizer sounds giving it a good horror feel to everything and blends in terrifically. Plus there's alot of windy type of sounds and other ghostly moments such as this one. Plus we have children chanting as this sounds almost similar to what you'd hear in Children of the Corn. This was all put together by Todor Kobakov & Ian LeFeuvre