Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)


Directed & Edited by: Tony Randel

Written by: Peter Atkins

Story and Executive Produced by: Clive Barker


Clare Higgins .... Julia Cotton
Ashley Laurence .... Kirsty Cotton
Kenneth Cranham .... Dr. Philip Channard / Channard Cenobite
Imogen Boorman .... Tiffany
Sean Chapman .... Frank Cotton
William Hope .... Kyle MacRae
Doug Bradley .... Pinhead
Barbie Wilde .... Female Cenobite
Nicholas Vince .... Chatterer Cenobite
Simon Bamford .... Butterball Cenobite

Release Dates: Toronto Film Festival: September 9, 1988; Theatrical: December 23, 1988; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1989

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Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) is sent to a psych ward after the horrorible incident she had with the creatures from hell called the Cenobites that invaded her father and stepmother's house as she is very unstable of what had happened.
She gets a message from her father that he is in hell and needs to be rescued.
She tells the main Doctor at the ward Philip Channard (Kenneth Cranham) of what has happened at the house and asks him if she is crazy.
But Channard experiences a strange incident with one of his patients as he starts to believe Kirsty's story as Kirsty's stepmother Julia (Claire Higgins) awakens from the dead and starts to take over a mental patients body as the patient starts to bleed and awakens her.
She gets Channard to help her become a full human again and does so after killing some of his patients.
One of the employees named Kyle MacRae (William Hope) helps Kirsty escape and the y both go to the house and to try to rescue Kirsty's father from the Cenobites before it's too late before Julia does any more damage and to put an end to her.
One of Channards patients named Tiffany opens up the puzzle box leading to the Cenobites world of hell as Julia has evil plans for all of them as they are all trapped in the Cenobites evil world.


It quickly picks up where the last film left off and a brilliant sequel too. There's perfect effective moments with the main character Kirsty Cotton in a psych ward having a discussion with the doctors on what had happened as we see intense aggressions and madness going on of what happened which is impressive for a sequel.
Also a nice brief prequel when we spot Pinhead when he was human in an attic of the house we remember from the first one and looking at the jigsaw puzzle and then suddenly the terror strikes at him which looked well done.
Perfect moments when Kirsty is in her bed at the ward and seeing a bloody figure trying to print a message to her for help as this looked twisted and strange adding a perfect touch in a horror story and making you want to watch for more.
A nice focused moment with a troubled kid Tiffany figuring out a jigsaw box and Kirsty watching her while passing by in which this was yet another great attention grabber to the story.
Perfect creepy and gross moment with an injured patient towards Dr. Philip Channard watching him as there's good grossly close up shots on maggots invading his body and then interesting gruesome special effects on Julia Cotton forming out of this person as well as slowly talking and approaching Philip as this looked creepily slick and still.
Nice camera shot closing on a female victims tied up and then Julia coming up to her to suck the life out of her as well as good shots on corpses tied up surrounding this area.
Perfect moment with one of the employees at the ward Kyle being caught with Julia almost looking human again until we briefly expose her back as well as her trying to kiss him as this keeps you in suspense and terror wondering if he will be the next dead victim as it slowly closes in.
Nice moment with Kirsty running into the room later on and Julia challenging her as well as powerful struggling moments between the two of them.
Perfect moment when both Kirsty and Tiffany are trapped in the Cenobites world as we spot neat effects as well as spotting an evil clown along with a mirror maze. Plus neat special effects on the reflections of the mirror revealing Tiffany's disturbing past on the killing of her mother as this looked entertaining to watch.
Plus a great moment with Julia in the hellworld and she tricks Philip by putting her into a cenobite device torturing him which shows neat special effects within all of this.
Good moments with the wind and then tiffany as well as Julia being pinned against Kirsty trying to come after them on a ledge of the hellworld as the settings looked perfect and one of the best scene's in this film as the moments looked truly powerful to watch.
More great effects with Philip as a Channard Cenobite killing some of the patients for energy at his ward as well as an effective moment with Kirsty and Tiffany being pitted against the Pinhead and his gang in the dark chamber with chains and torture devices. Plus things looked good and strong when Kirsty tries to reason with Pinhead trying to show him a picture of when he was human as this looked impressively done.
Also a nice classic battle with Channard Cennobite trying to kill away Pinhead's gang as there's great close up shots on them turning into what they used to look like after being killed.
Great creepy effects when Tiffany is hanging on a ledge at the Cenobite world again as well as showing on what happens reaching to the bottom as well as what we may think is Julia doing away with someone and then rescuing Tiffany which was carefully focused and good close up shots on all of this adding great heroic suspense into the story and making you cringe by wondering if Tiffany will fall or not.
Bottom line is that this story has a nice dark plot to it like the first one did and it's great to show how the Cenobites came to be since they have a dark secret revealed about them all. Of course when you see the ending it opens a door for a part 3 and that's just what they did.
Just as good as the first flick and will thrill the fans big time.

The acting is still terrific. It's nice to see a few of the cast members reprising their roles again. Claire Higgins (Julia Cotton) is alot colder with her role as the evil stepmother than in the first film and has a terrific effect to her persona. Also does great with her powerful blocking and acting perfectly deadly. She brings a ton of adrenaline terrifically to all that she did here. Probably the best out of the cast.
Ashley Laurence (Kirsty Cotton) is dynamic with her intensity in the psych ward wondering if she is going crazy and then turns out to be a hero which is an extremely memorable performance by her. She was very powerful with her temperamental attitude as well as doing a good job by telling her story to the onscreen shrinks. Does well stressing something to the onscreen Cenobites and being brave about it which looked natural. Shows off great energy while trying to get away from the Cenobites world.
Kenneth Cranham (Dr. Philip Channard / Channard Cenobite) is wonderful as an evil doctor at the psych ward and performs nastier when he becomes a Cenobite. He stands out incredibly well in his part. Offers a nice mellow and cold type of behavior along with a nice deep speaking voice too. Plus had the right rough looks for this part which was a nice plus.
Imogen Boorman
(Tiffany) does just fine as a quiet and disturbed patient as you just want to help her with her problems. Has the perfect timid and shy type of behavior as well as having the healthy looks too. Plus does a good job in a flashback sequence as a little girl crying and was convincing by playing this without looking too old for the role. She does well acting in fear while struggling on a ledge.
We get a nice special appearance by Sean Chapman (Frank Cotton) returning as the sleazy uncle but you know his character will be killed off after the nasty deeds he did in the first flick.
He was perfect by sneering and getting vicious towards his onscreen niece and acting perfectly threatening as well. Was a total ball of negative dark energy which shines off greatly onto the screen.
William Hope (Kyle MacRae) has a nice supporting role as an employee at the ward in which he does a nice job acting alerted on stuff as well as showing a great hype to his speaking when shocked by what he encountered. Also shows off some nice scared energy when he is being pitted against someone. He was worth mentioning even if his role wasn't too big but quite memorable.
Doug Bradley (Pinhead) still has the knack as the head Cenobite in which he still offers a great demonic and ghostly aggression with his speaking and showing no mercy. Plus does well acting hesitant after spotting a picture of himself adding a nice brief change to his persona. He knows on how to shine off on his work like he did in the original offering a strong attitude.

There is archive footage from the first film with the people on hooks and torn apart etc.
A man in an asylum is scarred and then there is a skinless spirit taking over a patients body.
Corpses are on hooks
A brain is revealed
Flesh is torn off a woman in a windstorm
Hand is cut off
Cenobites are slaughtered
A Cenobite head is ripped off
Lots more horror violence like I was explaining.

The music is composed again by Christopher Young and is just as excellent composing strong classical music for this piece in which there's the great trombone playing as well as the windy types of sounds and the harmonising and female chanting and singing as all of this sounded mervellously clear to hear throughout the film. Plus good chiming sounds here and there too. It really suited the plot especially seeing the other world in the windy struggling moments as this was the best of sounds that we hear in the flick.

Julia Cotton: Kirsty. You have surprisingly good taste in men. They didn't tell you, did they? They've changed the rules of the fairy tale. Now I'm longer just the wicked stepmother. Now I'm the evil queen. So come on!
Kirsty Cotton: Nooooo!
Julia Cotton: Take your best shot, Snow White!

Pinhead: Ah, no more boxes, Kirsty?
Female Cenobite: No more teasing, Kirsty, it's time to play.
Pinhead: Time to play...
Kirsty Cotton: Wait!
Pinhead: No more deals child, it is your flesh we want to experience, not your skill at bargaining.
Kirsty Cotton: No deals, just information, just information!
Pinhead: Go on... but trick us again child, and your suffering will be legendary even in Hell!
Pinhead: [Kirsty hands Pinhead picture of Capt. Spencer] What's this?...
[looks at picture]
Pinhead: Someone else you think escaped us, like Frank?
Kirsty Cotton: He didn't escape, he's you!
Pinhead: [pauses] Nonsense, I...
Kirsty Cotton: It is you! You weren't always this way, you were human once. You were all human! Remember your fear, your confusion!
Female Cenobite: Enough!
Pinhead: [to Female] Wait!... I remember...

Julia Cotton: [to Frank] Nothing personal, babe!

Channard Cenobite: The doctor is in.

[as Dr. Channard is transformed into a Cenobite]
Julia Cotton: It wanted souls, and I brought it you. You wanted to know. Now you know. And I wanted everything. Now everybody's happy. Goodbye, Doctor.