Hellraiser: Inferno (2000)


Directed by: Scott Derrickson

Written by: Paul Harris Boardman & Scott Derrickson


Craig Sheffer .... Detective Joseph Thorne
Nicholas Turturro .... Tony Nenonen
James Remar .... Dr. Paul Gregory
Doug Bradley .... Pinhead

Release Date: Direct-to-Video / DVD: September 9, 2000 (Russia)

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A tough basket case detective named Joseph Thorne (Craig Sheffer) has everything he can imagine. A wife, a child and a good job.
However, he seems to enjoy picking up prostitutes and doing cocaine with them.
He also goes to a home of where a sacrififce happened during a satanic cult. There he spots the Cenobites puzzle shaped box and sitting on top of it was a candle with a child's finger inside of it and apparently the child was still alive. So he takes the puzzle box with him
Well one day Joseph tells his wife that he is on a mission and goes to a hotel with a prostitute and has sex and cocaine with her.
Afterwards at the hotel he toys with the box and suddenly he is in a child's room with the child crying for help and is harrassed by female looking cenobites and their leader Pinhead (Doug Bradley).
He realises that it's all a dream or is it?
Next day at the office he gets a phone call from the hooker as she is freaking out suddenly he hears her gurgling a chocking to death and the phone is disconnected.
He goes to the hotel and spots her corpse hanging in the shower with a cut off finger.
From there on he questions people and any kinds of information as he tries to hunt for the child.
But he suddenly sees hallucinations of Cenobites slaughtering people he encountered with and no one believes him. However, the murders he sees do happen but are unsolved with showing cut off fingers of the victims as Joseph is trapped in Pinhead's game of hell.


We have slow moments with the Detective Joseph Thorne doing activities as well as a close up shot on him snorting coke without letting anyone see him at his locker and good close up shots on him putting his badge on doing his duties which was a nice look on a dysfunctional lawman. Plus we see some deceiving moments on him with his family making out that he has to head out on a mission. Then spot him withb a hooker and some light shining shots on him getting it on with her as we think to ourselves that he's doing things that are illegal as well as not being faitful to his family. This is supposed to draw you in that the terror will strike him but it looks rather dull.
Yet a good moment when he discovers later on what happened to the hooker as well as discovering the jigsaw puzzle box since none of the moments seemed to relate to Pinhead's world and that's not a good thing since it seems to be a plain crime flick so far.
However later on in the story we spot good nightmare sequences involving Joseph with different looking Cennobites creeping up on him through staircases and moments like that which looked mildly effective and entertaining as well as him face to face with Pinhead as this looked powerful to watch and very mysterious.
Also there's a moment when he talks to a sleazy ice cream truck driver to find out some cases as well as him smacking this person around which looked powerful but this scene was a bore nevertheless.
Then we have moments with him at a sleazt western bar as this draws you in a bit but it is very slow like the rest of the story but we do see him trying to catch what looks like a Cennobite and are beaten up by two asian coboys which looked great to watch and then afterwards we do have him going outside and spotting Cennobites surrounding him near a tree and other spots plus some cowboys pitting against him as this looked a little different than what we spot in a Hellraiser flick.
Good action situations with Joseph and his sidekick Tony Nenonen on a car chase and then something devastating happens. Plus we have a good moment with his shrink Dr. Paul Gregory revealing his dark secret as well as showing the torture object spinning around in a snwoy area that has his family stuck to it which was incredibly well done. Plus moments with a good special effects shot on Pinhead revealing himself to him and a great close up shot on him speaking.
Great situations with Joseph going through a world on his childhood as well as seeing what his parents turn out to be which looked creepy as well as other Cenobties or a mysterious figure finally revealing itself while there's nice shots on chains grabbing onto him as I found this to be the best scene making up for many of the boring moments that we've seen beforehand.
It psychs you out making out he's dreaming all of this and then realising that it's really happening which was a perfect teaser to the story and drawing you in.
Bottom line is that this flick was a disappointment and almost seemed to be a different film alltogether. The film is also way more mysterious wondering when Pinhead is going to raise hell again. Suddenly the pieces all come together towards the end of the film and why this is all happening. There is a good message about karma in the film but at the same time a very stale storyline and a bore as well.

The acting is very good nonetheless as Craig Sheffer (Detective Joseph Thorne) steals the film with his outrageous performance and plays an original role but I always found him to be a versatile actor as he's calm when he needs to be then tough and nasty when he needs to be and showing a paranoid side to him as well. Has a good deep seriousness when he talks as well as doing a great job with his blocking when he shows his violent side hitting others or getting really in your face. He was a true force of intimidating nature. Also shows great freaked out or upsetting expressions when the terror strikes him.
Nicholas Turturro (Tony Nenonen) does an okay as a calm type of sidekick and does a good job by being alert on stuff in which he shows a good focus while doing so or getting into a discussion as this for sure really looked strongly done. Offers a good guy type of attiotude which isn't a let down. Not the greatest actor of all time but can still know his craft in a decent fashion.
James Remar
(Dr. Paul Gregory) stood out marevllously as a shrink in which he shows a great mellow and calm attitude by what he says or does into his part. Offers a good strong behavior while talking and trying to find answers as he really studied this part inside out. Plus does well showng his true identity with a good mellow wicked attitude. He focused on this splendidly. Had the perfect looks and appeal for this too which was another bonus.
Doug Bradley (Pinhead) is most original with his reprising role than in any of the other Hellraiser flicks as he even portrays a cowboy too which is very different. Also does strongly with his speaking as well as being wicked on his scolding which shows off teriffically well. He was brilliant with all that he did in this flick.

A corpse is on the floor
A corpse of a hooker is impaled in a shower of a hotel
A decapitated head of a woman is found in a bed
An ice cream truck drivers back is torn open on a video tape
There's a pool of blood from underneath a door
Two bodies are frozen and then cracked to pieces
Eyes are plucked out of two elderly people
Fingers are cut off

Walter Werzowa seems to do fine with his composing although it's not as strongly composed as the previous one's but still quite good and also had some nice smooth bluesy music during the hotel scene with the detective and the hooker in the hotel room. Also good deep sounds and windy noises with clanging sounds too making each scene gloomy and effective. Plus there's some good brief chanting later on when Pinhead confronts someone about their guilt which was a nice surprise.

We get a nice smooth bluesy dsong at the end of the film by an artist named Mod:1 featuring Lisbeth Scott with the song "From Eden"

Pinhead [On the other phone receiver to Joseph]: Six fingers.... Six murders.... Only four fingers left... You know who I am detective

Joseph: Oooh let me guess... you're the engineer... I got your message. I understand your fucking game. My wife and kid.... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???

Pinhead[On the other phone receiver to Joseph]: I want you to go home detective. Time to go home.