Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)


Directed by: Rick Bota

Written by: Carl V. Dupré & Tim Day


.... Trevor
Ashley Laurence .... Kirsty Cotton Gooden
Doug Bradley .... Pinhead / Merchant
.... Allison
.... Detective Lange
.... Bret

.... Sage
.... Detective Givens

Special Appearances:

.... Gwen
Dale Wilson .... Chief Surgeon
Alec Willows .... Janitor

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: October 15, 2002; Gérardmer Fantasticarts Film Festival: January 27, 2005



A shady businessman Trevor (Dean Winters) survives a car crashed that caused his wife Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) to be killed and has some dark secrets of his own with his affairs on other women as well as possessing a sinister puzzle box that summons the Cennobites who haunts him wherever he goes.


There's an interesting beginning with both Trevor and his wife Kirsty in a vehicle chatting and then he loses his attention by kissing her along with nearly hitting another vehicle and their car falls off a bridge as the suspense looked fairly okay within all of this happening. It's a bit intense and struggling when one of them tries to get out of the vehicle making you watch wondering if they will succeed or not.
Then a nice setting with Trevor awakening in a hospital talking to Allison there as the setting looked nice and peaceful but then while this is happening there's a moment when someone is doing an experiment on his brain as this made me wonder as to why this was happening adding some twisted mysterious segments within this going on. This showed okay timing and nice close up camera shots on what these people were doing to him.
While the story rolls along we have the strange traditional moments like in any Hellraiser flick on locals acting unnormal as this takes place in a bus when Trevor is taking it home and asks some punk to turn down his getto blaster and his reaction isn't too comforting. It adds a mystery to the story but yet isn't as effective like in the first flick and so fourth.
In the story there's something that grabbed my attention is when he is at a candy vending machine and can't get his candy bar out of it and a ghoulish hand smacks against the glass which was supposed to be a jumping moment but that fails big time but yet a mistress Gwen appears behind him acting demanding and arrogant towards him leaving that feeling that this is someone you don't want to deal with and later on making out with him in which I got the feeling that this person wasn't a faithful husband and it works in well for the plot while we're watching.
There's a situation in the story when Trevor spots some sort of a dark figure in the distance watching him as well as when he goes into his apartment looking out the window and spots this figure again and then he gets sick and something creepy comes out of his mouth which looked twisted to watch but yet not as effective since we've seen better situations in other horror stories so this fails to make things look interesting.
Then a scene that grabbed my attention is when he skims through some old vhs tapes and puts it on with giving his wife a wedding gift and it's the puzzle box and she gets shocked about it which leaves a clue that she knew about it since she experienced it in the first two flicks as it made me watch later on when the story unfolds as to what she says about it since there's a knock on his door disturbing the moments on this.
I was wondering why the Cennobites weren't appearing yet as so far things looked pretty boring and not the same at all like in the previous sequel but then there's a moment with a camera filming but there's nothing there yet on the TV screen it shows a murderous case involving Gwen with a plastic bag wrapped around her in a Black Christmas type of fashion as it showed brief looks on the killers which happens to be these ghoulish beings. So I kept watching and hoping for more.
Also there's a nice calm moment when he is getting acupuncture for his back and the therapist Sage talks to him and leaves the room and then we spot a good special effect on Pinhead appearing out of a picture frame and I was like Hooray especially when it makes out that he's torturing him to death with his pins through him but at the same time doesn't have the dark chemistry like in the original.
When watching the story unravel there's good sympathetic conversations coming from Allison towards Trevor only to realise later on that he's hallucinating when people ask who he's talking to adding some nice unsolved mysteries as to why this is happening.
Another nice horror moment is when something is messing with Trevor's head and seeing people looking at him strangely and stuff like that along with Pinhead haunting him once again through a puddle reflection as this looked very effective.
A perfect dark moment in an alleyway with one of Trevor's employees Bret acting insane and pointing a gun towards him only to do something suicidal as this looked perfectly twisted to watch as well as that dark figure we saw earlier in the story watching him along with a brief shot on this object following him to his apartment which looked more mysterious and creepy.
The moments we expect to see does happen eventually when Trevor seems to be framed for murder only to be taken in the basement of the police headquarters with situations that looks like an area for a torture chamber and then being pitted against the Cenobites and I was thinking to myself finally the chemistry happens as well as twisting things around from what we spotted in the beginning that involved him and Kirsty in which I won't spoil it for you viewers so you'll have to see it for yourself.
Bottom line is that the sequels keep getting worst and worst as it's time to put the series to rest but there's more to come unfortunately. I saved this from being below average due to some of the mysterious moments as well as the final moments in the story which looked watchable. Otherwise this was pretty bland stuff not showing all hell breaking loose due to the puzzlebox or the dynamic special effects like we've seen in the earlier flicks which was a huge disappointment.

The acting is in fair shape in which (Trevor) has the right appeal to portray the ideal husband type of material and shows off a good charm with what he does too. Also knows on how to react in a disturbed type of fashion in other areas which he seems a natural in order to doing so. Shows off a nice anxious type of behavior too along with being sleazy and troubled too. He was a passable character actor.
Ashley Laurence (Kirsty Cotton Gooden) still knew on how to strut her stuff having a mellow type of attitude during the beginning of her performance. She also does well reacting to being upset when she is handed the puzzle box as her aggressions looked pretty good. Does a fine job but not as memorable like her role in the first two flicks.
Doug Bradley (Pinhead / Merchant) still has the knack for this role as he does a nice job by speking cold and icy as well as being slick and smooth. He for sure shows off a nice and cruel hearted type of personality along with his mysterious attitude too.
(Allison) seemed to study her role very nicely in which she shows off a good kind hearted personality as well as being believeable by showing off her sympathy too. Has a nice clear speaking in her voice making her role likeable. Had the right motive for this role.
(Detective Lange) shows off a good lighthearted attitude as well as coming across serious whenever he needed to behave this way making all of this looking convincing. He had a nice drive to what he did here. Got into his role a great deal and showing some nice spunk and enthusiasm as well as being perfectly energetic.
(Bret) had one of the most noticeable supporting role as a nosey employee as he does well by acting annoying as well as odd and eccentric. Had the right speaking with his hyped attitude. Also does well acting crazy near the end of his performance while holding a gun and really got into this greatly.
(Sage) had a nice calmness as a acupuncture therapist having a nice smooth and soothing type of voice which was perfect for what kind of a role she portrayed here. Does this all with a perfect style too. Also shows some good energy when she gets into a lustful mode.
(Gwen) was another one who stood out marvellously with her arrogant and sharp attitude in which she was believeably by acting arrogant and dominating as well as showing off a good kinky and sleazy attitude. All of this was b rought together marvellously. She was the best supporting actress.

briefly reveals her breasts when she gets it on wit a guy on her acupuncture table

A head surgery is exposed showing the person's brain.
Insides are placed on a table in a morgue.
Hooks are impaled in a person's hands and face.

Stephen Edwards seems to pullit off in an okay fashion as there's lots of dark hissing and other gloomy horror sounds fitting in each scene pretty good. The opening credits had a nice type of theme to it all which was the best on what he did here. Also there's some deep flute playing which seems memorable too in the middle of the story. Plus some strong classical music near the end of the flick along with some piano playing too as it also seemed necessary to what was happening then.

[as he sticks Trevor in the back of the neck with a pin]
Pinhead: Which do you find more exhilarating, Trevor, pain or pleasure? Personally, I prefer pain.