Directed by: Rick Bota

Written by: Neal Marshall Stevens & Tim Day


Kari Wuhrer .... Amy Klein
Paul Rhys .... Winter
Simon Kunz .... Charles Richmond
Marc Warren .... Joey
Georgina Rylance .... Marla
Doug Bradley .... Pinhead

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 7, 2005



A journalist uncovers an underground group who can bring back the dead and slowly becomes drawn into their world.


The story is terribly boring and hard to follow while first watching it as we have our journalist Amy Klein doing some researching which I couldn't follow as to what but there's a good mysterious moment when she looks at a videotape as there's some sort of a ceremony as we see someone pushing a young woman shooting herself in the head as well as awakening later on which looked genuinely twisted as well as showing the puzzle box in which this left a clue that Pinhead was somewhat involved but we don't see him just yet.
Then she goes to check out a suite which is terribly filthy with focused camera shots making this place unsanitary as well as her spotting a corpse and she carefully tries to get the puzzle box in which is in the corpses hand. While this was well focused it made me wonder if this corpse will come to life as the shots on all of this left a hint that this will happen.
Things look pretty good for a second when Amy is toying around with the box and it moves and a surprising and shocking moment happens as well as Pinhead appearing and saying something deadly towards her which was extremely effective as this was one of the scene's that saved the flick from bombing.
Another wicked moment is when she enters a subway as the train itself looked gloomy and inside it there's fetish moments as well as her discussing something with the head of all these people Joey about the puzzle box which looked well done in as well as tis moment looking out of the ordinary which is a good thing saving this movie from bombing as well.
Amy then goes to a gloomy area near a think passageway as she nearly gets murdered by someone raising a knife behind her as this looked twisted.
Then later on has an effective discussion with Winter which looked drawn in as well as his strange attitude when they discuss the puzzle box as this seemed to draw me in watching all the outcome of this. Then things look wild and bizarre with a ceremony performed and she is the victim. Good camera shots throughout all of this. Suddenly this moment teases you wondering if she dreamt it all as well as some crazy moments happening to her which looked totally psychotic to watch. Things then get exciting when Pinhead enters her place and speaks to her which looked strongly done as always when this situation happened like in the previous flicks.
Then the scene with the subway full of fetish people are revealed when she goes on it again but this time they end up dead which looked sickly twisted with what is shown here as well as Marla outside of the station later on talking to her as this looked interesting to w atch and thought I'd enjoy watching the movie more so but it fails later on with more boring scene's later on in the story.
Amy is suddenly seen in a psych ward and spots a little girl drawing a picture of her which looked out of the ordinary and bizarrely mysterious to watch all of this.
Once again she's back at the ceremony and the puzzle box opens with Pinhead entering and raising hell which for the fans will look entertaining as well as good gruesome effects. However we've seen it in previous flicks and alot more exciting.
Bottom line is the sequels are becoming quite a bore lately and this one is hard to be entertained since it was such a bore as the middle of the story seemed exciting but then it sloped again. Yet two more follow after this one.

The performances stand out in a decent factor in which Kari Wuhrer (Amy Klein) seemed to be the best out of the cast in which she showed a tough girl type of behavior whenever she had to behave this way along with doing well with her interactions as well as her energy plus insanely freaking out and having a fearful attitude too in which she really got into her role big time.
Paul Rhys (Winter) was an interesting character actor in which he shows off a great mysterious force with his eccentric behavior and seems to do well hyped up as well as acting crazy with what he was doing in the film. He for sure was a true force of nature within everything that he did in his role.
Simon Kunz
(Charles Richmond) seemed to have a good slick type of personality as well as acting convincingly light headed in which he really stressed all of this within his performance and does a good job while doing so. Represented himself pretty good while watching him do all of this.
Marc Warren
(Joey) had the most effective supporting role in which he shows a great style of coolness as someone in a fetish subway train in which he made a perfect leader of the pack as well as showing off a nice charm to his role. I liked his role the best out of the whole cast and to anyone who saw this can fondly remember him in this one.

Breast and butt shots are revealed in a fetish type of subway train.
Another breast shot is briefly revealed with a character realising that a knife is in her back..

Bloody side of a head is revealed after being shot.
Knife is bloodily stabbed in someone's back.
Hooks are stabbed in someone's face.
Bodies are torn apart by hooks and chains as well as remains of body pieces.

Henning Lohner isn't too bad with his music in which there's alot of good deep tones as well as other gloomy sounds which fits the scene's. Also there's nice smooth classical music like violin and piano playing. Nothing too spectacular but he does the job within everything that he had to do for this bad flick.

Pinhead: Don't you think for a second you are not in danger!

Pinhead: When you attempted to live beyond death, you entered into my domain.
Winter: Oh my God!
Pinhead: You should be very careful what you wish for. It just might come true!