Directed by: Rick Bota

Written by: Carl V. Dupré

Story by: Joel Soisson


.... Chelsea
.... Jake
.... The Host
.... Derrick
.... Mike
.... Allison
Doug Bradley .... Pinhead

Special Appearance:

.... Police Officer #1

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: September 6, 2005




Two years after a suicide of a friend, a group of teenage gamers are invited to a rave as they are interested in the Cenobite legend but however become endangered when they enter the party which is called Hellworld as the legends start to become true.


The story offers a prologue that involves some sort of a funeral which looked strangely done in which there's supposed to be a jumping moment on what happens when Chelsea goes near a coffin but doesn't do the trick whatsoever but not an awful scene to say at all.
Then present day happens in which Chelsea opens her apartment door and what looks like a Cenobite is entering which looked mildly suspenseful to watch but yet we get the feeling that this is someone's idea of a practical joke.
Then things start to look more exciting when Chelsea and other group of friends check out the computer on where they're going as it reveals the puzzle box on the computer screen and them being excited about it all which offers a great touch to the story.
Then it really starts up when they go to the mansion and the party gets going a great deal which looked dynamically fun to watch as well as the Host discussing stuff and so fourth. Plus when one of them goes to a laboratory and sees what looks like a fetus bottled up and then it moves made me jump a little which was a real eye catching moment.
Chelsea gets tough with one of the guys at the dance for coming on a little too strong with her as this was a nice moment while watching the film so I was impressed with this sequel compared to the last since more action was happening while watching it.
One of the friends Allison gets caught in a deadly trap in which the Host was responsible for doing so showing someone strapped in a chair and a weapon closing in on her as this made me wonder if this guy was working for Pinhead. Certainly makes you wonder and cleverly done too.
Another moment that grabbed my attnetion was when Derrick dropped his breather as he has athsma and tries to get it off the dance floor but people kick this object around with nicely focused camera shots on this as it looked suspenseful to watch as well as to where it leads to along with being trapped when he goes to get it and meets up with Pinhead along with what he does to murder him which looked very different than whatr he has normally done to his victims.
The tension adds up when Chelsea tries to cry out to a window and on her cell phone to the police that she's trapped and they can't see her in a window thinking that it's all a prank which is another good pointer to the horror story.
Meanwhile Mike is wooed by a lustful party goer but then gets locked in the laboratory room in which I had a creepy feeling that something deadly was going to happen to him which was done in fair shocking horror taste while watching all of this unravel.
Chelsea manages to escape and runs in the forest to chase after the police cars as it made me wonder if she will succeed. The scenery looked dark and terrific with the mist floating as well as talking to a police officer in the woods as I got a bad feeling that something deadly will happen to this lawman. All of this looked strongly done in.
In these situations we have somewhat a flashback sequence on the suicide of Adam dumping gasoline on himself which looked incredibly intense which worked in.
Not only that I spotted a couple of victims coming back from the dead trying to terrorise Chelsea also looked excellent to watch.
Perfect dark settings once again in the woods with Chelsea and Jake being pitted against the Host as well as them being buried alive which looked half intense to watch and very bizarre as to what happens later on but I won't give that away.
Half decent gruesome ending with what revolves around the Host playing around with the puzzle box but it's been better before. However there's a nice confrontation with Pinhead and the Cennobites.
Bottom line is that I expected this one to be bad like the last two but this was a huge improvement almost rating this flick 3 bats but just not quite. It was a fun flick to watch and a party enviornment type of one as I enjoy those types. It was about time to see a better sequel as I almost gave up on them.

The acting is pretty good in which (Chelsea) really brought out her characteristics as well as acting tough as nails when needed to be with her forceful atttiude which stood out terrifically. Also does a good job with her scared and intense behavior in many spots of the film showing off some great energy. Shows off the perfect looks and appeal to her role which was another nice plus.
(Jake) had the dorky teenage looks and motive however shows off some nice aggressions whenever he had to behave this way as well as showing off some great raging energy when the terror starts to happen. Seemed to know how to get into his role in a fair fashion.
(The Host) was the best out of the cast in which he shows a good dark presence in his personality as well as acting convincingly evil within whatever he does throughout his performance. Certainly studied his role inside out as he often does within whtever he does. Shows a good menacing behavior too which he pulls to the extreme.
) showed off a somewhat cocky behavior and does this with good style as well as acting like a happy go lucky type of party animal. He proved to be a worthy character actor within whatever he did here. Shows off an intense fearful attitude like the rest of the cast that was mentioned.
Doug Bradley (Pinhead) as usual knew his stuff as the evil one in which he always shows off a strong presence as well as a good nasty behavior. Was great by acting deadly within his devices and looked very powerful.

Fully breasted lustful women are revealed at a party.
Someone takes off her top barebreasted while about to fornicate in a bed.
A bare breasted one tricks someone while trapping him in a room.

Faced is cut by a small saw with a violent bloodshed.
Head is chopped off by a cleaver.
Corpses insides are revealed.
Body pieces are in jars.
Hook is stabbed through someone's chest with blood gushing out.
Sharp object is stabbed through an officers head.
Body is minced up by barbwired objects.

Lars Anderson was terrific with his composing having loud trombone playing and hissing sounds as well as good heavy breathing sounds along with the drumbeats for the real terror and suspenseful moments. Plus there's the odd chiming in a certain spot which grabbed my attention too and sounding well done just like the rest that was used in the story.