Hellweek (2010)


Directed by: Eddie Lengyel

Written by:
Eddie Lengyel & April Needham


Rob Jaeger .... J.J.
Karen Fox .... Kara
Michael Reddy .... Daddy
Robyn Griggs .... Griggs
Steve Thomlin .... Wyatt
Breanne Racano .... Steph
Michelene Pancoe .... Haylie
April Needham .... Krissy
Don Kilrain .... Knods
Eric Matyjasic .... Mickey
Rob Purcell .... Burt

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 5, 2010




A couple of frat pledges are sent to an abandoned warehouse after passing out where there's deadly rumors about the place on Halloween night in which they are tortured and killed. The frat team check up on things but they become the next victims to a family of psychopaths wearing masks as well as deadly weapons including a chainsaw killing them off as well as being brutally tormented on these not so innocent college kids.


The beginning looks fairly interesting in which we spot someone being tortured to death giving it a psychological feel and then later on it goes into some fraternity students lead by J.J. to get ready for a Halloween party as well as discussing rumors about a place run by a bunch of maniacs which looks incredibly cheesy to watch.
While the story is still confusing to watch there's then some scene's of people being cut in half by a bunch of these maniacs as well as someone having a bad hallucination sequence while telling some of the frat girls on something dangerous happening in which this was supposed to look intense but it fails big time.
Afterwards the Halloween party begins but it seems very overly long and slows down the horror with J.J. acting cocky to some of the girls and getting turned off by his attitude. Plus many pointless scenrarios that seems confusing but yet we spot J.J. doing a frat pledge scene with two guys passed out from drinking by putting whipcream on them and other traditional moments like that to join the group which seemed a tiny bit interesting but nothing too major.
Then later on the story seems to get going with the horror as these pledge students are trapped in an abandoned factory and then the family of maincs toruture and kill these people in which some of this looked fairly intense and we spot a killer using a chainsaw in a Leatherface type of fashion but I was thinking to myself "Yeah right!".
But there were some neat moments with a masculine pledge being introduced to the family and giving him a chainsaw but we've seen this before. Sound familiar?
The terror starts to pile up big time when J.J. and his gang enter the place to see how everything is going in which hell breaks loose for them as there's the odd good intense killings with the sick humor from some of the demented family members.
There's some interesting twisted moments with a whiny family member answering someone's cell phone and making sure they tell this person to enter their place and it's safe which does make you cringe and wonder if she will fall into this deadly trap.
The very ending seems to be the only good thing warning some other people videotaping in front of the factory with a ghostly type of woman warning them not to go in there in which this would've been useful for the beginning of this movie.
Bottom line is this story is very unorganised and things are happening without any explanation whatsoever and no reason behind this. The writing is very bland for the most part and saves from bombing cause there's the odd good dark creepy moments with the family of killers. This is a wannabe tribute to Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a touch of House of 1000 Corpses and Hostel. The movie drags alot and is too long. I was looking forward to the closing credits so I can shut this clunker off.

The acting is very bad in which lead actor Rob Jaeger (J.J.) is way too over the top with his hyperactive behavior playing the head sorority dude in which he tries to act cocky and chauvinisitic but this wasn't believeable at all. I just can't see this guy going places at all. He acted hyped up with his announcements towards others on his plans in which this looked incredibly silly and in a bad way.
Karen Fox
(Kara) seems to try her best playing the female lead here with her troubled behavior as well as trying to be freaked out when the terror hits her but yet she seems a little bit wooden with whatever she does here and seems like another one of those actors who needs some lessons here. We spot a moment with her by running away and screaming which looks extremely phony. However, she does very well with her emotional sobbing making this scene seem disturbing.
Michael Reddy (Daddy) seems to have the right witty and freaky growly type of voice to do a freakshow like he was on screen but het he wasn't threatening at all by any means whenever he was performing his menacing type of behavior and was quite over the top no matter what he did. He wasn't overly terrible though. In a certain scene he springs out acting crazy with his speaking as it looked almost energetically performed but it looked way too slapstick.
Robyn Griggs
(Griggs) yet seemed to stand out in her performance with her squealy childlike speaking and hyperactive attitude in which she seems to have a hyped up adrenaline in her cruel and evil behavior so I give this supporting actress some decent credit into everything that she did for this flick. Two thumbs up. A good intense situation with him in a scene by acting wild and crazy getting forceful towards his fellow actress.
Michelene Pancoe
(Hayley) was another fine actress in which she comes across as someone beautiful looking along with a sharp blunt attitude as well as being believeably aggressive in her role as she performs all of this incredibly well for what she did here. She reacts well trying to snub someone acting cocky towards her and looking quite natural. Also does well with her yelling aggressions in a vehicle towards someone else in which this was a decent moment on her acting skills. Yet it's still nothing to brag about.

Faces are sliced and scarred.
Woman is sawed in half.
Lots of blood splattering.
Plenty of bloody stabbings and chainsaw slashings.

The music is nothing great here but there's some interesting hissing and clanging sounds like a rip off sounding to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We've heard all of this before and it's quite amateurish.