The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Directed by: Alexandre Aja

Written by: Alexandre Aja & Gregory Levasseur


Aaron Stanford .... Doug Bukowski
Dan Byrd .... Bobby Carter
Emile de Ravin .... Brenda Carter
Kathleen Quinlan .... Ethel Carter
Vinessa Shaw .... Lynne Bukowski
Robert Joy .... Lizard
Ted Levine .... Big Bob Carter
Michael Bailey Smith .... Pluto

Laura Ortiz .... Ruby

Release Date: Theatrical: March 10, 2006






An American family named the Carters is on a vacation and travels through the American soutwest to go on a camping trip. They end up in the middle of nowhere in a desert but there's a gas station as they load up some gas and asks the owner where to turn to go to their destination. The owner there is very eccentric and gives them the wrong directions while someone is watching them.
Then a trap is set as it causes their tires to go flat and they all think they're stranded so their father named Bob Carter (Ted Levine) who is a retired policeman hikes down to the gas station and his son in law named Doug Bukowski (Aaron Stanford) tries to hike down another roadway to see if he can find someone but the road leads to a dead end with stranded vehicles and other belongings. He also realises it was once an area for a nuclear testing used by the US government.
He returns with some belongings as it gets dark. One of their dogs takes off as it spots something strange. The youngest son in the family named Bobby (Dan Byrd) finds his dog slaughtered but is too disturbed to tell his family what has happened.
They still wait for their father to return but he is knocked unconcious and kidnapped. Then later on he is burned alive in front of his family and a group of cannibal terrorists kills, rapes tortures and eats some of the family members.
They also kidnap Doug's baby and kills his wife Lynne (Vinessa Shaw). He brings along his other dog to try and track down the cannibalistic killers and get his baby back while two of the surviving kids plan a booby trap for them.

There are nice shots on a gas station attendant acting strange at his gas station looking for someone in the windy desert.
Theres a good close up shot on some spikes on the road with the trailer driving towards it.
We have a nice smart ass conversation that starts off with Doug Bukowski by talking to Bobby Carter in the trailer while they're driving about smoking and other stuff. We also see good smart remarks by Big Bob Carter while driving being sarcastic by being crude when he tells his kids not to swear which tries to be humorous but I didn't find it convincingly funny.
Theres a nice shot from a distance with a look of binoculars on the family stranded in the desert and nice creepy voices talking too.
There's a great shot of Doug walking by and spotting some torn up vehicles in the gusting wind as well as a terrific shot on the rocky grounds in the desert where bombs hit with hundreds of other vehicles.
We have a nice silent setting on Big Bob walking in the gas station and calling around but no one is there. He looks good when he takes out his gun after spotting a cut off ear in a container trying to be cautious.
He looked great pointing a gun at the gas station attendant as he acts very strangely sitting in an outhouse.
The setting is most scary when Big Bob hears words calling to him and it's pitch black and he starts shooting his gun at whatever is out there.
A nice shot of him being dragged away into an abandoned minining tunnel which makes you wonder what's going to happen next.
A nice shot on Brenda Carter sleeping in the trailer while a hand is touching her and then a creepy close up shot on Pluto with an evil grin on his face.
A nice dark shot on Bobby running towards the rocky hills and getting scared when he hears the voices calling to him.
There's a better shot on the burning body of Big Bob than in the original and everyone is frantic trying to put out the flames which. All of this happening looked truly intense and disturbing.
Both Doug and Bobby pump of the intensity towards one another arguing about going out there and killing those freaks.
Good shots on Doug looking around the ghost town with dummies being displayed on chairs and swings.
It looked suspenseful when he enters a house trying to rescue his baby with letting one of the deformed locals catching him while watching TV.
There is also a suspenseful shot on him trapped in a freezer with pieces of dead people with him as he pulls alot of might trying to break open the freezer door.
There great fast action battles between Doug and Pluto with axe swinging action as well as Pluto himself taking you by surprise by crashing through some walls.
Bottom line is that it seems that the mid millenium is remaking cult horror classics like this one and the story is almost the exact same except for the scene where the in-law spots the ghost town where the cannibals live in. This film is still very intense, disturbing and effective like the original or even more so thanks to Wes Craven producing this remake like he directed and wrote the original.

The acting is very good with an awesome cast. Lead actor Aaron Stanford (Doug Bukowski) pulls it off nicely playing a jack ass in law of the family with his fresh remarks as he makes the role very meaty plus has dynamic energy with his performance with battling these freaks. He also does a nice battling scene with one of the onscreen maniacs while trying to save his baby.
Emile de Ravin
(Brenda Carter) was terrific with her crying emotions in the film and knew how to freak out too. She pulled it off well that I didn't know that she portrayed the school bully Chris Hargenson in the remake of Carrie. She is in this remake too as both of the original films are 70's classics. She reacts well by freaking out about nearly getting raped in a scene. There's dynamic energy on her when she charges with a pick axe close to the end of the film which was one of her best performances.
Dan Byrd
(Bobby Carter) was another actor full of energy as the youngest in the family apart from the baby and can really pack a punch with his performance. He does well running towards the rocky hills to find his dog and shows nice concerned expressions on his face and really let it out when he spots his dead dog and tries to run away which looked suspensefully paced as you wonder if he will make it. Does well by trying to spit out the words of what he has to tell somebody else on what had happened but is hesitant which keeps you occupied wondering if he will actually tell him. He really does well at crying out towards two of his fellow actors when he explains to them what happened to one of their dogs and that something is out there as he does it marvellously.
I enjoyed Ted Levine's (Big Bob Carter) part as the overly sarcastic ex-cop and stands out the most in the film and is a true chracter actor. Does a great job having a near athsma attack when the terror strikes him as he made that realistic and was disturbing while watching him perform within this.
We also have well done performances by the cannibalistic killers who brings their psychotic roles to life such as Robert Joy (Lizard) as one of the head maniacs who was convincing by being freaky.
Michael Bailey Smith
(Pluto) stood out way more than Michael Berryman for his role as he looks convincingly powerful. He also knew how to be rough on his fellow actress by grabbing and covering her mouth and trying to rape her.
Laura Ortiz
pulled it off as an innocent one and you really feel like protecting her as she seems so innocent.

The gore is very different here compared to the original as this is the goriest flick I've seen since Violent Shit (Which is still the goriest one so far).
We have a slaughtered dog with a paw torn of
Ripped off arms
Head blown off
Guts being eaten
Plenty of blood and lots more.

Tom and Andy are excellent as well with the low sounds and the surprising thumping during the terrifying and suspenseful moments. It was very unique as it has a great buzzing sound and sounding perfectly scary. So far they are the top composer for horror films of the year in my books.

We have a sountrack performed by Webb Pierce, Moot Davis, Wires on Fire, The Go, Elaine Suchow, Vault, Circe Link, The Vanguards, Buddy Stuart and The Finalist.

Gas Station Attendant: Ruby, is that you?

Bobby Carter: Can you hand me a twinkie?

Lizard: [Pluto is raping Brenda. Lizard comes over to him and starts beating him] You gotta be a man to do that!

Ethel Carter: Is Big Bob back?
Doug Bukowski:
Not yet

Doug Bukowski: Bobby, where are you going?
Bobby Carter: Fucking kill those motherfuckers!

Doug Bukowski: [while searching for baby Katherine, Doug encounters Big Brains] Where's my daughter?
Big Brain: Big Brains:
Big Brain: [wheezing]
Big Brain: I don't know where she is, I never leave this place. Your people asked our families to leave the towns, and you destroyed our homes. We went into the mines, you set off your bombs, and turned everything to ashes. You made us what we've become. Boom! Boom! Boom!
Big Brain: [Laughs]
Doug Bukowski: What's so Funny?
Big Brain: It's breakfast time!
[Suddenly Pluto breaks through the door with an axe and swings it at Doug]

Small Deformed Child: Mister, will you play with us?

Doug Bukowski: Give me back my baby!

Brenda Carter: [Papa Jupiter has just been impaled in an explosion, but he is not fully dead. Brenda comes charging out of nowhere with a pick-axe and slams it into the mutants head - killing him] Fucker!

Brenda Carter: Come on, let's get out of here. Oh, my God. Look, Bobby.