The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Directed by: Martin Weisdz

Produced & Written by: Jonathan Craven & Wes Craven


Jessica Stroup .... PFC Amber Johnson
Michael McMillian .... PFC "Napoleon" Napi
Daniella Allonso .... PFC Missy
Jacob Vargas .... Crank
Lee Thompson Young .... PFC Delmar
Ben Crowley .... PFC Stump
Eric Edelstein .... Cpl. Splitter
Flex Alexander .... Sgt. Jeffrey Millstone
Reshad Strik .... PFC Mickey
Michael Bailey Smith .... Hades

David Reynolds .... Hansel
Derek Mears .... Chamaleon

Release Date: Nuremburg Fantasy Filmfest: March 16, 2007; Theatrical: March 23, 2007






A group of national guard trainees do their training in combat down at the rocky hill mountains but while two others named Missy (Daniella Allonso) and Napi (Michael McMillian) stay on guard on things they find a man half alive crawling out of the outhouse warning them the dangers where they are.
Then their vehicle is on fire and know something is after them and try to warn the other but when they do so they are attacked by a mountain mutant and then while they escape from this maniac they try to warn the others and then one by one these people are terrorised and killed by these mutant mountain people and while they kill one of them another one kidnaps one of their traineees named Amber Johnson (Jessica Stroup) as she is taken to their home which is an abandoned mine.
They try to rescue her but there are many passageways and they try their best to survive before anyone else ends up being slaughtered.


There's an odd beginning with some deformed looking woman going into labour as this looked perfectly dark and twisted along with later on what happens to her baby. It seems confusing and making you wonder as to what is behind all of this and how it gets involved into the story too.
We have many slow moments like a group of people training in the army at the desert where the last film took place as well as a teaser when they pit against a woman whom seems crazy only to have you tricked that they're all having fun. This didn't look too impressive though.

There's a moment with someone on a cliff towards one of the mountain mutants when he tries to ask him something and his respond is mumbling as it does leave an impression that this maniac will do something deadly to him but at the same time it seems obvious on what will happen to this innocent victim.
We also have a moment when the lead character PFC "Napoleon" Napi freaking out finding that someone is inside an outhouse and boy does it look gross when him and PFC Amber Johnson drag this victim out when he warns them and then dies as this seems to be an impressive moment that these people are in for terror with these mountain mutants. It looked powerfully done and memorable to anyone who saw this flick.
We spot a moment with someone being dragged near a hole on a ground as there's blood splattering which looked intense as well as fast action moments on someone pulled right under which seemed to look well done.
There's also a moment with one of the mountain mutants being sneaky running alongside with the people in combat training firing their weapons as this was supposed to looked effective and intense. It is powerful I will add but the others stuff seemed a little too obvious and needed inspiration.
There's a moment when someone is going down a cable line making out he fell due to a freak accident and finding out it was cut which was supposed to look cringing but things seemed to be way too obvious.
There's a scene however that looked cleverly done with both PFC Missy and Amber making out they are looking at a pic on an iphone in order to trick a mountain mutant as we spot a great leaping approach with this manaic holding a meatcleaver and then the army shooting at him as this looked perfectly well done and full of violent killing action too.

The action and terror happens a great deal while the survivors are in the cave struggling against the maniacs as well as trying to rescue Amber from them in which there's perfect violent moments on one of the maniacs beating on her. Plus it's oddly interesting when we spot one of them helping these people out which is a nice change. Also good violent and killing moments along with vengeful situations as well.
Bottom line: Ugh! Was this really a sequel to the original remake? It displays on the screen with some credits telling the story of the last family but it seems too different and it was very pointless anmd the story is incredibly slow to top it all off. Other than a few scares this film bites. However it is very different than the original part 2 alltogether as sequels to remakes that have sequels seem to do that which is on how it should always be by not seeing a total story done all over again and not messing with the original.

The acting is fine but no Academy award material. Jessica Stroup (PFC Amber Johnson) was quite sharp in her role as she seems to react well alerted to what was going on with the situations that's happening and addiong a ton of great energy into all that she does within her performance. Seemed to study her role quite well but at the same time you could tell that she was one of the heroes in the film that is unlikely to get killed in it.
Michael McMillian (PFC "Napoleon" Napi) was another hyped up performer showing alot of great intense energy into all that he did here. He really knew on how to come across as someone who freaks out during a scene after what happens when he is in an outhouse which was well remembered to anyone who saw him in this flick. Also does great with his wild performance while trying to do away the onscreen maniacs. But yet he seems obvious as well that he is another hero who won't get killed off.
Daniella Allonso
(PFC Missy) seemed to show it off well onto the screen with her tough as nails attitude. She also does a great hyped up energy freaking out or getting tough with her forceful blocking and violent reactions. I found that she was a good choice for this role and has the most effective supporting role.
Jacob Vargas (Crank) reminds me of a typical greedy and self centered prick which he plays off well with his role. He seems to show a great pumped up aggressions especially when the terror strikes up. Also was a true force of nature and was a true champ into all that he did in his role and did a truly good job.

Flex Alexander (Sgt. Jeffrey Millstone) had a real powerful personality into all that he did and lived to play a commander in which he shows a true arrogant aggressions commanding other and bringing it all to a hype and just rolling with the punches. Seemed to have the perfect appeal as well as the good tough looks which was also a nice add on.

A woman goes into labour and her breasts are revealed

Guts are torn out
Heads are spilt open
Hand is cut off
A man is bloodied
There are body pieces lying everywhere
Lots of blood

Trevor Morris does well with his music and even the old thumping sounds are good too from the first one. Many other deep horror sounds which stands out strongly as well as great airy sounds and music along with nice deep classical music here and there. Plus alot of good clanging and others like that for the intense attackings. Yes the music was powerfully done I must admit.