Holidays (2016)


Written & Directed by: Anthony Scott Burns, Kevin Kolsch, Nicholas McCarthy, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Ellen Reid, Gary Shore, Kevin Smith, Sarah Adina Smith, Scott Stewart & Dennis Widmyer


 .... Maxine 
Savannah Kennick .... Heidi 
Rick Peters .... Coach Rockwell 
Ruth Bradley .... Elizabeth Cullen
Peter Campion .... The Man
Isolt McCaffrey .... Grainne
Ava Acres .... Girl
Petra Wright .... Mom
Mark Steger .... Bunny Man
Sophie Traub .... Kate
Aleksa Palladino .... Persian
Sheila Vand
Jennifer Lafleur .... Dr. Harding
Sonja Kinski .... Crystal
Jocelin Donahue .... Carol
Michael Gross .... Voice of Father
Ashley Greene .... Bree
Olivia Roush .... Serena
Harley Quinn Smith .... Holly
Harley Morenstein .... Ian
Seth Green .... Pete Gunderson
Clare Grant .... Sara Gunderson
Kalos Cluff .... Bobby
Lorenza Izzo .... Jean
Andrew Bowen .... Reggie
Megan Duffy .... Mandy 

Release Dates: Tribeca Film Festival: April 14, 2016; Limited Theatrical: April 22, 2016; MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 10, 2016; Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival: November 15, 2016; Gerardmer Fantasy Film Festival: January 26, 2017









An anthology with eight chapters on holiday seasons:

Valentine's Day: Maxine () is being picked on by her peers during swimming lessons lead by the nasty Heidi (Savannah Kennick) and is saved by her gym teacher Coach Rockwell (Rick Peters) whom she has a crush on but has a heart condition.
She has a deadly plan for Heidi to find a way to help his heart condition as hers is in great shape.

St. Patricks Day: A school teacher Elizabeth Cullen (Ruth Bradley) takes interest in her unhappy student Grainne (Isolt McCaffrey) but then she realises she's pregnant but her baby is going to be a reptile in which Grainne herself has an enigmatic smile making this woman lose control of everything around her.

Easter: A frightened little girl (Ava Acres) is scared of the Easter Bunny but her mother (Petra Wright) explains to her about the history of easter and that things will be okay.
While in the middle of the night when this child goes to the kitchen to get a drink of water she catches on what is called the Bunny Man (Mark Steger) as no one has ever seen him and she tells her on something that she does not want to hear due to the fact that she did see him.

Mother's Day: A troubled woman Kate (Sophie Traub) keeps getting pregnant and always has to have an abortion and goes to see Dr. Harding (Jennifer LeFleur) on what to do to make this stop as she is taken in to a cult of witches who makes her catatonic and wants to carry her next child.

Father's Day: After coming home from teaching Carol (Jocelin Donahue) receives a cassette tape from her father (Voice of Michael Gross) in which she plays the tape that leads her to places that can lead to her father's whereabout since she hasn't seen him since she was a child but she can be in for a real terror.

Halloween - Ian (Harley Morenstein) hosts an internet sex service where he abuses his employees Holly (Harley Quinn Smith), Bree (Ashley Greene) and Serena (Olivia Roush). When he denies the girls' wishes to celebrate Halloween, and further attempts to rape Bree, the girls knock him out.
He later on awakens and realises on what his employees did to him and forces him to do something torturous to himself.

Christmas - Pete Gunderson is late trying to buy virtual glasses for his son. A man before him buys them, but suddenly has a heart attack and can't reach his pills. Rather than help the man, Pete steals the glasses and rushes home. 
On Christmas day, Pete's son Bobby is over joyed. The glasses recreate your thoughts and ideas into a virtual game. 
Pete realises the the glasses show what had happened to his boss and other deadly moments that his wife Sara (Clare Grant) was responsible on doing.

New Years Eve - A maniac Reggie (Andrew Bowen) who murders women on a dating site has his tables turned when he hooks up with someone else.


This was a complicated horror anthology but will try my best to review it as much as I can describing the scene's worth mentioning on each one so bare with me.....

Valentine's Day - This chapter seemed to be one of the best one's of them all in which we show a good beginning with a misfit teen Maxine going to the top of a diving board in a swimming pool and being too scared to jump and being taunted by her classmates below watching her as this was all well focused and leaving a sinking feeling on how scary it is up there just ready to jump off but hesitant by how this moment was all set out. Leaves some nice tension on your inner fears. Plus a good cruel moment on what one of her classmates does to her which of course can freak anyone out with what they're scared of doing and forced to be in the situation.
Also some nice moments when the head bully Heidi gets in her face tormenting her in a changeroom that looked well shot as well as drawing you in by what's going to happen next along with a good shot on Maxine staring at her evilly after what Heidi said to her and getting choked up after seeing her expression which was impressive and leaving a feeling that something bad will happem to Heidi. This looked well done too.
Perfect vengeful moment when Maxine follows her into a forest as well as what happens afterwards like Heidid falling into a muddy puddle. The moments on these events looked incredibly strong and intense to watch. 
The ending of this chapter looked perfectly twisted in a good horror fashion by what she gives her gym teacher as it will grab your attention ful time while spotting this moment.
This chapter seemed to borrow similar elements to the 2013 remake of Carrie and at the end a tribute to My Bloody Valentine. This simply works in well cause it's alot better than the upcoming chapters we're bound to see here.

St. Patricks Day - Man oh man this was a lame one and had a hard time following on what goes on here as we spot a school teacher Elizabeth Cullen whom has a strange student Grainne who seems to give her a strange grin when being around her as well as one time pressing her face near her impregnated stomach which looked twisted while spotting all of this.
It's even more lame when she finds out she is going to have a baby lizard as I rolled my eyes.
There's an intense gross out moment when she teaches her students and she throws up black stuff with the kids screaming as it made me wonder if she was only having a nightmare while this unravels in which this left me an impression wondering if she will wake up as well as spotting Grainne looking at her with her devilish grin and this woman freaking out at her. This scene was exptremely weird to watch.
Lame moment when Elizabeth is in a tub bringing a gerbil to her knee which makes you wonder if she is going feed her impregnated reptile as well as what we see on her maybe going into labor. All of this looked so dumb to watch.
Then more strange moments with her in a field and a cult of people wearing animal masks doing some sort of a dance holding the reptile which looked obviously fake.
I found this to be the worst chapter of them all and seemed to rip off Rosemary's Baby in a real terrible way too.

Easter - This one was a bit of an improvement which isn't saying alot at all. A nice discussion with the peaceful Mom explaining to her little girl on what Easter is all about and this child's fears on what will happen if she gets a glass of water and the Easter Bunny might show up. This for sure leaves a nice horror feeling thinking that someothing scary will happen.
Nicely drawn in horror moments on what happens late at night when we see a giant easter egg rolling into the house as well as spotting some baby chicks and this creature appearing which looked strange to watch on what this object is doing. This for sure looked nice and twisted.
Nice dark moments when the little girl spots this creature and tries to run back to bed only to be caught as well as good shots on this creature as the effects looked quite impressive along with the consequences on her seeing him which for sure can scare any child while believing in the easter bunny.
This chapter showed nice timing on the mother and child as it looked cute only to turn horrifying to what happens late at night when the child is supposed to be sleeping and no one sees the Easter Bunny and never should at all.

Mother's Day - Again we see a bad chapter in which we have a trouble pregnant woman Kate who discusses on getting pregnant and wants to stop getting that way by going to this doctor as we see interesting moments on some sort of a voodoo dance ceremony offering strange fantasy of all that happens here.
Then suddenly we see her in a desert looking helpless as the people there are grooming and taking care of her which looked relaxing but at the same time twisted like. I was thinking alot of this looked awfully bland to watch.
Then she tries to get away with the others trying to get after her but yet not enough time is revealed to offer alot of action packed suspense as things happen too quickly.

Father's Day - This one was an improvement in which there's the daughter Carol who gets a cassette tape and listens to it hearing the past between her relationship with her father which has a good dark feel to everything as well as her fears while trying to trace down on what was said going to different areas like a bach or a near deserted town. Plus some nice moments when she goes into a dark room to try and see if her fatheris in there which offers a great mysterious feel to everything. A nice breif creepy moment at the end of this chapter which is a classic.
This one for sure seemed to pay a trbute to old school technology like a cassette tape and players for it too. Soemwhat a look at the 80's and early 90's vibe.

Halloween - A clever one this was as we have the internet sex service with one of the girls sobbing and being upset on a situation as well as the other two conforting her which looked well done.
Then we have the head employer Ian coming in and acting verbally and emotionally abusive as this was brought to life a great deal. Makes you think of him as a pimp and how he treats his prositutes. All of this looked incredibly powerful to watch by what goes on here.
Perfectly gorss out and painful moment after Ian is knocked out on what a certain tbe is stuck to him in which this isn't for everyone's taste to watch and may have a hard time seeing on what unravels as well as things being perfectly phychological on what these three women force him to do while he's being tortured as this made me cringe on all of this. It delivered perfect tension and a clever psychological moment like what you'd see in the Saw or Hostel legacies.

Christmas - This one was done in an average taste as there's good tension when a family man Pete Gunderson tries to buy virtual sunglasses for his son on the last night of Christmas shopping but s too late and begs the person who bought some to sell it to him as the moments that unravel here looked incredibly energetic.
Nice strange moments when anyone who wears them as we spot kinky sex or some murders which seems to work in nicely.
In the story we have Pete's wife talking to him seriously on a situation which makes you cringe on what she's talking about and then after she finishes it was a very strange incident indeed.
Near the end of the chapter is the best one when Pete wears the glasses and sees what his wife is going to do to him which offers more good twisted horror timing.

New Years Eve - This one was another lame chapter but a well done beginning with a woman tied up and gagged with Reggie being nasty towards her before killing her which is a good horror start.
Some twisted discussions with the next woman he finds from the internet and their dating as this looked rather pointless to watch.
However some nice shocking moments when he goes to her home and then goes into the bathroom as well as spotting what he sees in a cabinet as well as in the bathtub which can please all you gorehounds who like sick situations.
More shocking moments with Reggie being attacked offering perfect horror violence and nice fast action paced moments.

Bottom line is that this flick looked like shorts that were from a 48 hour horror film contest but made on a bigger budget. Half the chapters were decent and half were amateurish garbage. I found it nearly a waste of time to watch and couldn't wait till it ended as it seemed neverending as there's alot of holiday events.

Valentine's Day: (Maxine) seemed to do well playing a misfit kid in her school showing some timid reactions to what she is doing as well as having nice angered expressions in other parts of her performance. She also does well acting full of life after getting a Valentine's day card showing good spunky energy. Plus does well with her forceful and violent behavior in another spot of the story. She studied her part farily well.
Savannah Kennick (Heidi) really knew her stuff playing someone whiney and getting into your face with her arrogant and annoying attitude. Does the trick playing a bully in the film and has a nice high pitched speaking while doing so. Also shows off a nice reaction when getting a little nervous too by what she does in a certain scene. Seemed to study her role in an okay fashion. 
Rick Peters (Coach Rockwell) had the right playboy type hunky looks as the gym teacher in which he seemed to show some good energy and enthusiasm into all that he did here. Was good with his lines and comes across well onto the camera by what he was talking about. Seems to know on how to pull off his characteristics.

St. Patricks Day: 
Ruth Bradley (Elizabeth Cullen) really brought it on in her performance as the pregnant school teacher in which she knew on how to act uncomfortable in her situations as well as acting believeably frusterated. Plus knew on how to go into a rage and getting aggressive. Shows alot of hyped up energy.
Isolt McCaffrey
 (Grainne) does her job well with her mischevious and troublemaking attitude. Shows some nice crazed smiley expressions making her part truly intimidating and untrustworthy. Shows alot of adrenaline within whatever she does here and seemed to have the most effective part in the chapter that she was in.

Ava Acres (Girl) drew attention greatly as a frightened little girl in which she was believeable by being a worry wart and nervous on stuff. Shows off a nice innocent type of behavior as well as coming across a little annoying with her questions. Portrayed a perfect part for a possible victim in a horror story.
Petra Wright (Mom) was the most one I remembered in the film in which she has a memorable softness into her speaking and having a good natured attitude talking to her little girl about the history of Easter acting believebly happy and calming. I really liked by what she did in her brief supporting role. She nailed it right as someone who is perfectly calm on stuff.
Mark Steger (Bunny Man) really brought out the horror in his character with his cold hissing voice as he knew on how to act perfectly creepy just bringing out his intimidating attitude and had all the motives throughout all of this. Shows off a powerful personality.

Father's Day:
Jocelin Donahue
 (Carol) reacts well to what she is listening to on a tape by acting emotionally upset and scared as well as being troubled to by where she is going. Certainly shows off well with her personality while behaving like this and was on the ball.
Michael Gross
 (Voice of Father) certainly shows off a nice coldness into what he is talking about as he sounds perfectly dysfunctional and evil within what he was talking about on a situation. A shame it was only his voice as he is a well known celebrity.

Olivia Roush
 (Serena) shows off a nice sobbing behavior during the beginning of her performance on a situation that has happened to her as she knew on how to act upset when something had happened to her. She really has a great motive into all that she did here and was a true character actress. Does well by acting vengeful later on in her performance.
Harley Morenstein (Ian) lived to play an obnoxious employer as he came across as a pimp on some sort with his demanding and aggressive attitude. He was believeably abusive with his words and actions. Does it so well makes you hope he gets on what is coming to him in the end. Does well acting anxious when something does happen to him. He for sure studied this role inside out and was proably the best actor in this flick.

Seth Green (Pete Gunderson) does a nice job as a family man as he showed off a good pleading behavior while trying to get something from someone and making this very believeable. Also does a good job acting shocked on situations or behaving nervously. Does well with his conversations too making it look natural.
Clare Grant (Sara Gunderson) portrayed a good housewife as she offers a nice sternness whenever she needed to behave this way. Also does a nice seriousness when she discussues something which she came across on something she found out that wasn't good which she made very believeable. Also in a scene knew on how to act like a maniac doing something deadly offering nice horror timing.

Some topless women doing a ceremony.
A woman has her breasts revealed while lying down. 
Nudity is revealed while someone is watching something on virtual sunglasses.

Persons heart is revealed during the end of the first chapter
Woman throws up black stuff
Violent bloodsheds is splattered
Body pieces are revealed in a bathroom
Foot is chopped off by an ax and then sliced in the head

The music is composed by various artists as in each chapter things sound different but seems to work in nicely especially some of the breathing sound effects along with a nice high silent classical score for when the film starts playing. There's other classical aspects to the story as some sound good and others a little too much. We have some heavy drumbeats in other spots which didn't tickle my fancy as well as some deep clarinet music for the comedic moments as this didn't impress me either,