Hollywood's New Blood (1988)

Written & Directed by: James Shyman


Bobby Johnston .... Bret Standish
Francine Lapensée .... Liz
Joe Balogh ... Mitch
Martie Allyne
Al Valletta .... Vinnie
Lynne Pirtle .... Donna
Ken Denny
Ken Abraham .... Joey
Allan Francis
Donna Lynn .... Randi

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1988




Ghosts of a family are accidently killed on a movie set out in the woods and then come back as ghouls seeking revenge by killing new cast members and the director residing at a cabin there.


We spot cheesy but entertaining shots on fast shots of the deep dark woods and then a trashy moment on both characters Mitch and Donna rehearsing a scene in the cabin of the wooded area as this looked ciompletely amateurishly done as well as their disagreements on what they were doing as I had a feeling alot of this would look that way while watching the rest of the film but at times it does get better.
There's an interesting moment with the lead character Bret Standish gathering everyone around a fireplace in the cabin and discussing the legend of the area and the history on it which seemed cheesily fun to watch since we've seen these moments happen in other camp slasher films that we know of and it looked very well focused too with a nice close up shot on him too.
We spot a moment with a female victim going into her vehicle and a killer from behind her and ready to do her in which was supposed to make you jump when this happens but misses by a lonshot as well as a long close up shot on her neck and slowly blood dripping down which took too long to do.
However there's a nicely focused situation with one of the main character's named Vinnie instructing situations to his fellow actors out in the woods in which there's nice camera shots on these situations and looked nicely concentrated too so not everything about this film was bad and this was one of them.
There's many takes on what looks like ghouls in the forest as their movements and everything else looked terribly amateurish and unconvincing yet with it shot in the deep dark woods looked fun to watch at the same time.
What was really tackily done and silly is when some of the people hear what is supposed to be a screaming sound which sounded terribly lacking and then they run up to the room they hear it in and a couple were having an orgy as it didn't even sound like that plus we expect to see some skin but the couple are covered in their bed sheets which can disappoint the fans as this is the type of flick that would offer it big time.
We have a neat sitatuion with one of the character's named Joey is looking around the woods to see what is out there after what he hears as it's nicely shot looking good and dark almost like a Friday the 13th type of fashion but when these ghouls grab him it doesn't look intense like it's supposed to have been while spotting all of this and terribly lacking too. Yet a good close up shot on when he gets killed which looked impressive for a slasher flick.

We then spot a moment when his dead body is dumped on his girlfriend Randi as things were supposed to look intense buit that falls flat as well along with one of them charging towards her with a pair of clippers which doesn't look terrifying at all like it was made out to be. Of course they seemed to rip this scene off of The Burning.
We also spot moments with one of the ghouls staring near a tree at the cabin drooling which doesn't look too badly done but there's other moments when they are trying to be creepy that doesn't work at all.
However there's a situation when these ghouls tie one of the teens to a tree skinning him as there's decent shots on this making this moment look passably intense and a worthy moment in a cheesy slasher flick.
Bret also encounters the dead bodies as there's supposed to be shocking and upsetting moments as he seems to look slightly disappointed as it seemed a combination of both bad writing and acting put together.
In another scene there's a moment when an innocent one named Donna is kidnapped by these ghouls as thenm restraining her looked way too gently done and should've looked way rougher by what we spot here. This looked terribly amateurish.
Nice shots on one of the ghouls cornering Liz with her backing up in the cabin and reavealing an evil grin on him which adds nice flavor to the horror plot here but there's some struggling moments with Bret against one of them which looked a bit sloppy.
Bottom line is that this film was amateurishly done but not to the extreme since I've seen worst and a decent low direct-to-video budget. The story stunk though as it needed more inspiration and not explaining itself too much at all. Seemed like the makers of this movie didn't seem to care about it and was guessing that things were a little unorganised. I could see why it was obscure but again not as awful as what I read still pretty bad regardless. Of course we've seen slasher flicks like this before too.

The acting is quite terrible for the most part but lead actor Bobby Johnston (Bret Standish) seemed to focus a bit in certain aspects on certain scene's like telling the tale of what happened there showing a good seriousness to it all. Also knew on how to act like a nice type of guy next door too which shows off in an okay fashion. However there's other moments that he was off in his performance like reacting to the terrors which he acted pretty lazy on doing as if he wasn't proud being on set of the film which seemed to show here or doing some battling scene's in which he was fairly wooden doing.
Francine Lapensée (Liz) was the other main type of character we were supposed to pay attention to as the innocent one who won't get killed for doing the right things. She was mediocre from time to time with her speaking and showing a smart type of behavior but yet was quite low on energy when she was supposed to be adrenalised when the terrors start to happen. Plus was off on her blocking when she tries to struggle against the online ghouls.
Joe Balogh (Mitch) was one of the other actors who seemed to show a bit more effort into his part of the film as one of those types who like to clown around or adding a happy go lucky type too. Also does a good job when trying to stress situations which he shows some okay energy here. Also really knew his stuff acting intense when struggling against the terrors around him when he gets tied up which shows off pretty good.
Al Valletta
(Vinnie) I found to be the best out of the cast as a drama coach in which he seemed to care for his part here but at times was a bit stiff from time to time with his speaking or fearsome energy. Does a good job with his instructions towards the others as well as making speeches too. Came across as a perfectly likeable and wise fellow. ALso had the right middle aged looks to his part which was another nice bonus for what he had to do here.
Lynne Pirtle (Donna) seriously needed acting lessons big time or a new interest while we spot on what she does here portraying a sissy type of person. Plus when she acts aggressive or defensive she lacked a great deal it's not even funny while mentioning this. Plus her scared reactions were also very amateurish and over the top. There's some situations when she acts disturbed when she tries to hide from the terror that she wasn't believeable at all like she was forced to do this. Plus acted like a little girl instead of her own age while being like this. Man oh man she got on my nerves big time.
Ken Abraham
(Joey) was credited as Kent Abrams and as usual he is a bit wooden and a little over the top in his performance yet he is better than most of the cast featured in this flick as he tries to focus as much as possible as you can tell. He however isn't believeable with his flirtatious attitude or getting into a situation with his onscreen girlfriend. Also doesn't react too well with his struggling attitude but shows a nice shocking reaction when he gets slayed. That's all folks.
Donna Lynn (Randi) was lousy as the girlfriend and only had the looks do the talking for her as she didn't put any effort into her part whatsoever. Also she seemed to be terribly lazy and wooden when she freaks out while being attacked like she was forced to be this way and didn't seem to care for the role she played here.

Odd blood dripping or mild stabbing
Skin is cut off someone tied to a tree
The gore in this is very mild probably due to a lack of make up effects

Alot of the times the music sounds typical made for video Z-grade synthesizer music but there's other stronger moments hearing some woodwinds and some chiming sounds especially the suggestive in for the kill moments in the deep dark woods having that low budget horror feel to it all as it seemed to be fairly okay sounding but alot of the times it was overly played so it got a little annoying. Also quarter way through we hear metal sliding sounds as well as hissing and the odd windy or mild moaning sounds which sounded perfect for the shot on the misty wooded areas having another nice low budget feel to everything.