Horror (2002)

Produced, Written, Composed & Directed by: Dante Tomaselli


Lizzy Mahon ... Grace Salo
Danny Lopes ... Luck
Vincent Lamberti ... Reverend Salo Jr.
Christie Sanford ... Mrs. Salo
Jessica Pagan ... Marisa
Raine Brown ... Amanda
Kevin Kenney ... Kevin
Chris Farabaugh ... Fred
The Amazing Kreskin ... Reverend Salo

Special Appearance:

Felissa Rose ... Art Therapist

Release Dates: Edmonton International Horror Film Festival: 2002; San Francisco Independent Film Festival; New York City Horror Film Festival; SF Indiefest: February 10 & 15, 2002



The story involves a band of five teens that escape from a drug rehabilitation center to cash in on a questionable promise of salvation from the psychopathic Reverend Salo Jr. (Vincent Lamberti). Leader of the pack Luck (Danny Lopes), fueled on major hallucinogens, transports the gang to the reverend's isolated house where the basis of the second plot has been set simultaneously.

Here lives Grace (Lizzy Mahon), Salo Jr.'s daughter, whom he and his equally bizarre wife (Christie Sanford) have enslaved through enforced drug addiction and psychic brainwashing. Grace's only salvation appears to be by the guidance of her paternal grandfather Reverend Salo Sr. (The Amazing Kreskin). But this hope is quickly jeopardized when it becomes revealed that his comforting visitations may be being made from beyond the grave.

Regardless, it is through Grace's visions involving him that she learns of her parent's demonic pastimes, which include abduction, murder, and possibly worse. Shortly after the arrival of the rehab escapees, Luck shoots and kills Salo Jr. and his wife. This eruption of bloody violence becomes the catalyst for the unleashing of dark forces. These include a torture scene in a chamber of horrors, and murderous attacks by demonic manifestation in the forms of a satanic goat and an army of zombies.


We spot a nice still and impressive beginning involving a girl putting up Christmas lights up on a winters day as well as a black goat stalking her which looked too cute although this animal was supposed to have been the sign of a demon as well as a good shot on marks of her finger after she touches one of the lights that she puts up. Plus we have visual neon lighting effects for the opening credits which were catchy for an indie flick such as this one.
Interesting still moments with a group of kids escaping from a rehabilitation as well as some shots on the security working there dead on the ground with a bullet in their heads as this makes the momnets look mysterious.

We also have hyped up interactions with all the kids speeding away in a van as well as taking mushrooms as well as close up shots on them taking more with a bag full of candy too which makes you wonder as to why junkfood was placed. These moments psych you out big time and looking bizarre. Plus we spot one of them suddenly having his skin turn icy blue as this looked low budget and pretty strange to watch but works in well for the bizarre story.
Also there's a good moment with Grace Salo getting out of bed and then spotting her father Reverend Salo Jr. preaching to others which looked like he was doing a wicked deed as this looked effective as well as her mother Mrs. Salo staring out to the window and pointing out which looked sharply done as well as them going into her room and being evil towards her which looked terrifically done and once again a great twisted moment. Also we have a situation with Luck coming into the room and we spot a hallucination of two freaky looking jack o lantern types as the parents being wicked with him firing his weapon as this for sure looked as if he was on some crazy LSD while spotting this.
There's the odd dull moments like Reverend Salo doing some tricks with one of the patients from the rehab and people watching as this was one of the slow scene's used in the story.
However, there's a nicely focused discussion with him and Grace as a grandfather telling her daughter a dark secret on what her father did that she didn't know of as well as an art drawing on him as this spots your attention too. Plus it shows her falling asleep when he's talking to her which was another attention grabber in the story.
Nice shot on her trying to get a key underneath a bed and a fast action camera shot making out her hand was nearly bitten by a powerful force as this looked well done. Plus a good moment with her talking to her folks about her grandfather and then they tell her he's been dead for a week as this makes things seem quite ghostly and well put into the story.
Perfect moment when Grace is running away from her mother as well as a good shot on Mrs. Salo seeming to float towards her cackling while holding a cadle which looked spooky and effective.
A good moment when some of the teens are in a barn and one of them is near a doorway with fog and some monstrous hands grabs this person which worked in nicely making this also genuinely mysterious as to what this figure was.
A nice shot on Amanda in an attic and then a shadowy figure of the goats horns reflecting off of her as well as a shocking moment to what happened to her during this.
Perfect shots on zombies entering near the house as well as Luck going out and doging many of them as it looked mildly suspenseful while watching all of this.
Also we spot a moment with Marisa looking at a reflection and she spots her face looking scarred and burned as the effects looked fairly decent to watch here as well as mildly entertaining in a horror fashion. Plus a good moment with her running outside with crazy moments happening along with a nice shot on a vehicle speeding away as well as her trying to chase it and in the background a maniac about to swing a shovel at her head as the timing within all of this was dead on and having a perfect dark feeling to everything surrounding this.
Perfect lit moment with Luck going through a path with lighted up settings as well as him spotting candy around him and eating a lollipop as this for sure looked out of the ordinary in a horror flick but it worked in quite well.
Nice creepy shot on Grace tied to a stretcher with her grandpa in a chair on a dark background using his magic spells to pull her apart as this could've looked a little more intense than planned but good shots on all of this regardless.
Nice still moment on Luck waking up in an art therapy room and spotting all his friends asleep with him trying to wake them up as well as a shocking moment on him spitting up gobs of blood as you wonder as to why he did that. Plus a nice breezing still moment on an art therapist walking into the room to talk to him.
Perfect shot on him down down the hall in the therapy room as well as spotting a twisted moment on a patient after taking a blanket off and gruesome results as well as spotting a shocking moment on Reverend Salo Jr. approaching behind him and doing something horrifying to him. Plus a great moment on the art therapist running into the room but she's not the same which is my favourite moment into the whole film. All of this once again was put together in great taste.
Bottom line is that the scene's are meshed up and a hard story to follow as it seems to enter the mind on someone who's crazily influenced on drugs but nevertheless a great indie flick! This flick was like a cross between a Stephen King flick and a Quentin Tarrantino flick. The stories take place at different times which makes it confusing but interesting too. When I first watched this I was thinking of it like a twisted version of the Shining. It is spooky too. Offers many different things. Crazy parents, tortures, creepy reactions to drugs, ghostly moments and zombies galore. 2 thumbs up for Tomaselli.

The acting is quite well done. There's not a heck of alot of dialogue in this since the film is very artsy. Lizzy Mahon (Grace Salo) seemed to be well alert into what she did here as she shows a nice innocence to her role as well as doing a good job by being timid on stuff. Plus she does well trying to talk to others and showing decent energy into the action and suspense that surrounds her as well as letting out some nice screams when she is attacked or tortured.
Danny Lopes (Luck) was one of the best in the cast as he for sure knew on how to act aggressive or crazy as well as acting out of it. Plus gets into it greratly when he ends up getting sick or acting wild on stuff too. Does well getting upset or freaking out. His forceful blocking needed improvements at times but he was energised other times regardless and a good character actor.
Vincent Lamberti (Reverend Salo Jr.) seemed to do the trick acting obnoxious but was a bit stale while being intimidating. However he was full of energy when attacking as well as showing good evil expressions as well as being forceful so all of this was quite convincing.
Christie Sanford (Mrs. Salo) was the best out of the whole cast and lived to play someone demented in which she had a nice creepiness to her speaking as well as her cackling and perfect creepy features. All of this was brought together marvellously. She was a true force of nature and was sharp by her actions. Two thumbs up for this actress.
Jessica Pagan (Marisa) seemed to stand out the most out of the whole cast in which she shows a good whiney type of aggression into all that she did in her performance as well as having a perfect hyped of behavior on her freaking out. She shows alot of great adrenaline as well as having the right looks for her role along with showing good aggressive expressions too.
Kevin Kenney
(Kevin) focused on his role quite well as a stoner type in which he was good with his speaking as well as doing a good job by acting out of it and trembling when he realises on what has happened to him. He was another one with an effective supporting role and studied his role pretty good.
Of course we can't forget The Amazing Kreskin (Reverend Salo) seemed to do his job quite well when doing a ceremony as he concentrates well into this. Plus he does a nice job really getting into his conversation with his onscreen granddaughter in a nice serious fashion. Plus does well sitting on his chair and doing his wicked movements while torturing someone. Seemed to know his craft in a suitable fashion.
Surprise surprise! There's Sleepaway Camp veteran Felissa Rose (Art Therapist) slwoly making a comeback into horror flicks in which her role was mildly effective and does an okay job with her soft and mellow speaking and then later on showing good energy showing a wide eyed and jaw revealing expression looking convincingly monstrous.

There is some horror violence.
Zombies tear apart a girl but it isn't extremely graphic.
Danny Lopes' character spits out gobs of blood.
Vincent Lambert's character as the demented Reverend bites a chunk out of Lopes' neck as well as a patient there has his legs badly burned or so it looks with blood draining out fo them.

Ray Mesinai composed the music for the opening credits which had a screechy sound to it and was necessary but yet could get irritating.
Tomaselli did the music for the rest of the flick and loved his creepy keyboard sounds during the closing credits by having a perfect deep and low sound which can really stick into your mind greatly. Also there's alot of hissing and whooshing sounds along with clicking type noises throughout the film. There's also unique low bonging sounds too for the really strange moments. Also odd chiming sounds too which sounded good and clear.

Ms. Salo: You're not better!!!

Reverend Salo: Grace, did you know that your Mom sold her soul to your father?

Luck: Who are you?
Art Therapist:
I'm the new art therapist.