Horrorvision (2001)


Directed by: Danny Draven

Written by: Scott Phillips

Story by: Scott Phillips & J.R. Bookwalter


Len Cordova .... Dez
James Black .... Bradbury
Maggie Rose Fleck .... Dazzy
Josh Covitt .... Synth

Special Appearances:

Brinke Stevens .... Toni
Ariauna Albright .... Nola

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 13, 2001







A webmaster named Dez (Len Cordova) has been chatting online with his friend Toni (Brinke Stevens) and accidentally logs onto a site called www.horrorvision.com as it kills anyone who come across it in which happened to poor Toni.
One time the site got Dez in a trance and when his girlfriend Dazzy tries to help him she becomes a victim for the site as well.
Dez runs into a mysterious figure known as Bradbury (James Black) as he comes to his aid to unravel the evil mystery of this site as they track down where this site is coming from and spot a some sort of demonic type android named Manifesta (David Batholomew Greathouse) who will stop at nothing and unleashes more of these robotic creatures after them.


There are good shots on Toni and Dez talking to one another on the computer. There is also a good shot on Toni sitting at her computer and wires from behind a wall grabbing her and tangling her. This looked low budget type of terror but at the same time very entertaining and enjoyable.
Then the opening credits roll showing computerised effects which was a great low budget start off to the flick.
There are many good shots on Dez and Dazzy as a couple caressing one another and kissing. However later on when they go somewhaere to discuss stuff things seemed to look rather bland.
We spot a good shot on Dez being hypnotised by his computer by acting silent and Dazzy coming up to him asking him if everything is okay and trying to get him to snap out of it. A good effects shot on the computer effects attacking her as this was very impressive for a near no budgeter.
We have an aggressive conversation between Dez and a hotel clerk which looked corny. It didn't seem to look natural by what was all happening but at the same time leaves a feeling that it's one of those rough type of hotels with the way the clerk was behaving.
More impressive effects when we see what looks like a bowling ball rolling towards Dez and then it turns into a robotic looking centipede and trying to attack him as there's nice camera shots on this robotic creature adding some nice suspenseful action to everything.
A good moment with Dez walking to a rough apartment showing a nasty dispute between two residents there although their fighting really needed improvement as it looked a bit off.
A nice presence with Nola sleeping on a mattress and rising up acting so out of it and demanding some money from Dez when he tries to talk to her. It's a little too much though. A good shot on Nola calling out nastily to him in the hallway of the building.
There's a perfect moment with all three characters
Dez, Bradbury and Synth in a room where there's electronical TV's etc and a good appearance by an evil type named Manifesto as their discussions looked effective and great camera shots on all of them. I had to say that this Manifesto character looked impressive with the deep robotic speaking and being wicked and evil with having painted mae up effects on him as this looked well done for saving money on special effects and give the makers credit for this. Plus a nice moment when he kills one of these people by using that robotic centipede and the three of them all struggle against it along with some decent bloody effects on the dying victim.
There's a nice shot on both Dez and Bradbury driving in their car in a deserted area as well as their conversations together. But the situations on their mission becomes terribly bland to watch while the story is rolling with the moments occuring. Yet there's impressive moments making out that suddenly Dez dreamt all of this but it wasn't a dream at all which is a brain teaser and looking incredibly clever too.
Then a situation with both Dez and Bradbury walking in the desert as it makes you wonder if this was shot on a green screen having effects on the background of the desert as somehow it doesn't look like they're really out. But at the same time we have a great scene with Bradbury being attacked by a cheesy effect of some sort of a monster robot in the desert with nice camera angle shots. This monster looked impressive how it was attacking him for a no budgeter.
Bottom line: What can I say about this film? Well.... it's pointless..... hard to understand.... cheesy.... but yet it's fun little film to watch the way it is as most movies by Full Moon Pictures have something good about them. It's a nice look at the terrors of the internet imagining if something came to life and got you which borrows alot from those other horror sci-fi flicks. Nice cheesy monsterous robotic effects are involved with this film too attacking people.

The acting is just average in this film as lead actor Len Cordova (Dez) does his best by trying to bring energy and power to his role but doesn't quite succeed all too well. He gets physical with an onscreen hotel clerk which could've looked a bit better in his performance than what we saw here. Also there's a scene when he shows anger while driving in his car which isn't too convincing. Whenever he acts anxious looked way too wooden in his role and I don't consider him much of a character actor at all.
But however, James Black (Bradbury) seemed to pull his part off well as a tough one trying to survive the robotic parasites from the internet. Seemed to do well as a tough as nails bounty hunter in which he was great by acting violent or forceful by what he was doing as well as having a great no bullshit type of attitude too. Also does fairly good choking out his words during the end of his performance. His brawny looks were another great plus to his role.
Maggie Rose Fleck (Dazzy) who plays the girlfriend seemed to have a bit of pizzaz in her role and can have good credit for her character. Yet when she stresses something or gets frightened it looked rather amateurishly performed as she really needs some acting lessons while performing these scene's. She came across nicely onto the camera fairly well though.
We have a special appearance by Ariauna Albright (Nola) who seems to pull off her role as a nasty and desperate junkie hooker not too shabbily but sometimes overly does it. She shows great nasty aggressions in the end of her performance. Knew on how to act someone no likeable at all and knowing how to cause trouble too.
We also have another special appearance by cheesy direct-to-video scream queen Brinke Stevens (Toni) during the beginning of the film who does okay for her part but like in most films that's about it. Seemed to draw my attention though when she was briefly sarcastic on a situation so I will give her credit for that too. She also does well by freaking out during
some computer wires attacking her.

There's is a skinless corpse in a news report on a computer.
There are some decapitations and cut off fingers on a TV screen showing a zombie film.
Some skin is stripped off of some people as well as some blood here and there but enough for this to be considered horror violence.

The music sounds fairly weak for the most part of the scene's hearing faint classical sounding music as well as light tapping piano playing here and there which didn't tickle my fancy but there was some other sounds which worked in quite well too. The opening credits with computerised music sounded great though but that's about it.