Howl (2015)


Directed by:  Paul Hyett 

Written by: Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler 


Ed Speleers .... Joe 
Holly Weston 
.... Ellen 
Shauna Macdonald .... Kate 
.... Adrian
Amit Shah .... Matthew
Sam Gittins .... Billy
Rosie Day .... Nina
Duncan Preston .... Ged
Ania Marson .... Jenny
Calvin Dean .... Paul
Brett Goldstein .... David

Special Appearance:

Sean Pertwee .... Driver 

Release Dates: Fantasy Filmfest: August 5, 2015 (Germany); Film4 FrightFest: August 31, 2015 (UK); MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 10, 2015; Popcorn Frights Film Festival: October 3, 2015; Trieste Science+Fiction Festival: November 7, 2015;









A passenger train stops in the middle of a forest to remove some roadkill stuck in the middle of the tracks but realise that the wooded area is populated by werewolves.


The beginning of the film looked rather bland in which we have one of the ticket people Joe on a train checking if others have paid and being unlikeable about it which was supposed to make you wonder as to what will happen to him later on along with some pointless discussions going on in the passenger cars.
Things get rolling though as the train comes to a complete stop which looked nice in a dark rainy night as well as the driver tries to remove what was blocked on the tracks as this drew me in wondering if something was going to happen to him as well as nicely focused camera shots on him. Then it's impressive he hears a sound and goes to see what it is which can make you cringe if you get scared easily.
Plus impressive moments when one of the employees let's people know they can be there for 4 hours which leaves a perfect tension imagining that you want to be at your destination asap and the disappointments that occur. This for sure looked quite impressive.
Impressive moments when Joe leads the people off the train as well as good shots on the wooded area along with the full moon and the howling too which is a perfect touch for a werewolf flick. Also a nice dark shot on what Joe spots lying on the ground as well as trying to get everyone back onto the train which packs a punch with the suspense that's involved here.
Also while one of the passengers try to get on we see a good fast action attacking sequence and what happened on this passengers leg which can please horror fans too.
Nice moment when someone answers their cell phone and then a werewolf's arm grabs this passenger through a window in which this was supposed to make you jump but this situation misses big time.
Things get a little bland when an older passenger Ged discusses on a werewolf situation from beforehand as this was supposed to be exciting but it isn't. It needed more inspiration and cut a bit shorter.
Perfect dark moment when Billy is helping out by fixing the train and one of the passengers Matthew tries to help out but is distracted by a cry for help and wanders into the woods which looked clever by what he is about to spot in the forest as this was terrifically paced out and leaving a cringing feeling that it isn't your typical kid. 
Impressive shot on a werewolf revealed in the train with the fangs and vicious eyes in which all of this looked impressive to watch. Plus some nice action moments on some of the survivors trying to slay this beast which also looked powerful and fast paced.
Plus there's many good scene's with the other werewolves tracking down the train as well as trying to attack the other survivors which was nonstop fun.
Plus more interesting moments when one of the passengers isn't feeling too good and is slowly changing into one as this is of course a traditional moment in a werewolf flick as well as the intensity surrounding this situation.
Perfect situation when a woman is pushed out of the train stranded on the tracks which leaves a cringing feeling that she will be the next victim with a nice dark shot on a werewolf with glowing eyes staring right at her as this is a classic moment.
Bottom line is that this film is a bit slow at times and needed inspiration here and there but it's not a bad flick at all as it has potential on werewolves as well as being stranded on a train in the wooded area in a rainstorm as this had all the right elements for a film of it's kind. It can be fun and enjoyable but if you want a film that will make you jump out of your seat then this one isn't for you.

The acting is well performed but only certain one's stand out as alot of the characteristic's these cast members played was all over the place but will do my best here .... Ed Speleers (Joe) seemed to come across well as someone whom is slightly unlikeable when he is doing his job checking tickets on the train. Also shows average energy when the terror starts to strike or talking about what to do. Reacts well when he spots a dead corpse and gets into a good panicky mode. He wasn't anything special but did the job that he had to do.
Shauna Macdonald (Kate) seemed to show it off strongly in her part of the film offering attitude at times and showing a no nonsense type of attitude. Also had a well alerted and scared behavior later on near the end of her performance. Stood out fairly okay within whatever she had to do here.
(Adrian) knew his craft by having a cocky attitude as well as acting arrogant in which he seemed to be a force of nature and seemed very energetic by what he did. Had the right wide built looks to his role as well which also stood out strongly. Seemed to do well with his speaking.
Amit Shah (Matthew) had a good supporting role by what he had to do as he was well alert and a ball of energy and a ton of spunk. Plus does well acting cautious by what he did especially when he hears a calling from the forest and got into his role greatly and studied it inside out.
Duncan Preston (Ged) had the most effective supporting role as he comes across with a good strong in your face personality with his obnoxious attitude as he for sure knew on how to behave unpleasant as well as demanding. He made all of this look truly believeable too. I'd say he was the best out of the cast.
Ania Marson (Jenny) was another one whom was one of the best cast members and made her part worthy with her griping type of behavior as well as showing an upsetting attitude as well. She also does well with her reacting sick and slowly changing really gettinginto this making her moments looking truly mysterious. Plus does great springing into action and attacking. A nice force of nature within whatever she did.

Alot of bloody bites on people 
Bodies are mangled
Torn apart bodies
Bloody neck bites

The composing by Paul E. Francis sounded greatly done in for a horror film especially a werewolf one in which there's a certain scene with some cnatings plus we hear rusty sounds and metal scraping sounds here and there as well as other perfect dark tones sounding good and deep which was mostly noticeable for when the train stopped and the driver is looking outside as to what is out there. Great timing to make this seem eerie. There's some classical composing too and nice adventureous music the odd times which seemed okay as well.