The Hunger (1983)


Directed by: Tony Scott

Written by:
James Costigan & Michael Thomas
Whitley Strieber (Novel)


.... Miriam
.... Sarah Roberts
David Bowie .... John
Cliff De Young .... Tom Haver

Special Appearances:

.... Alice Cavender
.... Lieutenant Allegrezza

Release Dates:
Theatrical: April 29, 1983; Cannes Film Festival: May 10, 1983; Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema: April 17, 2015; Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival: October 7, 2016





A young vampiress Miriam (Catherine Deneuve) and her husband John (David Bowie) were immortal people whom grew up in the 18 century together but John suffers from insomnia and dies and then Miriam falls for a doctor Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) and makes her a vampire as well but she doesn't like this at all but is killing for blood to satisfy for hunger.


This was a flick that I had a hard time understanding but I will do my best to review this clunker. In the beginning we have a music video by Bauhaus which looked a bit funky and in a grindhouse type of fashion. Then there's situations between the two married couple Miriam and John as well as their lusting moments in the shower and other stuff too.
Then we spot a conversation between the two of them ending off as a dispute and then there's flashbacks on some twisted moments that seemed very confusing to understand as to what is happening.
Nicely suspenseful surroundings with John crossing streets when there's a red light which made me watch carefully as to what is going to happen and he almost got hit by a cab which made me jump a bit.
After a while when he is starting to age he goes to a hospital as he seems to age more as the close up camera shots looked nicely done as this made me wonder as to what is happening to him since he suffers from insomnia which looked creepy to watch as well as to what he is talking about towards a doctor Sarah Roberts.
John asks his student Alice Cavender to play the violin as he circles her which looks creepy as I got a sinking feeling that he was going to do something to her which looked very intense and disturbing to watch.
Lame brained moments with John asking Miriam to kill him and then falls down a case of stairs and then she carries him to places him in a coffin as this looked uninspired and couldn't understand as to what was going on with this scene.
Sarah pays a visit with Miriam to have a discussion and then suddenly there's a lesbian lust scene between the two of them which looked artsy and then Miriam does something towards Sarah which seemed to work in a vampire flick.
Things looked perfectly mysterious when Sarah is out dining with her boyfriend Tom Haver as he realises that she is eating food and drinking alcohol that she never bothered with in gthe past as this gives it away that she is not the same person anymore along with good strong moments with Tom questioning her.
Then Sarah acts like she's having seizures with good close up shots on her sweating and acting out of control in which I must admit that this scene was well done and nicely put into the story as well along with a good horrifying situation as to what she does towards Tom.
Miriam tells Sarah as to who she is now as the moments here looked perfectly still and Sarah herself freaking out since this was necessary to put into a vampire story but at the same time needed a bit more inspiration.
However, there's a great creepy moment near the end of the film when egyptian type of mummies and zombie's gang up pn Miriam as I had to admit that this was mildly entertaining to watch.
Bottom line is that the story sucked big time as at first I wondered as when it will get to the horror. It was a slow story and a total waste of time to watch. Barely considered a vampire flick as there's no fangs revealed or anything like you'd expect in this type of a flick.

The acting was in fair shape and better than the movie itself as we have (Miriam) playing the vampiress in which she shows a calm attitude as well as speaking smoothly in which she seemed to know her craft by portraying a wicked one. She also does well by having a wicked attitude as well or getting emotional to top it off.
(Sarah Roberts) offers a great sharpness to her words as well as a great seriousness. She really got into her role nicely as well as doing a terrific job with her acting out of control or behaving intensely as well as feeling unwell. She made this all come to life.
Glam rocker the late David Bowie (John) seemed to do it well by acting disturbed as well as bringing his intensity to the top with his aggressions. Also was great by acting neurotic along with behaving depressed. Also shows off great energy when he attacks someone.
Cliff De Young (Tom Haver)
really became noticeable in his supporting role as a caring boyfriend and really gets to the point with stuff when he questions his onscreen girlfriend as he shows some nice timing with this. He was a true character actor and came across nicely onto the screen with his personality.
TV soap actress (Alice Cavender) had to be mentioned here in which she offers alot of great spunk in her role as a young teenage music student. She made her role beliveably likeable. She also does well by screaming intensely when she is attacked.

Breast and butt shot on a couple taking a shower
Two women get it on naked making out with one another breast and butt shots
Nude women are in a swimming pool

Lots of violent bloodsheds.
Two monkeys in a lab slaughter one another.
Bloody flesh biting.

Denny Jaeger and Michel Rubini composed the music for this piece as they did a fairly good job with having sad piano music for the moments that were needed for those types of scene's as well as having screechy sounds and other chilling music for the real dark and creepy moments which really made those scene's effective with a low budget type of feel to it all. However there's some odd composing that sounded a little annoying here and there but the rest of the music mentioned above made up for that.

Alice Cavender: What's wrong with him?
Miriam Blaylock: He'll be all right. He's having trouble sleeping.
Alice Cavender: Want some 'ludes? I've got some in my case.
Miriam Blaylock: What?
Alice Cavender: Quaaludes.
Miriam Blaylock: Alice!
Alice Cavender: I stole 'em from my stepmother.
Miriam Blaylock: Alice!
Alice Cavender: She doesn't care; she gets them by the gross! She's got every pill ever invented! She collects them.
Miriam Blaylock: Poor woman.
Alice Cavender: That's what my dad says. 'Cause she's scared of getting old.

John Blaylock: Dr. Roberts.
Sarah Roberts: Yeah.
John Blaylock: You Iet me down.
Sarah Roberts: Beg your pardon?
John Blaylock: You didn't beIieve me. You made me sit here for over two hours.
Sarah Roberts: Mr. BIayIock?
John Blaylock: You had your meeting to go to. Fifteen minutes, you said. You Iied. Just thought I was some ridicuIous oId crank.
Sarah Roberts: Mr. BIayIock, wait, pIease.
John Blaylock: Wait? I can't wait.

John Blaylock: PIease pIay the LaIo for me, even if it is a IittIe saccharine.

John Blaylock: You said forever. Never ending. Do you remember?
Miriam Blaylock: Everyday.
John Blaylock: Forever you said.
Miriam Blaylock: Forever and ever.
John Blaylock: Never growing old. Do you? Remember?
Miriam Blaylock: Stop it.
John Blaylock: Forever young.
Miriam Blaylock: Stop it.
John Blaylock: Kiss. Kiss me. Think of me as I was. Kiss me like that.

Sarah Roberts: I like your pendent.
Miriam Blaylock: Its Egyptian. It was the symbol of everlasting life.

Tom Haver: What's that?
Sarah Roberts: What?
Tom Haver: The chain around your neck.
Sarah Roberts: It's an ankh. It's Egyptian. Miriam gave it to me. Mrs. BIayIock. The woman that I went to see this afternoon.

Tom Haver: I think you shouId see a doctor.
Sarah Roberts: I am a doctor.
Tom Haver: And so am I.

Sarah Roberts: What have you done to me?
Miriam Blaylock: I've given you something you never dared dream of.
Sarah Roberts: What?
Miriam Blaylock: EverIasting Iife.

Sarah Roberts: [on the phone] May I speak to Dr. Tom Haver, pIease? What do you mean he's gone home? No, but he's not there. I aIready caIIed the apartment. No, he can't caII me. I'm in a booth.

2nd Phone Booth Youth: Hey, lady, how 'bout it?
1st Phone Booth Youth: Come on, Iady. How 'bout it? Huh?
[Sarah runs away]
1st Phone Booth Youth: Crazy fuckin' junkie.