I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016)

Executive Produced & Directed by: Billy O'Brien 

Written by: Billy O'Brien & Christopher Hyde 
Dan Wells (Novel)


Max Records .... John Wave Cleaver 
Christopher Lloyd .... Mr. Crowley 
Laura Fraser .... April Cleaver 
.... Aunt Margaret 
 .... Dr. Neblin 
 .... Kay Crowley
Lucy Lawton .... Brooke Watson
Anna Sundberg .... Lauren Bacall Cleaver

Release Dates: South by Southwest Film Festival: March 13, 2016; Duluth Superior Film Festival: June 5, 2016; Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: July 23, 2016; Melbourne International Film Festival: July 29, 2016; Fantasia International Film Festival: August 2, 2016; Limited Theatrical: August 26, 2016; Oldenburg Film Festival: September 16, 2016; London Film Festival: October 11, 2016; Toronto After Dark Film Festival: October 17, 2016; Trieste Science+Fiction Festival: November 1, 2016; Stockholm International Film Festival: November 15, 2016; Abertoir Horror Festival: November 19, 2016; Imagine Film Festival: April 13, 2017





A disturbed kid John Wave Cleaver (Max Records) who has homicidal tendencies hunts down an elderly neighbor Mr. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) who kills and eats many victims in a small county town.


The story seems quite slow at first which centers around a troubled kid John Wave Cleaver which seems to start off as a plain drama and what he does such as working as a morgue attendant at night with some close ups on what he does to the corpses and so fourth as well as dealing with a bully in school at the cafeteria which seemed to catch my attention while watching this moment unravel.
Great night shots when the story takes place on Hallows Eve along with Lauren Bacall Cleavergiving handfuls of treats out to John trick or treating which looked a bit bizarre to watch. Then good glamorous shots on a Halloween highschool dance with the surroundings as well as John attending and then a nice girl Brooke Watson getting aquainted with him which looked impressive to watch along with the bully trying to be mean to him but then things look clever on what John does to stand up for himself discussing something twisted to him as this will stand out well in my mind and looked incredibly effective as it was done in great style.
Later on winter happens as the horror kicks in as John looks from a distance in a wooded area spotting Mr. Crowley and another person breaking some ice to look like they're going fishing in which something deadly occurs caused by Crowley which is shocking and can please all you gorehounds who like a bit of canniballism as well as John tripping out by what he spots all of this offered great timing and I was starting to enjoy the story alot better now.
Impressive moments with John tracking down Crowley wherever he goes as well as offering to shovel his wife's walkway along with later on her giving him hot chocolate which looked heartwarming.
Then more of the terror strikes when he sneaks up on Crowley at a barbershop poking in the window to see what he does showing this person closing the place while the barber goes into another room as well as the police arriving and what happens to them which is another great timing for us horror fans to watch. It for sure looked intense on what goes on in this scene.
Then when news breaks out or people gathering near a fire to discuss the urdering incident seemed a little rather campy when it was supposed to have looked serious.
Nice dysfunctional situation on Christmas when John opens his present from his deadbeat father and there's nothing in it and loses his cool storming out of the house as this really brought up some strong negative energy.
Then the suspense piles up once again when John uses a pay phone to try and call Mr. Crowley on his cell phone and this old man gets nasty answering which was pretty intimidating as well as his vehicle trying to catch up to him as I was watching carefullly to see if he will escape okay without getting caught as it offered excellent horror timing as well as Crowley feasting on someone later on while this victim was still alive suffocating to death offering great tension and psychological moments too. 
More good psychological situations with John's mother trying to warm up to him but he bawls her out as this looked truly disturbing to watch and quite sad on what goes on here. 
Good twisted situation when Crowley leaves his house at 5am and then John goes to his home and enters his bedroom where his wife is sleeping which makes you wonder as to what he will do to her along with what looked like he almost killed her as this causes a nice tension surrounding him freaking out as to what to do which will draw you in nicely making out if you were in the position.
Nice still moments when there's a funeral as the setting looked well done as well as John having a seat and later on Crowley joining him telling him he knows what is going on which looked creepy as well as some emotionally scared moments coming from John as this scene was well concentrated along with good intimidating moments. 
Perfect final moments on John dealing with Crowley at the morgue and what he does to him which offers a perfect surprise on who this old man really is which can surprise any viewer while watching this. These moments were perfectly clever to watch.
Bottom line is that this flick started out as a bit bland but picks up a great deal later on making everything shocking and enjoyable for us horror fans to see something mysterious and then have something turn out of the unordinary which is a nice shocking moment as I haven't seen something like this in a long time. The film is worth checking out and a real pleaser big time.

The acting is very good in which Max Records (John Wave Cleaver) seemed to pull off his role as an outsider pretty good and being disturbed by stuff which looked believeable. Seemed to bring up the pace nicely when he stands up to a bully acting hyped up which he showed this off greatly. Also does well with his intense anger which he brought alot out of this along with his emotional attitude too as this moment was another great pleaser to the story. Shows off an anxious and scared behavior too which was realistic and did a great job panicking.
Christopher Lloyd (Mr. Crowley) shows it all off with his weak behavior and gravelly old man speaking voice coming across nicely by being creepy within all of this. Does a nice job acting mysterious as well as showing off a good sneering attitude as well. He for sure seemed rather intimidating as well as doing a good job when he attacks someone. 
Laura Fraser (April Cleaver) does well coming across as somewhat a basket case type of a parent but yet trying to show off a loving attitude too. Does a nice job with her emotional behavior along with acting saddened which made me feel sorry for her that she did this performance quite well. Does her job nicely with her mellow speaking. 
 (Dr. Neblin) drew in his role very believeably playing a shrink with his soft mellow voice as well as stressing stuff which he shows off powerfully. Does a nice job trying to solve an issue and making this realistic as well. Had the right motive to do all of this. A passable character actor. 
Dee Noah
 (Kay Crowley) offered a nice elderly an warm neighborly type of persona n which she made her role believeably likeable by what she does. Does it so well she makes you want her to be your own neighbor. Offers a nice calm type of speaking when talking to someone as all of this looked well performed.

Slaughtered corpses as well as their insides are revealed at a morgue
A man eats peoples insides in various scene's

Adrian Johnston composed the music for this flick as not much of it stands out since there's many silent moments but there's some outerspace wavy synthesizer type of musci which seems unique to hear in the story as well as some old fashioned types of music too. |Plus there's alot of clanging and banging sounds for the real suspenseful moments sounding strong which works in well.

During the closing credits we have a 70's groovy oldie tune "Spirit in the Sky" performed by Norman Greenbaum which seemed to work in an okay fashion as the tune had a bizarre guitar sund to it which suits this bizarre horro flick.