I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006)

Directed by: Sylvain White

Written by: Michael D. Weiss


.... Amber Williams
.... Colby Patterson
Torrey DeVitto .... Zoe
Ben Easter .... Lance
Seth Packard .... Roger
.... Deputy Hafner
.... P.J.
Michael Flynn .... Sheriff Davis

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 21, 2006 (Belgium)




A group of highschool graduates go to a carnival and one of them otries to play an innocent prank by dressing up as the killer fisherman named Ben Willis who was responsible for killing teens 10 years before and now he's a legend icon. However, this prank goes wrong as someone is accidentntally killed and they all agree to keep it a secret on being responsible for the accidental death of their classmate.
A year later after they take a summer break from college they decide to party out at a mountainside.
One of the teens named Amber Williams (Brooke Nevin) can't shake off what happened that summer and suddenly she gets a dozen messages on her cell phone of someone telling her they know what her and her friends did last summer.
This scares her as she is convinced someone opened their mouth about their prank gone wrong but who?!
One of their friends named P.J. (Clayton Taylor) almost commits suicide not being able to live with himself about the awful prank. However, a killer in a fishing uniform with a hook beats him to it and slays him.
His friends thinks it was a suicide but Amber claimed she witnessed a killer about to attack her on a gondola down from the mountain.
Slowly Amber's friends starts to drop like flies and they suspect that the local Sheriff named Davis (Michael Flynn) may be responsible.


Nicely shot moment with a carnival happening on the 4th of July in which there's a fair setting of the teenage friends having fun as well as discussing on what happens during that time of the year with the fisherman in the hook stalking someone that has a deadly secret in which things seem a little too obvious when they're clowning around but can be a fun moment if you're in the mood for a cheesy story.
While the kids are enjoying their time at the carnival we see the fisherman with the hook charging at them and trying to attack them causing a panic fremzy at this theme park in which this looked pretty corny to watch as I was thinking to myself there's a catch here and had a feeling that this wasn't for real either.
Nicely dark setting with some of these teens near a bonfire discussing to keep a deadly incident a secret and not to say anything which was nicely drawn into the story since it worked well with the past two.
Perfect still moment with Amber Williams walking downstairs at night in her home and suddenly some sort of an alarm clock goes off which is a fair surprising moment as well as to what she checks on her cell phone revealing on how many messages that she's got which we all have a feeling on what it's going to say but it isn't so suspenseful anymore since we've seen this happen before.
Many good takes on Zoe rehearsing with her rock band which seemed to fit into the story in a fair pace as well as everyone getting together to discuss on their secret they kept on not saying anything of what happened as well as Amber telling others that someone knew along with heated arguments which seemed fairly strong but at times it needed a bit more inspiration.
A neat moment when Amber is riding down a gondola on a stormy night and although the lightning seemed rather cheesy that's what brought in the fun for this scene as well as spotting the fisherman with a hook and trying to attack her which looked fairly well done as well as mysterious wondering how he got on top of the gondola in the first place.
Another moment with this fisherman springing into action to try and do in Roger looked a little too obvious by how it was all set out but the action and suspense still packed a punch when this scene started to roll by what was going on here.
Then afterwards an impressive close up shot on Lance using a chainsaw to saw stuff which is supposed to make things imnoressive for a horror flick but we've all seen it before as well as his arguments with the rest of the gang on someone knowing what they did the summer before which seemed too typical but the cocky attitudes towards him and Colby Patterson seemed mildly impressive.
A great dark and still setting with Colby swimming laps alone in a pool as I got an eerie feeling that something deadly is going to happen and boy is it done in a nice style so not everything was off in this sequel and done in nice tadte too making you wonder if he will get away or not for what we spot on this event happening.
Impressive horror timing when some of the teens try to get away from the madness while a hardcore band is playing as well as Zoe being pitted against the killer along with a shot on this maniac revealing himself only towards her which the shot is not up front on this man's face which seemed to be necessary to keep it a mystery along with the struggling which looked fairly powerful.
What also works in well is when both Amber and Lance are pitted against Deputy Hafner as this left an impression that this lawman is a suspect which was nicely put into the story but yet we all kinda have that feeling he's not the killer at all as it would be too easy.
Great dark scenery with Amber and Lance running away from the killer as well as the killer finally revealing his face which looked a little unbelieveable and not quite human like which doesn't seem to meet up on the standards on the previous one's. In other words a bit of a cheesy horror sequel. But a good vengeful moment with Amber talking towards the killer which is impressive to end off a horror trilogy but however left a door open for another sequel when it shows that it isn't over just yet which doesn't make sense since we see on what happens to this person beforehand.
Bottom line is that this one was running out of ideas to follow on what happens next as it becomes quite bland and a little too over the top to be taken seriously as a sequel to the other two. It was time to put the series to a rest. It was good to show some of these people discussing on what happened to the others from the other flicks holding it together to prove that this one follows the legacy. It was a cheesy sequel regardless by what we see in the film. It gets tiring too.

The acting wasn't too badly performed but not as natural in which (Amber Williams) seemed to pump it up with her enthusiasm as one of the celver and innocent types showing a good girl type of attitude and appeal as well as knowing on what to do on a situations in which she drew this all perfectly clear. Plus does well with her anxious type of behavior when the terror strikes her as well as having a great vengeful attitude quarter way through her performance. Yes this gal has it.
(Colby Patterson) showed off a jock boy type of behavior with his aggressions and cocky type of attitude but he sometimes overdoes it. Not a terrible actor by any means at all but needed a bit of a push to really get going on stuff. Seemed to do his best as you could tell here and had the right looks for his part too.
Torrey DeVitto (Zoe) really knew on how to portray a rocker chick just getting down in her performance as well as showing a tough girl attitude. She certainly had a hard drive and appeal to do all of this. Was a convincing character actress. Also does well with her struggling attitude near the end of her performance showing good hyped up energy.
Ben Easter (Lance
) showed off a great macho type of cocky behavior as well as showing great energy with his aggressions when arguing on a situation. Does a nice job with his anxious behavior trying to get away from the madness too on stuff and delivering his lines incredibly well.
Seth Packard (Roger) does the job in his supporting role by acting dimwitted in which he knew on how to act like a total idiot as well as someone somewhat rebellious drawing this greatly as well as having the right looks and appeal to his role.
(Deputy Hafner) had the most effective supporting role in which he drew a mysterious type of character as well as showing his emotionless and seriousness to the camera in which you could tell that he studied his part incredibly well. Two thumbs up for this guy.

A person is stabbed in the chin by a hook as well as another victim in the neck.
There are some bloody corpses too all battered up
There's also lots of gruesome stabbing
Someone is impaled on the handles of a crater

Justin Caine Burnett had alot of good dark sounds for the film like whooshing and hissing types as well as banging sounds plus some metal rusty effects too here and there. Not alot of other types of music which seems to work in well but there is some piano playing during the near end of the film which seemed necessary to fit into the story.

Karla Wilson: Hey, you gotta hang in there. 
Will Benson: Any advice? 
Tyrell: Yeah... Find another Jacuzzi

Titus Telesco: [seeing the killer reach for a large spike] Seriously, don't do that!

Nancy: This island didn't have a murder rate until you people showed up!

[Ray appears pointing a gun at Ben Willis who's holding Julie hostage
Ray Bronson: Let her go. 
Will Benson: Oh God, you've got to be shitting me! 
Ray Bronson: Let her go, Willis! 
Ben Willis: Or what? What are you gonna do, boy? Call us names? 
Ray Bronson: Let her go NOW! 
Ben Willis: Think about it, boy. You're no killer. That's my job! You don't have it in you!

Tyrell: See anybody out there? How about Freddy or Jason or somebody? 
[Karla stares at him, disgusted]

[after shooting the fisherman
Julie James: Just... 
[shoots him again
Julie James: Fucking... 
[shoots him again
Julie James: DIE!

Amber Williams: [to The Fisherman] This secret dies with you!