Innocent Blood (1992)

Directed by: John Landis

Associate Produced & Written by:
Michael Wolk


Anne Parillaud.... Marie
Robert Loggia .... Salle (The Shark) Macelli
Anthony LaPaglia .... Joe Gennaro
Don Rickles .... Manny Bergman
David Proval .... Lenny
Chazz Palminteri .... Tony
Tony Sirico .... Jacko
Tony Lip .... Frank
Kim Coates .... Ray
Angela Bassett .... U.S. Attorney Sinclair
Luis Guzman .... Morales
Gil Cates Jr. .... Dog Boy

Special Appearances:

Rocco Sisto .... Gilly
Frank Oz .... Pathologist
Tom Savini .... News Photographer
Dario Argento .... Paramedic
Steve Johnson .... Orderly
Linnea Quigley .... Nurse
Teri Weigal .... Melody Lounge Dancer

Release Date: Theatrical: September 25, 1992









A woman named Marie (Anne Parillaud) is a vampire and has to live every night by being one down in Pittsburgh and is hungry for blood but she runs into the mob boss named Sal Macelli (Rob Loggia) as he wants her to be one of his women but however, she bites him on the neck but fails to kill him as she tries to escape after one of his men witnesses this.
Sal is suddenly different and has deadly powers now to keep on doing his nasty deeds as well as turning his men into vampires too and to try to take over the town of Pittsburgh.
Marie falls for an undercover cop named Joe Gennaro (Anthony LaPaglia) as he is unsure of her but must use her to put a stop to the mob.
However, the mob of vampires keep on piling up for them and Joe's biggest fear of all is to try and stay alive since Sal is onto him after knowing the information he has on him while going undercover as a mobster.

During the opening credits we have nice camera shots looking over the city of New Jersey at night.
Salle (The Shark) Macelli makes a great impression down in a cellar next to a table holding a toaster as well as acting menacing with it by bashing it on someone's head with this victim's frightened words when Salle gets nasty with him with his shouting actions.
There's a good scene with Tony trying to make out with Marie in his car as well as a great shot on her with her vampiress eyes and chomping away at his neck.
There's a good scene with Salle and Marie having a discussion in a limo.
We also get a gasping and startled expression on Marie when she discovers what Salle is serving from some leftovers he's got as she does well by acting hesitant with it.
A good shot on Marie wrapping her legs around Salle and then biting his neck viciously when they get into a lustful mode.
There's a good shot on
Joe Gennaro looking around on a roof of a building looking at a woman's high heel on the ground and then a great jumping moment with Marie jumping up from her hiding spot with her vampiress features.
We have another perfect shot with Joe looking around in a cathedral with candles around as well as a camera swooping around him with him ducking a couple times.
We have a good comedic moment with Marie pinning Joe to the ground and tells her she's under arrest.
There's nice vicious and comedic actions with Salle when he starts viciously eating raw meat as well as having
Manny Bergman trying to talk to him and having worried expressions.
A good shot on Salle slowly walking towards Manny with his hungry words towards him as well as him looking nervous backing up.
There's a nice shot on a woman walking down a staircase trembling and holding a knife but it looks corny at the same time.
We have a nice shot on Salle with a nice evil grin and grabbing Joe by the neck and holding him up.
There's a good camera shot panning in on Manny lying in a hospital bed and then opening his vampire eyes and slowly getting up and a good shot on him walking up to a nurse. Plus we have some good special effects on Manny when the sunlight hits him and his body is burning apart along with this nurse freaking out with her wide eyes and screaming nicely.
There's also a great shot on another nurse holding an arm that was burned off with her eyes crossed screaming as all this blends in wit the comedy and horror at the same time marvellously.
We have a nice comedic presence by Salle waking up in a meat freezer storage room with his hilarious discussion towards Lenny and then asks him to come closer and a nice shot on Salle attacking him and then viciously tells the rest not to move.
We have a great perfect shot on Salle staring viciously at some strippers commenting them on being good to eat.
A nice shot on Lenny showing a devilish grin which looked truly intimidating.
There's a good shot on Morales and Dog Boy pointing their guns with Salle jumping to the ground in between them and then grabbing their wrists.
A good moment with Salle walking up to
Marie and asking her what she turned him into on top of a building.
Bottom line is that this film stands out very nicely using both comedy and horror into one with some funny dialogues too. It's almost like a spoof on the Godfather type of flick but a horror version of it. It's very interesting seeing a mob boss still doing his deeds as usual although he changed into a vampire and turning his men into them as well. There are nice effects in the film with plenty of action and goofiness too along with some good romance between the two leads in the film.

The acting is terrifically done. Leading French actress Anne Parillaud (Marie) came across terrifically with her accent and words as a vampiress in the film acting quiet and then getting into her vampiress rage when attacking. We see a nice fast action performance by her pushing her fellow actor to a bed in a hotel room and trying to come on to him.
Robert Loggia
(Salle (The Shark) Macelli) played a perfect shark mobster in the film having a sense of humor yet acting nasty and cruel about it. He also does well with his actions when he becomes a vampire. Good blocking with him in a scene coming on strongly towards his fellow actress in a bathroom and being forceful to her.
Anthony LaPaglia
(Joe Gennaro) has terrific energy as an undercover cop in the film proving to be a worthy character actor.
Don Rickles
(Manny Bergman) also stood out well with his concerned and nervous actions on what happened to his boss. Plus in a scene we have a great suffering reaction by him when the sunlight hits him while lying in a hospital bed.
David Proval
(Lenny) played a nice bad ass mobster assistant with great nasty attitude and rugged looks too.
We have a special appearance by Rocco Sisto (Gilly) who had a nice wussy behavior to his part.
There's also an effective cameo by Sam Raimi (Roma Meats Man) as he did well by acting goofy.

Anne Parillaud is fully naked from top to bottom with her first scene in her room with candles around her.
She also unrobes in a hotel exposing her butt as well as later on with her breasts fully revealed on a bed.
There are many topless strippers dancing in a bar.

Some necks are chomped to death with blood splurting out
A vampire crumbles in the sunlight

Ira Newborn compsed some nice jazz trumpet playing making it sound almost like a 007 type of feel to it along with the action music too which was very neccessary.

Marie: [distorted voice] Stay away from me, or I'll kill you!

[after becoming a vampire]
Sal Macelli: I can hear an angel fart.

Marie: You dress like a pimp and talk like a goon. What makes you news?

Sal Macelli (Staring viciously at some strippers): You girls look good enough to eat!!!