In the Dark (2015)


Associate Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by: David Spaltro


Grace Folsom .... Bethany Mills
Finally Horrigan .... Veronica Carpenter
Lynn Justinger .... Lois Kearne
Catherine Cobb Ryan .... Joan Mills
Jesse R Tendler.... Buckley

Release Dates: Southampton International Film Festival: October, 2015; Tallgrass Film Festival: October 15, 2015; Buffalo International Film Festival: October 18, 2015; Twin Cities Film Festival: October 24, 2015; Philadelphia Independent Film Festival: October 25, 2015; South African Horrorfest: November 2, 2015; Martinsville Horror Fest: November 7, 2015; Área de Contenção Film Festival: November 8, 2015; Eyecatcher International Film Festival: November 12, 2015; Weyauwega International Film Festival: November 13, 2015; Macabre Faire Film Festival: January 17, 2016; Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival: January 23, 2016; New Jersey Film Festival: January 30, 2016; Beaufort International Film Festival: February 12, 2016; Nevermore Film Festival: FebruarY 14, 2016; ICE Film Festival: February 20, 2016; Green Bay Film Festival / Richmond International Film Festival: March 5, 2016; Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival / Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival: April, 2016; Garden State Film Festival: April 2, 2016; Near Nazareth Film Festival: May, 2016; Fright Nights Film Festival: May 15, 2016 (Austria); Ridgefield Independent Film Festival: May 20, 2016; Crypticon Seattle Film Festival: May 28, 2016










A skeptical grad student and a renowned paranormal specialist investigate a potentially haunted home and the troubled woman inside whose affliction may be beyond the capacity of either of them.


We have a moment with Bethany Mills painting a picture and her Mom Joan being pleasant by what she's doing but this scene looked rather bland.
However there's a situation that looked perfectly dark when Joan hears the music too loud and goes downstairs where a dark figure has their back turned which looked dark and creepy as well as mysterious when she doesn't answer her Mom as this draws you into the story more so with the turnout on stuff. Then suddenly we hear creepy sounds and screaming from upstairs of the home which was effective for the story.
Then we have a discussion between Veronica Carpenter and Lois Kearne about the possession of Bethany as well on the beliefs on what is happening in their home as this dragged and totally stale on all of it.
However things improve when Veronica goes to talk to Bethany about situations like her father as things looked good and strong when she discusses on her Dad helping her with problems as well as getting emotional and touched on what she was talking about as this was brought to life greatly.
Then there's a great turnaround when Veronica tries to give her a crucifix and she goes into a rage as well as a demonic voice shouting instead of her own. It sounded rather campy but I dug it. Nevertheless it offered a good twist. Then Bethany is back to herself apologizing which looked clever for a possession.
Also a perfect moment with Bethany throwing up blood and a nail comes out of her mouth which was a good demonic horror touch.
There's also a good moment when Lois goes talk to her boyfriend Buckley and he turns his head and reveals a monstrous face as this looked creepy to watch. Then his face is back to normal making this situation looking truly weird and twisted. Some strong heated arguments between the two of them and him leaving which makes you wonder if a break up is going to happen.
Also we have a strong discussion between Lois and Veronica on the beliefs of what is happening to Bethany as well as hauntings. This was a good moment to watch with their arguments and frustrations.
Nice scene with Joan trying to bring a plate of lunch and nicely trying to get Bethany to eat some with her refusing and then smacking it away which looked psychologically disturbing as well as Bethany herself crying and apologizing as this shows another good example on this poor girl slowly being possessed.
Perfect moments with Bethany in her room twisting her body around and having a freaky expression on her face which was a total attention grabber and it almost reminded me on the ending scene of Sleepaway Camp.
And good creepy shot with Veronica and Lois coming up to Bethany with her back turned shipping on paper and acting vicious as you get a bad feeling that this possessed teen will cause some harm to them. This moment looked good and dark.
We also spot a discussion between Lois talking to the possessed Bethany with the evil actions happening as this can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it.
Then the excitement really begins when both Lois and Veronica begins an exorcism trying to use holy water on Bethany as well as using powder circling around her. Lots of great intensity that goes on here and perfectly painful on what happens to Veronica which should please the fans on the exorcism events.
Perfect moment with Joan bringing a picture of her and Bethany as a baby to try and make her remember their relationship which was a great strong scene and necessary.
Bottom line is that the film started out quite slow but then it started to roll quite well later on offering good intensity as well on having a decent low budget for an indie flick. A fair paying tribute to the Exorcist.

The acting was well performed and having a good cast. Grace Folsom (Bethany Mills) does a great job as an innocent and loving teen. Does a good job with her emotional behavior as well as doing a fine job crying as well as her fearful attitude on what she's doing to herself. Shows off energetically with her intense blocking when possessed as well as lunging out superbly acting unpredictable. A passable character actress.
Finally Horrigan (Veronica Carpenter) was quite sharp in her part by showing off a good seriousness into what she is talking about. Also does well by acting calm and patient too. Does a fine job within her speaking to others. Also reacts well to the terrors that happen around her as she adds a nice punch to all of this.
Lynn Justinger (Lois Kearne) was one of the best in the cast as she was great in her happy and calm behavior during the beginning of her performance. Also offers a great strong attitude with her seriousness along with having a believeable no nonsense attitude as well. Offers great energy and aggressions when the terror strikes her.
Catherine Cobb Ryan (Joan Mills) was probably the best in the cast as she was so believeable as a family woman. Shows off a wonderful loving attitude as well as being understanding too. Does well with her worrisome behavior. Also shows off a great pleading attitude near the end of her role. She studied her part inside out as you can tell.

A hand is stabbed
Eyes are bloodied

There's alot of soft echoey piano playing as it was well done but at the same time sounds way too common and not original. However it works from time to time. Also there's good low sounds as well as deep rumbling which sounded dark and effective. Plus odd times we hear smooth violin music which sounded fair as all of this was put together by Fritz Myers.