It's Alive (1974)

Written & Directed by: Larry Cohen


John P. Ryan .... Frank Davies
Sharon Farrell .... Lenore Davies
Andrew Duggan .... The Professor
Guy Stockwell .... Bob Clayton
James Dixon .... Lieutenant Parks
Michael Ansara .... The Captain
Daniel Holzman .... Chris Davies

Release Date: Theatrical: October, 1974

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A couple named Frank (John P. Ryan) and Lenore (Sharon Farrell) are expecting a baby but after the baby is born the baby is not at all human and a blood thirsty monster who kills when it's scared as every little thing seems to trigger it off as already killed the paramedics and creeps around it's parents house by killing the milkman as well as eating everything in their refrigerator.
Frank tries to help the police by tracking this ferocious beast down but Lenore tries to protect it by keeping it in a cellar as she tries to make an understanding with what she gave birth to.


We have some nice uplifting moments as the beginning seemed impressive with Lenore telling her husband that she's ready to have the baby as well as them getting ready for everything which all looked natural by what we see here.
Also we have the situation when she goes into labour and is having a hard time along with a paramedic telling her that the baby is going to be bigger than the average which is a nice clue that this newborn is not gonna be your typical everyday baby.
Impressive moment with a paramedic coming out dead as well as Frank seeing on what had happened as well as later on with him going into the room and seeing a bloodbath of other dead paramedics and his wife crying and worried about her baby. Leaves a nice horror impression to the story.
Impressive moment with the police talking to Frank about this baby being a monstrous killer as it was a nice add on into the story.
Nice 3D shots on the baby creature on what he spots at the front lawn of a home as well as crawling into a truck carrying milk bottles along with a good brief shot revealing the baby's claws and almost seeing the monstrous face too. Nice moment on this object crawling into the milk truck as well as later on the milk man being dragged in for the kill which was a memorable moment for anyone who saw this flick.
Good dark scene with someone looking into a dark classroom of an abadoned grade 1 class along with a nice shot on the creatures head briefly as well as the person being attacked which is a good horror moment.
A nice spooky moment when Frank goes into a bedroom and a shot on his hand going near a bed sheet to open up and see if the creature is hiding underneath as this makes you watch carefully seeing if he will be attacked after uncovering these sheets.
Strange settings with Frank arguing with Lenore while she's acting insane while watching a cartoon along with other moments which were off the wall. It tried hard to look funny as well as creepy but it doesn't do the trick all that much. Also crazy moments when she tries to prevent him from going down in the cellar to kill the monster as this seemed to work into the story.
Also a great dark shot on the child Chris spotting this creature and trying to talk to it as this looked spooky to watch and darkly done too. Plus alot of good action moments with Frank coming down to try and shoot this thing.
Nice dark moments on the police going to a sewage system to try and snuff this creature out as well as good brief shots on this creature trying to run away and hide.
A nice emotional moment with Frank talking to the creature and trying to sympathise with it as well as trying to protect this thing as this was nicely drawn into the story.
Bottom line: Oh god. What was the point in making this film as it never explained itself why this baby turned out to be a blood thirsty creature that kills on fear. Although I pointed out the effective moments in general though was that the story was overly long and boring as they tried to make it scary but it was very zany and corny to top it all off. This is one of those typical badly made drive in type of monster movies that really goes nowhere folks. If you're in the mood for a below average flick and just watching it for it's corniness and weird tale you may get a kick out of it. Otherwise you'll want to skip this one.

Very few people were worth mentioning here as the acting is a little hokey but some of it is okay. Lead actor John P. Ryan (Frank Davies) seemed to have a good serious attitude into his part as well as showing off some happiness in the beginning of his role but however was a bit wooden for the rest of his performance here. He seemed to show the odd good anxious moments as well as getting emotional near quarter way to the story while trying to talk to the onscreen monster as he focused well onto this.
Sharon Farrell (Lenore Davies) was a little better in her role in which she also shows a nice happiness when she is about to go into labour and telling her onscreen husband that it's time. Also does well crying in pain and having anxiety attacks as she shows off some good energy within this. Plus shows great crying emotions throughout the rest of the story as well as losing her mind or going crazy. At times she's a little over the top which is the only criticism I have on her.
Guy Stockwell (Bob Clayton) does a fine job with his role in which he brings it to life whenever he has a conversation as well as being convincingly reasonable whenever he is talking about something as well as stressing situations. Plus had the right looks for the role he was playing along with showing good wisdom into what he was talking about as well.
Michael Ansara (The Captain) seemed to be the best out of the cast as he shows a good seriousness and sharpness to his personality. Was always on the ball with stuff in which he studied this part pretty good. Was a true character actor and had the right looks for the role on what he played here. Shows good energy as well as having nice aggressions whenever he needed to be this way.
Daniel Holzman
(Chris Davies) had the most effective supporting role as the curious pre teen in the flick. He defientely knew his stuff clearly by what he did and shows someone whom is full of life and showing a nice uplifting and eager attitude. Has spunk and energy into all that he did here as well as doing a good job by bewing cautious and trying to talk to the onscreen creature showing a good concentration.

Many people are slaughtered by the beast with fake looking blood that looks like paint.

Bernard Hermann composes some 70's cheese soundings with some bass guitar music along with clarinet playing for the film but it doesn't really sound scary at all but at the same time alot of various sounds and the music was powerfully put together at the same time. However there's the odd old fashioned organ music for the real dark scene's used in the flick which sounded okay for the cheesiness that we see in it.