Jack Frost (1996)

Written & Directed by: Michael Cooney


Christopher Allport .... Sam
Stephen Mendel .... Agent Menners
F. William Parker .... Paul Davrow
Eileen Seeley .... Anne
Rob LaBelle .... Stone
Zack Eginton .... Ryan Tiler
Marsha Clark .... Marla
Shannon Elizabeth .... Jill Metzner
Scott MacDonald .... Jack Frost

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 8, 1997

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A serial killer named Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald), who has killed 38 people in five states, is on his way to an execution but a freak accident happens during a snowstorm while he is in a truckload of genetic material as it mutates Jack into a killer mutant killer snowman with icicle fangs.
A family man police officer named Sam (Christopher Allport) fears of Jack Frost and hopes the execution goes well but suddenly he is displayed on his front step as a snowman and his son Ryan (Zack Egington) starts to decorate the snowman and a bully named Billy Metzner (Nathan Hague) tries to destroy this snowman and his head is chopped off.
His family blames Ryan for his murder but Ryan tries to convince him that the snowman did all of this.
Then Jack Frost goes on a killing spree in the neighborhood with his icicle's killing the neighbors and horny teens as Sam's nightmare has come true as he forms an army to try and find a way of killing Jack Frost which he mentls into liquid and rising into his snowman form when he goes through door to door.


The opening looks interesting showing a creepy narrative voice and showing a Christmas tree showing the credits on things like an ornament etc. Then it goes to people driving in a truck full of prisoners going to be executed which all of the writing for this was very amateurishly done and slapstick too. None of it seemed dark at all like it should have. You expect his death scene with the acid water spraying on the killer Jack Frost to look shocking but even that looked a bit hokey.
There's even flashback scene's involving Jack Frost acting menacing while getting arrested in which this looked way too slpastick to be taken seriously at all.
There's snowman contests we spot in the local area which looked fun to watch getting into the spirit of things but you can tell the snow is very fake looking and that it was an area where it never snows in which of course this was shot in Los Angeles, California. You can tell the budget on this film was too small to make it convincing that it isn't that part of a town.
Also we spot a moment where a half built snowman was parked in the front of a family's home in which resides the man who arrested Jack Frost in the first place named Sam in which he's tormented in his nightmares constantly about Jack Frost seeki9ng revenge which seemed necessary that he is reincarnated into a snowman in his front house to seek revenge. However the snow still looked fake looking like a costume whith Sam's son putting coal for eyes and a carrot for his nose which looked more cute than scary on how he was displayed. Then we run into bullies trying to run this snowman over which I was thinking to myself that Jack Frost will slay these kids to death for doing this giving it a nice touch since most slasher films needs mean kids in them even if the scenery for all of this looked rough.
Then there's corny moments on a dysfunctional family with a rebellious teenage girl not listening to her father with him getting verbally abusive as well as having a basket case mother trying to find excuses to all of this which seems to work half well and half a bit lame too. You kind of suspect that Jack Frost will be there to kill these parents since they are an easy target for their actions. There's a moment with Jack Frost gagging the Mother with ornaments as well as choking her with the wire on the tree lights but it was so laughable and not brutal at all like it should have been.
There's a moment that is starting to become serious with a resident encountering the parents being killed and going nuts but then the slapstick happens again with the Agent Menners punching him out looking almost Three Stooges like.
Then there's a moment with this teenage girl taking most of her clthes off with her boyfriend showing on how much winter clothes that they have to take off which takes quite a while as I was thinking to myself "YAH YAH! Get on with it!" Another good target for any killer. It does look neat on how Jack Frost is sneaky with his killing by hiding in a tub of water and then forming into a snwoman trapping this girl by being attached to her although his killing on her wasn't brutal like it should have been. Yet another amateurish moment folks.
There's struggling moments on Sam, Menners and the rest of the police force trying to find some way on destroying Jack Frost in which one of them is a hair blow dryer. If this sounds conry then it just is but it can be really fun to get into. A perfect clever moment is Jack Frost taking over a body on someone to save himself from melting in which this was impressive when you watching all that's happening seeming to pay a tribute to those other types of horror ossessive flicks including Poltergeist 2.
Prpobably the best scene is Sam finding a way to trick Jack Frost into falling in a death trap which this brings on the good adventureous horror story alltogether.
Bottom line is that I would say this film is like a ripoff between Child's Play and Shocker as it's not at all scary like they try to make it out to be plus the killer snowman looks so fake and not the least but creepy at all.
Some scene's I really laughed as although the writing is quite bad the dark humor with Jack Frost killing his vicitims was hilarious.
The film can be fun if you're in the mood for it but quite a bore if you're looking for some great suspense and a strong plot which this one lacks. This film was made on quite a low budget quality along with a poor plot and performances.

The acting is quite bad for the most part as lead actor Christopher Allport (Sam) as a cop but looks too plain but he is not over the top terrible. He needed more charisma to his character though. However he has a good masculine appeal to his character and can bring some good vengeful humor to his lines when he tries to flush out Jack Frost.
Stephen Mendel
(Agent Menners) however had the right looks as a tough FBI agent and performed it well too with his stern words and aggressive behavior. He fit the part perfectly well and knew on how to bring his lines across strongly. However when he gets physically tough it looks very slapstick but yet the timing was right for this.
Eileen Seely
(Anne) seemed to breeze through not too badly as the family wife as she passed her part just fine. She shows a good motherly type of appeal to what she did. Shows good characterisitcs to everything with her performance.
Rob Labelle
(Stone) seemes to stand out with his oddball appearnce in the flick but he is a little silly with his role in it. He comes across as a geeky mad scientist type in which he was more suited for performing in a cheesy low budget comedy than in a horror-comedy.
Scott MacDonald
(Jack Frost) could not act his way of a wet paper bag when it came to a horror character as his expressions seemed too comedic but he was funny with his words in the film but is better at doing dark comedy than horror. He shows off insane expressions but he looks way to mellodramatic.
near the end of his performance he is trying to reason with someone and trying to act frightened but it looks very comedic. Basically his performance was way too over the top and wasn't the least bit convincing as someone who's menacing or intimidating.

Jack Frost's flesh melts into the snow
A bully's decapitated head fly's in the air
A person is stabbed by an icicle
A side of Jack Frost's head as a killer snowman is melted in half showing some gory results

We have some classical jazz piano playing during the beginning of the movie with the prison truck riding along in the blizzard as it sounds not too bad.
We also hear some music of "Old Town of Bethlehem" after a bully is slayed and the police are there.
There's also some classical guitar playing on "12 Days of Christmas" while two teens are stripping their winter clothes off which sounds a bit hokey but however we get some wild electric guitar playing during many killing scene's with Jack Frost as well as during the closing credits which is composed by both Chris Anderson and Carl Schurtz.
Most of the music was Zgrade sounding from a synthesizer in most of the spots having low synthesizer adventureous playing especially through many of the struggling moments.

Jack Frost: Gosh. I only axed you for a smoke.

Sally: She's only talking back to you because she's upset.
Jake: Sally, when I want philosophy, I'll turn on "Oprah."

Tommy: What the hell are you?
Jack Frost: The world's most pissed-off snow cone!

Jack Frost: Don't eat yellow snow!

Sam: Hey Jack, what's the difference between snowmen and snow women??? Snowballs!!