Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)


Written & Directed by: Michael Cooney


Christopher Allport .... Sam Tiler
Eileen Seeley .... Anne Tiler
Chip Heller .... Joe
Marsha Clark .... Marla
Scott MacDonald .... Voice of Jack Frost
Ray Cooney .... Colonel Hickering
David Allen Brooks .... Agent Manners
Sean Patrick Murphy .... Captain Fun
Tai Bennett .... Bobby


Ian Abercrombie .... Psychiatrist

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 21, 2000

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Sam Tiler (Christopher Allport) is still traumatised by the disaster that Jack Frost has caused him, his family and his deputies but the locals who never encountered this happenings thinks he's a loose canon with his story expecially his Psychiatrist (Ian Abercrombie) so him his wife Anne (Eileen Seeley) and his two deputies Joe (Chip Heller) and Marla (Marsha Clark) go on a vacation for the holidays where there's no snow but however Jack Frost is revived accidentally due to an experiment and can seem to travel in hot weather tracking down the one's who tried to kill him as well as breeding new one's to terrorise the rest on this vacation trip.


The cover art here looked interesting and made me wonder what this sequel would be all about. It does seem to start off more seriously with Sam talking to his shrink about what had happened as it seems to look like an impressive sequel and then there's clips of people laughing about his story in which it started into a goofy comedy on what he was talking about basically breaking the seriousness to the story.
There is a nice opening credits though with someone digging up a grave and getting that liquid that killed Jack Frost in the previous film as well as a scientist doing experiments with everything and accidentally bringing Jack Frost back to life even if it doesn't show him just yet.
THen it gets extremely hokey and dumb afterwards in which Sam and his wife
Anne going away on a holiday for the season showing nonstop dumb goofiness trying to make you laugh but it doesn't at all. The writing on this was so stale I can't even explain how stale it was. Also I couldn't figure out on why their son was out of this picture since he was a drawing card in the first flick.
Then more bad slapstick moments like two dorks floating in a raft to get to the tropical land fighting over some carrot which happens to be Jack Frost and being slayed by him which looked very amateurish on what went on there. Then showing the carrot crawling along in the sand planning to kill some beautiful girls as some of this was a bit funny but not overly hilarious.
It gets even dumber with a bunch of Agents discovering a dead slaughtered body in which the writing in it wasn't serious at all and so pointless too. I was wondering if this is a horror at all while watching this or a plain black comedy.
But there is a real funny moment when a model is posing for pictures and taking an ice cube out of a cooler with them moving and talking which I got a kick out of and then are about to attack when she eats one of the ice cubes. I was thinking that this seemed to be a tribute to something like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
The horror does come into it eventually like when Jack Frost comes to life and freezes up a pool where someone is skinny dipping and is trapped underneath the ice trying to break free but she can't which is a terrifying way on dying by slowly drowning.
Also there's Jack Frost going on a killing spree shooting snowballs and killing people with them as well as a gruesome moment on him tearing someone's tongue off an icy pole when there was another goofball clowling around with him to do this.
Then Sam tricks Jack Frost into falling into a pool of the stuff that killed him before which we all know that the movie would've ended way too easily which doesn't end just like that as in most sequels this killer is a bit more invincible.
There's also a baby snowball which looked cute and then attacks as this looked not too threatening it was laughable but yet there's a bunch of them attacking showing good gruesome horror violence in which I found this moment to be a total ripoff to Critters.
There's also moments like a serious character like Anne or Sam getting into action by wearing anything to look like an army outfit to try and terminate these creatures with what they found out that will put a stop to them which I thought "Oh god now they've lost it big time"
There's even a moment with Jack Frost holding one of his babies slowly dying after these people fight back with a weapon that kills them which kinda looked sad.
Bottom line is the first one was so bad it's good but this one is so bad you'd want to avoid it and I wondered why they bothered with this one cause nothing was good about it using a totally different chemistry alltogether lacking an intelligent plot too.

The acting is still very bad as lead actor Christopher Allport (Sam) reprises his role and seems to do well with his serious behavior but then when he acts silly like being drunk or aggressive with his vengeful attitude he seems to lose touch with all of his characterisitcs. Howver in a certain scene he seems to lack being convincing with his grungy speaking and vengeful attitude. Does well by digging through some snow gunk trying to look for his onscreen wife and has his energy up fairly high while he's panicking which was a nice pointer on his performance.
Eileen Seely
(Anne) still showed some good emotions with what she did and was even better focused than in the previous film but however when she acts comedic later on getting ready for battle she seems to fall flat by doing all of this. Oh well at least she tried and that's all that mattered.
Scott MacDonald
(Voice of Jack Frost) played the part this time and he seems alot funnier with what his did with his voice as it gave me a few chuckles. He was more funny than intimidating but again it's better than what I can say for that other actor.
Ray Cooney
(Colonel Hickering) was such a joke with his performance as he was supposed to be a real tongue in cheek character actor but he is way too over the top with his performance it's not even funny. He was overly annoying with what he did and seemed to try way too hard to be humoress as you can tell. No points for this fellow at all.
David Allen Brooks (Agent Manners) had a good masuline appeal to him as well as his gruff looks but yet you couldn't take him seriously at all when he shows off a tough as nails attitude. He was another joke in the cast who tries to be funny and fails miserably. He doesn't show much energy at all with what he did. Shows
great reactions on him with killer snowballs attacking him.
Sean Patrick Murphy (Captain Fun) yeah a creative character name NOT!!! He was full of life in what he did and almost pulled off his comedic timing but he fails nonetheless. He showed some average spunk into his characteristics and seemed to be more iof a shit disturber with his performance than a wild part animal type. Sorry dude.
There's a scene on him speaking baby talk to a snowball in which this didn't seem natural at all and cornily performed.
No one else here was worth mentioning that the performances were so crappy.

Stephanie Chao exposes her breasts while taking off her top bikini to go into a swimming pool as well as a brief butt shot on her too.

Many people are brutally stabbed by sharp ice by Jack Frost
A frozen anvil is splattered on a teenage girl and the results on her body is bloodily flattened
Eyes are stabbed out by a metal toufon
A head is blown off with gobs of gore splattering everywhere
Jack Frost tears someone's tongue off a frozen pole
Snowballs fly fast at a person's arm with it being torn off and blood gushing out
Someone's eyeball is stabbed
Many people are being eaten alive by killer snowballs with blood pumping out and torn off flesh.
A fellows fingers are bitten off as well as his face being eaten

Some of the same old stuff like in the first film having high pitched and low sounding music along with some good types of beats during the moments when a group of people team up to try and battle Jack Frost. Plus there's corny comedic type music for the moments where it was supposed to be very comedic with some trumpet playing like a horse race is about to start or something which sounded incredibly lame.

Marla: Oh, come on, Sam, we don't even know if it's Jack Frost.
Sam Tiler: No, Marla, it's probably some other walking, talking snowman that everybody's talking about.

Jack Frost: I now pronounce you... totally fucking dead