Jack-O (1995)

Produced & Directed by: Steve Latshaw

Produced & Written by: Patrick Moran

Story by: Brad Linaweaver & Fred Olen Ray


Rebecca Wicks .... Linda Kelly
Gary Doles .... David Kelly
Ryan Latshaw .... Sean/David Kelly
Catherine Walsh .... Vivian Machen
Linnea Quigley .... Carolyn Miller
Rachel Carter .... Julie Miller
Tom Ferda .... Jim
Bill Cross .... Richard Watson
Helen Keeling .... Amanda Watson

Special Appearances:

John Carradine ... Walter Machen
Cameron Mitchell ... Dr. Cadaver
Brinke Stevens ... Witch
Dawn Wildsmith ... Sorceress

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 10, 1995






A young boy named Sean Kelly (Ryan Latshaw) is told by a neighbor that one hundred years ago in a small town called Oakmoor Crossing, the locals put to death a mysterious man who claimed he was a warlock.
But before they could hang him, he brought forth a demonic, pumpkin-headed being to wreak havoc on the town.
Several people died valiantly before they managed to bury the creature forever or, so they thought but he swore vengeance on the townsfolk people, particularly Arthur Kelly's family and was told that Arthur's son David looks just like him. 
This spooks Sean a little and at one point falls into a sleep and goes through time in his dream of what happened there and continues to have them.
Some teens decide to hang out and drink beer at a graveyard and explores some tombstone's including Arthur's which awakens the pumpkin headed demon named the Mr. Jack.
Mr. Jack goes back to his old village on Halloween night which is in the same neighborhood as Sean's is.
On the same night Sean is being babysat by a sexy woman named Carolyn (Linnea Quigley) as the two of them are trick or treating and must find a way to survive Hallows Eve since many of the neighbors are being slaughtered by the evil Mr. Jack.
Sean becomes the final target for him due to his ancestory background as his family is cursed.


We spot a prologue involving a cheesy tale with Jim by talking about the legend of Mr. Jack towards David Kelly in which this setting was supposed to look spooky instead it looked terribly amateurish. There's a nice shot on Jim later on looking through his blinds in his room and spotting Mr. Jack approaching through the mist towards the window.
There's some cheesy shots between Arthur Kelly using a wooden crucifix by trying to battle Mr. Jack and planning a burial ground for him.
During present day the film doesn't pick up the pace with Sean walking home with other two kids walking home from school having a conversation about a neighbor being a witch and about the legend of Mr. Jack. It doesn't look at all realistic on kids being kids. But wait! There's another lacking moment when one of them brawls it out with Sean. Sloppy wasn't the word for this.
Another uninspired scene which involved Linda and David as parents talking to him on what they bought for their Halloween house trying to act charming for the Halloween spirit which falls flat.
There however is a nice shot on an ancestor falling to the ground and then a shot looking up on Mr. Jack looking down on him and bringing his hand towards the camera as if he's ready to attack.
There's some neat shots on teenagers in the forest partying out even if it looked set up and obvious plus there's shots on tombstones which looked like obvious props the way it was set out. There's is a nice cheesy shot on Mr. Jack crawling out of his grave. Plus there's a nice shot on one of the teenage girls kneeling down towards Mr. Jack with him slashing her throat with his blade.
There's a nice shot on many dream sequences involving Sean as well as his parents with some creepy shots on Dr. Cadaver . Most of this looked effective for a no budgeter like this one.
There's a nice moment with Carolyn Miller talking on the phone about her babysitting job as well as her acting sarcastic about her sister helping out saying that she's reliable.
There's many good discussions with Carolyn acting happy to see Sean which looked natural for a friend of the family type of thing.
There's alot of fun shots on Sean and David watching TV on Halloween events with a good cheesy effect shot on the TV showing special appearances by b-film actors strutting their stuff on the TV screen as it looked entertainingly fun in a cheesy fashion.
There's many fun touches on David and Linda preparing their haunted house for trick or treaters as well as them trying to figure out some problems on stuff too.
We also spot two snobby neighbors Richard and Amanda Watson watching TV. Although it looked lacking still these moments made it look interesting at the same time. There's also a nice shot on Bill acting nasty towards Mr. Jack with a nice glowing shot on him in the mist and then stabbing this nasty neighbor with his blade which looked quite brutal. There's also a nice dark effects shot on Amanda getting electrocuted which was probably the most descent effects you'll ever spot in this film.
We spot a nice shot on Julie Miller holding a decapitated head looking scared in the mist with Mr. Jack walking towards her and then a good shot on her screaming and running away.
There's a moment with Carolyn and Sean in a playground at night with Mr. Jack appraoching and about to attack which didn't look the least bit convicning and the shots on this looked very amateurish as it was supposed to be dark and creepy.
We spot a cheesy shot on Sean banging on the door with crying to get in and the camera luring in on him which looked terribly trashy as well.
There's a moment with Sean crawling into a burial with Mr. Jack trying to bury him which wasn't at all believeable and totally planned out as you can tell. However there is a nice approach by Vivian towards Mr. Jack and then a good shot on him stabbing her with a blade but there's a shot on him lifting her up as you can tell the shot on the stabbed victim was a dummy.
Bottom line is that this film was a corny and cheesy, no budgeter but still alot of Halloween type fun. It's not the least bit scary as you can easily consider it a Goosebumps type show but for grown ups only with the nudity and some of the gore. It also borrows alot from the Pumpkinhead flick except that one was by far better made.
It's worth a try to watch close to Halloween but don't expect it to be a high profile show cause it's not even close to that. The outfit of Mr. Jack looks funky though. At the time time the props and effects you could tell were extremely fake and amateurish looking too. There wasn't a huge effort at all with any of this. There was barely any money put into this flick as you can tell but it's not as bad comapred to the extremely cheap indie horror flicks you spot these days that are filmed on cheap camcorders and at least this one had a fairly descent one.
I enjoyed the film for what it was but it's only worth watching when Halloween is just around the corner. Basically this is a movie that's so bad it's good

The acting is very wooden and totally amateurish as it seems like most of the cast were performed by family or friends of the filmmaker. Rebecca Wicks (Linda Kelly) as the mother and wife in the film really triwed to bring alot of wit and character to her role as she really tried her best but she doesn't do the trick and you can tell that she seriously needed some acting lessons. For example we spot a scene with her by trying to tell two onscreen parents about their curse of their ancestors on Mr. Jack which was supposed to look powerfully acted out and convincing but it misses by a longshot and it looked terribly wooden.
Gary Doles
(David Kelly) tried to have a bubbly attitude as the father and husband of the film and could almost get away with being considered average with what he did but again he fails.
Ryan Latshaw
(Sean/David Kelly) was supposed to play the charming child of the family and was supposed to get attention to the audience watching but he doesn't make any effort at all and just says his lines. He's the son of the director which is obvious and proves he's very inexperienced and only got the part cause he was family. His energy was totally low on him crying to get in while banging on a front door of a home.
Catherine Walsh
(Vivian Machen) tried her best as an eccentric neighbor showing good facial expressions and had the perfect looks as someone that was rumored a witch but yet she didn't have much energy with her lines and again was wooden like I mentioned with most of the acting. Her reactions suffocating to death at the end of her performance was fairly passable. However, if she continued to work in the acting industry she can really improve.
B-film horror icon Linnea Quigley (Carolyn Miller) however was the best out of the cast as she tried to bring alot of spunk in the film as the babysitter. She showed some descent energy but yet didn't stand out with her performance along with the rest of the cast but did show a bit of character to her part nonetheless. A good moment with her screaming towards her fellow actor to run which looked energetic. She was the most expreienced actress out of the whole cast.
Rachel Carter
(Julie Miller) was another actress who was a bit better than the most too as the flakey sister who loved to party and seemed to do well by acting rebellious and having an attitude. Plus she looked perfect for that type of role too.

Sexpot/scream queen Linnea Quigley's first appearance in the movie is her taking a long shower rubbing soap all over her body so I think you'd get the picture.
Rachel Carter's character takes off her top and exposes her breasts to her boyfriend.

Mr Jack doesn't know how to make a convincing brutal murder but here we go.
Throats are slit.
A grumpy neighbor is stabbed in the stomach as he also spits out blood caused by Mr Jack's blade and the neighbors wife is electrocuted burning her skin into a dead corpse.
Mr Jack also beheads a biker with his blade and you can tell the head looks like a dummy.
A woman is also stabbed in the stomach.

The music is extremely cheesy and cheaply done on a keyboard composed by Jeffrey Walton whom has worked with Steve Latshaw in his other films too as well as with other cheesy b-film directors like Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau. However there's the odd windy type of sound effects mainly used during a moment in the family's funhouse with Mr. Jack wandering around which sounded nicely done.