Jaws 2 (1978)


Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc

Written by:
Cal Gottlieb & Howard Sackler


Roy Scheider .... Police Chief Martin Brody
Lorraine Gary .... Ellen Brody
Murray Hamilton .... Mayor Larry
Joseph Mascolo .... Len Peterson
Jeffrey Kramer .... Deputy Jeff Hendricks
Colin Wilcox Paxton .... Dr. Lureen Elkins
Mark Gruner .... Mike Brody
Marc Gilpin .... Sean Brody
Keith Gordon .... Doug Fetterman
Barry Coe .... Tom Andrews
Gary Springer .... Andy Nicholas
Donna Wilkes .... Jackie Peters
Ann Dusenberry .... Tina Wilcox
Gary Dubin .... Eddie Marchand

Cindy Grover .... Lucy
Billy Van Zandt .... Bob
Ben Marley .... Patrick
Gigi Vorgan .... Brooke Peters

Release Date: Theatrical: June 16, 1978

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Four years have gone by since that terrible incident with the great white terrorising locals on the Island beach in Amity and people think that things are back to normal. Mayor Larry (Murray Hamilton) is welcoming developer Len Peterson (Joseph Mascolo) and his new resort to Amity.
Many of the people are surfing, waterskiing and scuba diving at the beach.
However, the Police Chief named Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) who survived and killed that great white is still cringing that there's another one in the water somewhere.
His oldest son Mike (Mark Gruner) is going through his teenage phase and hangs out with his friends by going out sailing.
Suddenly a bunch of people are attacked and getting killed by a new great white in the area and Martin tries to keep his son away from the beach by trying to keep him busy with other work.
One morning Mike sneaks out with his younger brother Sean (Marc Gilpin) to go sailinjg with his friends.
Some of Mike's friends become a victim for the great white and suddenly Sean and Mike's other friends are trapped and being terrorised.


A nice beginning involving the deep underwater of the blue sea in which we spot fish swimming and something watching others. We also have a good moment with two people scuba diving and goofing around as wlel as a good surprise attack by a great white which is a nice start for a sequel.
Good uplifting moment with the locals having a ceremony as well as spotting two dweeby teens having a hard time wondering if girls will be interested in them as it adds the odd comedic moments into the storyline.
Lots of fun and exciting moments with the teens like Mike Brody and others sailing and enjoying the ocean weather in which we have a good and memorable moment on someone skiing with the sun reflecting on the water as well as a good moment on the shark charging towards the skiier and then the one driving the boat trying to look for her and the shark charging at her as this looked perfectly terrorising as well as a good distance shot on the boat exploding adding some dynamic suspense.
More effective moments when someone spots a washed up and chewed up killer whale as well as Martin Brody convinced that it was a shark that did it which was a nice add to the story and what will unravel later on.
Nicely focused moment with Martin on the shark tower keeping an eye on something as well as a good shot on what might look like a shark and him freaking out to tell everyone to get out of the water with a false alarm as this was another scene I will fondly remember and nicely well done too.
Perfect moment with Martin going into the ocean to find a piece of a broekn boat as it leaves you in suspense wondering if the great white will come and get him the deeper he goes into the water as well as a nice brief jumping moment when a burnt corpse lands on him.
We also spot a setting with the teens hanging out at a pub and having conversations which seems to flow well especially with one of the dorky teens named Doug finally getting a date to go sailing with as well as nice approach by Jackie Peters towards Mike and getting him to go sailing with her as well that morning although he's grounded in which this was a nice discussion on teens getting others to rebel against their parents which was a nice attention grabber.
Nice still moments when Mike tries to sneak out of the house as well as his younger brother Sean manipulating him to bring him along as this looked nice and still.
Perfect peaceful setting with a team of people scubadiving int the ocean and one of them getting attacked by surprise by the shark as this was well shot as well as this person trying to swim to the top as it makes you wonder if he will make after being injured.
Good charming moments between a teenage couple Eddie Marchand and Tina Wilcox acting witty about stuff in their boat as well as a nice shot on the water which leaves you a clue that the shark is about to attack with a good distant shot on the fin as well as perfect crashing moments on the boat with Eddie falling into the water as well as this shark cleverly pulling the boat away. This was done in a good horror fashion. Plus a good moment when he tries to swim back to the boat when Tina discovers the shark charging towards her boat with her trying to tell him to hurry which looked powerfully suspenseful by seeing all of this happening and then the fin ducking underneath so this great white can get towards Eddie as this looked terrifying to watch.
Perfect suspenseful moments with the other teens being terrorised by the killer shark and some of them falling into the water as you wonder if they will be next to being eaten alive. Also good intense moments with their frusterations towards one another when they try to tie their damaged boats together and to get to the cable tower. Things looked great with the shark swimming around both Sean and Jackie being pitted against it swimming around them and they are freaking out as this was perfectly done for a horror flick on a shark against it's next prey.
Then we have the classic moment that everyone remembers is when a helicopter lands on the water and tries to rescue everyone and then the shark attacks this helicopter and taking it underwater as there's perfect intense effects revealing on what the propellors does and so fourth making things look terrifying and done in great horror taste too.
The best is yet to come when Martin tricks the shark by using the large cable wire banging against it so it catches the sharks attention as well as great focused camera shots on the shark charging towards him as this looked terrorising along with beast taking a bite from this wire and the great electrifying results which will make you cheer while watching this.
Bottom line is that lots of sequels don't meet up to the first one and nowhere is good. Although this doesn't really meet up to Spielberg's original it's still very good and clever too even if there isn't powerful dialogues like in the original and focused on the shark attacks more so as well as featuring mainly your everyday teenagers. Lots of great action in the film with the great white which will keep you glued to the set. Also, watch the shark attack a helicopter. It's insane!

The acting is very good but not as good as in the first film. Lots of young actors perform in the film as they all do well being typical teenagers. Roy Scheider (Police Chief Martin Brody) is still great reprising his role as a police chief in which he shows a great serious attitude like always plus shows perfect concerned and fearful atttiude especially when he thinks that he sees a shark charging towards some swimmers and him freaking out with his booming voice. This was perfectly natural. Plus does well with his blunt and stern attitude towards one of his onscreen sons. Was perfect with his growly voice towards the shark near the end of his perform,ance as he really throws the punches big time here.
Lorraine Gary (Ellen Brody) still had the knack as his wife showing a good mellow and caring behavior in which she does well with her uplifting attitude towards others. Also does a good job showing her disappointed behavior towards certain others since she was very sharp by how she came across to all of this. She is a good character actress regardless on what it is.
Murray Hamilton (Mayor Larry) still shows it off as the closed minded one who doesn't have much common sense as to what is going on in the island of Amity. He does well with his speaking and shows some good energy into his attitude onto the screen. He's just as good in this one as in the previous.
Joseph Mascolo (Len Peterson) really brought it on with his arrogant, greedy and ignorant type of behavior. Definetely shows a perfect selfish attitude on how he was responsible for running things on the island. Also does well with his phony attitude and choked up speaking while being in denial on suspected shark attacks too. He had one of the most effective roles and does this quite nicely.
Jeffrey Kramer
(Deputy Jeff Hendricks) still brought it on with his sympathetic behavior and likeable personality. Shows a good open minded behavior and not being aggressive along with being easy going too. He studied his role quite well by portraying a softie in the flick. I liked the role that he played here. Made a good sidekick who has a reasonable attitude.
A supporting actress is great when she is found hiding in the boat after a shark attack screaming SHARK! to the people who found her.

Colin Wilcox Paxton
(Dr. Lureen Elkins) seemed to show off a good intelligence with what she is discussing especially on a washed up killer whale. She was sharp and serious with her words and has a great motive by what she did here. Had the right looks and appeal for this role which was another good plus along with her performance.
Mark Gruner (Mike Brody) stood out strongly as the oldest son and came across nicely as a typical teenager who likes to go sailing with his friends in which he brought this to life quite well. Plus does well with his discussions too making himself sound quite natural. Had the right boy next door looks too. He studied his role very well by making it all seem realistic.
Marc Gilpin (Sean Brody) brought some nice spunk as the kid brother and does a nice job with his mischievious behavior and curiousity within everything that he did here. Shows someone who likes to have a good time. Plus shows some nice freaked out and stunned reactions during the shark attacks.
Keith Gordon (Doug Fetterman) was a natural ham as one of the dorky teens. At first he is a wee bit stiff while discussing on finding a date but gets into it alot better as well as showing some nice excitement later on. Plus he does a great job acting silly during a moment on sailing as he stood out perfectly well with his speaking.
Gary Springer (Andy Nicholas) really showed it off terrifically in his supporting role as one of the teenage friends in which he has a good hyped up speaking but a good powerful attitude on stuff. Had the righ wide type looks and shows off great energy and seemed to really jump into the action in the scene's. He was worth mentioning.
Donna Wilkes (Jackie Peters) certainly showed some nice pizzaz as a cute girl type who likes to enjoy the wild partying enviornment as well as trying to be a bit rebellious too. She showed off a perfect motive as well as doing a great job screaming and freaking out at the shark attack in which she showed off a high intensity into all of this and was perfect to play someone like that in a horror flick with tons of adrenaline and energy into all that she did here as well as her scared sobbing too which was realistic as well.
Ann Dusenberry (Tina Wilcox) brought it out a great deal with her beautiful teenage looks as well as showing energy when she is alerted on stuff. Also shows off some good spunk into her fun behavior too. She shows a great fear and panicking attitude while calling to someone while a shark is about to attack. Plus reacts well by acting stunned and afraid crying out the words SHARK! Which was totally believeable after encountering a deadly experience and being rescued looking pale and expressionless. She studied her supporting role inside out.
Gary Dubin (Eddie Marchand) showed off a good charm to his role as a kid next door type and seemed to really get into what he was doing as a kid who's full of life and enjoying the summertime with his friends. Also does a great job paniacking near the end of his role and gasping for his life as this was memorable in his final performance. Shows a ton of great energy and was a champ by what he did here.

John Williams is back once again with his classical composing for this one as the film would never be the same without him. Plus we hear beautiful harp playing for the underwater sequences making things seem peaceful before the great white attacks. Also there's some strong music for the deadly moments and nice peaceful orchestral music for when everyone is enjoying sailing at the beach proving to have a good versatile sound to it all.

Mrs. Taft: Good morning. Selling some more of the good life?
Ellen Brody: Oh, yeah... Piece of this, piece of that - it all adds up.
Mrs. Taft: Your husband's been here all morning. What's he doing?
Ellen Brody: His job.

Ellen Brody: That's your third smoke already!
Martin Brody: [complacent] Good coffee...
Ellen Brody: Try a donut.

Andy Williams: Did your mom put all this together?
Mike Brody: Yeah, it's her job.
Andy Williams: Did she make the punch?
Mike Brody: No.
Andy Williams: [throwing it back in the bowl] Good, it's terrible!

Martin Brody: Oh, Hendricks, good! Right this way. Excuse us, please. I want you to come in here and, er, check out this 908.
Hendricks: What the hell's a 908? I've never heard of a 908!
Martin Brody: 908 means get me outta there!

Phil Fogarty: I can't watch a ball game anymore, I can't watch the news anymore! I can't even watch a movie! All I hear is that damn kid and his damn radio going "Breaker, Breaker, Breaker"!
Martin Brody: Well, I'll see what I can do, but remember, it's under federal jurisdiction.
Phil Fogarty: So call the FBI!

Mayor Larry Vaughn: Brody is riding his tower.
Len Peterson: Oh, shit!

Tina Wilcox: ...Now I'm getting black and blue marks all over my butt, and my moms starting to get uptight about them!

[looking for a dance]
Timmy: Who are you going to ask next?
Doug: Tina Wilcox.
Timmy: Ed's girlfriend... You're crazy!
Doug: It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes the most beautiful girls are the loneliest.
Timmy: That's a crock of shit!
Timmy: I know!

Martin Brody: Better check the bite radius.
Dr. Elkins: The what?
Martin Brody: The shape of the mouth...
Dr. Elkins: Whales mouth?
Martin Brody: Shark's mouth.
Dr. Elkins: What shark?
Martin Brody: The shark that did this.
Dr. Elkins: We don't know that, do we?
Martin Brody: But we're here to find out!
Dr. Elkins: And we will.
Hendricks: I can't hear you if you're going to whisper!

Martin Brody: I mean, it's obvious that a big fish took a bite out of... this big fish.
Dr. Elkins: This is a mammal. Not a fish.
Martin Brody: Don't quibble with me! Is it a shark bite or isn't it?
Dr. Elkins: Possibly. Again, this is a killer whale, wouldn't have to be a shark a considerable size.

Martin Brody: You don't have to worry about being sued or being ruined if this turns out to be what I think it is, because there won't be anybody here!

Martin Brody: But I'm telling you, and I'm telling everybody at this table that that's a shark! And I know what a shark looks like, because I've seen one up close. And you'd better do something about this one, because I don't intend to go through that hell again!

Martin Brody: That boat's gonna take you in. Where the hell are they?
Hendricks: About ten degrees off your starboard bow. You take...
Martin Brody: Don't give me that shit, point!

Martin Brody: I think we've got another shark problem.
Mayor Larry Vaughn: Are you serious?
Martin Brody: You bet I'm serious.

Len Peterson: Brody, this is nothing! Seaweed, mud, something on the lens...
Martin Brody: Lens my ass!
Len Peterson: You're damn right it's your ass!

Helicopter Pilot: That you, Brody?
Martin Brody: Listen, did you have a fix on those kids yet?
Helicopter Pilot: Negative - I'm still down.
Martin Brody: Well, you'd better get the hell up because, I'm out here all alone!

[after Brody has been fired]
Martin Brody: Maybe they're right... I'm tired... I'm tired... Too damn tired...
Ellen Brody: Too damn drunk. That's what you are, too damn drunk.

[Hendricks and Red are dragging the ocean in the police launch]
Red: We've been over this a dozen times.
Hendricks: I know, I know!
Red: How much longer?
Hendricks: Until we find something!
Red: But I'm cold, bored...
Hendricks: You're bored!

[the launch snags a power line]
Red: Oh, shit! Drop it!
Hendricks: Wh- What is it?
Red: Drop it! It's a power line!
Hendricks: Oh, terrific!

[as the shark approaches Brody]
Martin Brody: Alright, you big bastard! Come On! I've got something for ya' now! That's it! Attaboy, come one! Right over here!