Jaws 3D (1983)

Directed by: Joe Alves

Written by: Carl Gottlieb, Michael Kane & Richard Matheson

Story by: Guerdon Trueblood


Dennis Quiad .... Mike Brody
Bess Armstrong .... Kathryn Morgan
Simon MacCorkindale .... Philip FitzRoyce
Louis Gossett Jr. .... Calvin Bouchard
John Putch .... Sean Brody
Lea Thompson .... Kelly Ann Bukowski

Release Date: Theatrical: July 22, 1983

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The two sons of police chief Martin Brody named Mike (Dennis Quiad) and Sean (John Putch) leave Amity Island to work at Florida's Sea World amusement park run by Calvin Bouchard (Louis Gossett Jr.) and to forget about the shark incidents as they have fun there hanging out and helping out with the entertainment along with a newly built part of Sea World called the Undersea Kingdom made 40 feet underwater in a man made lagoon.
Mike's girlfriend named Kathryn Morgan (Bess Armstrong) is Sea World's scientist working with dolphins and Sean befirends with a local there named Kelly Ann Burkowski (Lea Thompson)
But one of their workers named Shelby Overman vanishes and others are concerned.
Both Mike and Kathryn head into the water as they are nearly attacked by a baby great white but they capture it to bring to Sea World for display as no one could believe that a great white resided in their ocean and then the baby dies.
Suddenly they found Overman's body torn up lifelessly in the ocean and it wasn't caused by the baby shark judging by the bite size of him as their mother is also caught there and then terrorises everyone at the Undersea Kingdom leaving nowhere to run as this mother is angry and destroys everything when the rest tries to ward everyone off the ocean including the performers but they may be too late for that even.


There are nice camera shots on a boat carrying some water skiiers for a show and then falling into the water with the camera underwater watching them as you wonder if the shark will get one of them.
There's a good setting with the main group of people in the film in a bar and having a good time.
Nice conversation between Mike Brody and Kathryn Morgan walking along the beach at night with him discussing briefly his bad exprerience with a shark in his hometown.
A nice moment with Kelly Ann Bukowski trying to urge Sean Brody to go swimming with him being hesitant about it..
There's a good shot on a couple sneaking into Sea World and using a float onto the water with some mist flying around. The scene didn't look suspenseful with the boyfriend being pulled into the water as well there's a shot on the float being dragged in as well.
We have a nice chasing scene with Mike and Kathryn riding on some dolphins away from a shark.
A good discussion between Kathryn and Calvin Bouchard on having a great white at their Sea World.
Nice moment with Kathryn in the water trying to hunt the shark and the shark coming up from behind her and biting her water tank which looked fairly suspenseful.
There are lots of good shots with people performing at Sea World as well as the whales and dolphins doing tricks along with the water skiing acts.
A perfect shot on the killer mother shark staring at the people underwater in an Undersea Kingdom with them screaming.
Good shot on Mike driving his boat screaming to people to get out of the water as well as running around trying to ward others off.
Another good shot of him speeding his boat to shore.
A good shot on the shark with it's mouth over Philip FitzRoyce with a good shot inside the mouth as he tries to struggle to get out which makes you wonder if he's going to make it out.
Phony effects shot on the shark swimming towards the glass in a control room but it looked terrifying with the glass breaking and the water rushing in.
Bottom line is that this is a disappointing sequel taking place off the Amity Island which doesn't feel the same at all. The effects looked bad due to a 3D type of a film and probably no one wanted to put as much funding into it like the first two but there are some odd scares with the giant shark so that makes up for the film from sinking as well as good shots at some performances at Sea World which all of this was filmed in Orlando's Universal Studio's and not Hollywood this time.

The acting is fair and could have been a bit better but it;s not too terrible. Dennis Quaid (Mike Brody) this time steps in the play the role of the oldest sibling of the family who survived the last shark attack as you notice every different actor seemed to play this role in each of the films. Does well talking through a bullhorn on the beach pretending he's the police to trick his onscreen brother. Seems to do well stunned on shore and freaking out. His panicked energy needed to be picked up a bit when trying to get everyone out of the water. He is generally good in his roles but however, he seemed to be a bit off key in this one.
Bess Armstrong
(Katheryn Morgan) tries to bring energy to her role as well with her words and aggression but still stands out as average too. She does well being aggressive to have a great white being at Sea World.
Louis Gossett Jr.
(Calvin Bouchard) seemed to put some characterisitics in his part of the film as the head employer at Sea World as he was the best one in the film I found.
Lea Thompson
(Kelly Ann Bukowski) was another nice character actress in the film with her outgoing attitude which makes you want to be around her. She has a nice painful reaction to from a shark bite. This was her film debut and made a huge success with her acting career.

An arm is chewed off
There's a corpse with his skin torn off

We have some fairly weak classical music with the violin tones not meeting up to the original Jaws film composed by Alan Parker. However, there is some great heroic classical music towards the end of the film that is only worth being nicely done.

Kathryn Morgan: Overman was killed inside the park. The baby was caught inside the park. It's mother is inside the park.

Calvin Bouchard: You mean we talkin' about some damn shark's mutha?

Ted: [trying to start the boat] Damn boat. I flooded the... Damn boat!