Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Produced & Directed by: Joseph Sargent

Written by: Michael De Guzman


Lorraine Gary .... Ellen Brody
Lance Guest .... Michael Brody
Mario van Peebles .... Jake
Michael Caine .... Hoagie Newcombe
Karen Young .... Carla Brody
Judith Barsi .... Thea Brody
Lynn Whitfield .... Louisa

Release Date: Theatrical: July 17, 1987

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Police Chief Martin Brody has passed away from a heart attack due to his ongoing fear of sharks as his youngest son Sean (Mitchell Anderson) becomes a deputy and when he is out to sea to untangle a log from a buoy during the Christmas season he is killed by a great white.
His widowed mother Ellen (Lorraine Gary) is in shock as her oldest son Mike (Lance Guest) who is now a marine biologist comes to visit her as she demands him to quit his job and to stay away from the water convinced that the sharks are out to kill her family.
They decide to leave Amity Island for the holiday and go to the Bahamas and forget about shark attacks.
However, Ellen senses the shark is coming over as well to get them all but meets up with a carefree pilot named Hoagie (Michael Caine) whom she shares this secrets to.
Mike and his local friend Jake (Mario van Peebles) they encounter a great white attacking their boat as Ellen's senses were right that the shark followed them there as this time Ellen won't let this rest and face her fear in a final fatal showdown.


A nice cheesy opening with the camera swimming in the water as well as going on shore.
There is a good moment with the shark rising from the water about to attack someone but the energy within this looked quite low.
There's a good argumentative discussion between Ellen towards her son Michael demanding him to quit his job and not to go in the water again.
A good shot on Ellen crying hysterically on a motorboat in the water.
We spot a nice conversation between Ellen and her grandchild Thea while making a sandcastle and things look effective when she stands up and staring at the ocean which looked impressive for a sequel of this film since she experienced the shark attacks in the first two. It was well put into the story that she fears a killer shark is still out there.
A great dream sequence with Ellen swimming in the ocean and an underwater shot on her swimming with the camera approaching her. Then good graphic shots on her being attacked by the shark in her dreams which looked powerfully suspenseful.
A good moment between Hoagie Newcombe and Ellen when she discusses the recent shark attacks and saying she knows the shark is out there.
A good moment with Michael and Jake out on a boat having a good time. Later on we spot a nice and nasty look on the great white swimming in the water.
A nice look on the great white attacking the boat with Michael having a shocked expression on his face and Ellen in a party sensing this with a surprised expression on her face.
Terrific shots on Michael speeding away through sea tunnels with the shark on his tail.
A good scene between Ellen and Michael dancing at a party with their discussion towards one another by trying to forget about the past.
A cute moment between Michael and Thea when she copies what he does at a living room table.
Good shot on some people riding a boat and the shark lunging for someone which looked horrifying as well as a perfect shot on Carla Brody screaming hysterically on the beach.
A good shot on a plane flying into the water and then the shark attacking it.
A great slow motion shot on the shark rising up and grabbing Hoagie Newcombe and then slamming him into the water with a perfect shout by Michael.
Bottom line is that this is the last of it's kind as the Jaws films were really starting to lack. A bit better than part 3 in which this one totally ignored but not by much. The shark still looked scary and a nice look at the Bahaumas too with a good new twist on the mother sensing the shark which has never been used in the past sequels of the film as if she was psychic. Some people wonder if a 5th one will be out but I wouldn't hold my breath as the story was getting very tiring.

The acting stands out well as we have a nice performance by Lorraine Gary (Ellen Brody) for the third time in Jaws film acting like a vengeful basket case on tha t shark attacks. She shows the most energy in this one. A good disturbed expression on her in a scene as she stands up and staring at the ocean. A good vengeful reaction on her when she speeds her boat out to sea and shows good aggression towards the shark.
Lance Guest
(Mike Brody) played the perfect eldest son this time around than the last few actors knowing his stuff with his character.
He does well by being aggressive towards his fellow actor on hunting down the great white. I always found him a good actor in the shows I've seen him in.
Mario van Peebles
(Hoagie Newcombe) was also an actor that was very out there as a Bahama local showing a nice humorous touch to his part. Plus really stands out with his accent as well as coming across as believeably outgoing adding a ton of spunk into his part of the story.
Child actress Judith Barsi (Thea Brody) was cute and charming in her role playing a nicely well raised little girl in the film.
Seemed to show a nice fun concentrated behavior when building a sandcastle.

An arm is bitten off but not too graphic looking

Michael Small performs some descent classical Jaws music along with some cheesy tingling synthesizer sounds making the moment a little more different than in the past films.

Ellen Brody: I want you, to get out of the water.
Michael Brody: What?
Ellen Brody: I want you, to get out of that terrible job!
Michael Brody: C'mon Mom, you can't be serious.
Ellen Brody: Damn! I'm serious.

Michael Brody: Dad died of a heart attack!
Ellen Brody: No. He died from fear. Fear of that shark.

Michael Brody: [when shark's chasing him through tunnels] JESUS CHRIST!

Michael Brody: [to torch-wielding welder wife Carla] I've always wanted to make love to an angry welder. I've dreamed of nothing else since I was a small boy.

Ellen Brody: Come and get me, you son of a bitch!

Hoagie: [as the shark swims up to him] Oooh, shit.