Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

Written & Directed by: Victor Salva


Ray Wise ....
Jack Taggart, Sr.
Jonathan Breck .... The Creeper
Garikayi Mutambirwa .... Deaundre 'Double D' Davis
Eric Nenninger .... Scotty Braddock
Nicki Aycox .... Minxie Hayes
Marieh Delfino .... Rhonda Truitt
Diane Delano .... Betty Borman
Thom Gossom Jr. .... Coach Charlie Hannah
Billy Aaron Brown .... Andy 'Bucky' Buck
Lena Cardwell .... Chelsea Farmer
Al Santos .... Dante Belasco
Travis Schiffner .... Izzy Bohen
Kasan Butcher .... Kimball 'Big K' Ward
Josh Hammond .... Jake Spencer
Tom Tarantini .... Coach Dwayne Barnes
Drew Tyler Bell .... Jonny Young
Luke Edwards .... Jack Taggart Jr.

Release Dates: Cannes Film Festival: May 16, 2003; Montreal Fantasia Festival: August 8, 2003; Frightfest: August 13, 2003 (UK); Theatrical: August 29, 2003; Gérardmer Fantasticarts Film Festival: January 28, 2004

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Twenty Three years have passed since that the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) has roamed the county area of Arizona. Well its that year when the Creeper gets to hunt and a school bus is stranded in the middle of a hot countryside road. The students are there all night and the Creeper has them trapped as it plans to eat some of the students and the students needs to spend the entire night in order to surive it as they are trapped inside the bus.
One of the girls named Minxie Hayes (Nicki Aycox) has a dream of the boy named Darry Jenner (Justin Long) who was killed 23 earlier by the Creeper as he explains to her why it is there as it wants to eat one of the students as every 23rd spring for 23 days it gets to eat and the thing can't be killed as it will come back 23 years later to eat again. The trouble is, the students aren't sure which one it wants.
The students manage to escpae the bus but it's suddenly open prey for the Creeper as it traps people down with it's own daggers and other deadly devices. A redneck farmer tries to get there on time to rescue the students as the Creeper killed his son.


An impressive beginning when we see a family doing farm chores as well as the youngest son Billy Taggert in the cornfield putting up scarecrows as this looked impressively shot as you could tell one of them is possibly the Creeper as this looked spooky to watch. Plus a nice movement on the head of one of the scarecrows and this boy looking frighterned and running away. Plus a great shot on the Creeper grabbing him and flying away with this helpless boy as the special effects looked great.
Also some good annoying moments with students on a school bus ready to go to play a game as well as the bus crashing and they look at what wrecked their wheels exposing a dagger of some sort which is a nice sign that the Creeper did this. Plus there's good discussions with some of the jocks being sarcastic and teasing one another which looked natural for certain kids being mean as well as one of them seeing a shadow swooping over him but can't see what it is due to the sunlight as this for sure adds a nice mysterious feel to the story.
A nice effective moment with Minxie Hayes having a dream while the bus is driving as well in this dream that we spot Darry from the first flick mouthing the words to go back as well as spotting a gruesome moment with Billy doing this too. A nicely focused moment with Darry telling her what this thing does as it shows his eyes gone as this was perfectly put into the story and proving that this one was a true sequel. We also have a perfect scene in the dream with the Creeper chasing towards the bus and swingingin a dagger as this was carefully done and then BAM! SHe wakes up and the bus once again has a flat as this showed perfect timing.
Nice dark setting with people putting flares on the road as well as a quick swooping moment on spomeone being picked up and flown away as this looked creepy to watch.
Nice dramatic and powerful moment with Minxie discussing to the people what she dreamt and explaining as to what the Creeper does every 23rd spring as this was memorable to watch and well put in as well as explaining this creature which seemed necessary for a sequel.
Also effective moments when the Creeper tries to terrorise the people in the bus as well as a perfect moment with this thing staring at some of the students pointing out to what he wants to eat and giving the student a hand signal of them moving away to see his next meal as it offer some slight dark comedy into the story as well as the horror and a good close up shot on him grinning evilly. Leaves a spooky impression.
Perfect moment with Jack Taggart looking for some evidence on the Creeper and spots a vehicle with it's roof torn open like a can opener as this looked creepy seeing this in the night.
A nice shot looking up on what the Creeper does to a decapitated head standing on top of the bus as this for sure added some neat and dark wicked effects when we continue to watch on what is happening here.
The best action of them all is when Jack tries to snuff this monster with his weapon as things look terrifying by what he tries to do using his vehicle as well as plunging his weapons on this thing. Lots of fun horror touches throughout all of this as well as the near ending taking place years later in which we all hope a sequel will arise.
Bottom line is that although this sequel wasn't as good or creepy it did explain why this thing did what it did as it didn't totally explain the situation in the first flick although the psychic lady who dreamed of the Creeper tried to explain the situation but it wasn't too clear. The story was quite slow to top it all off with not enought scene's. More focused on special effects.

We have a bigger cast in this one and all of them do a great job and play well for students. Ray Wise (Jack Taggart, Sr.) does well with his gruffness and stern attitude as someone in charge of his own farm. Plus shows a nice unique type of personality within what he does as well as showing a good shocked reaction in the near beginning of this flick. Also adds good energy when going into battle rolling with the punches. Was a good character actor and a convincing redneck.
Garikayi Mutambirwa (Deaundre 'Double D' Davis) seemed to bring alot of spunk into his role in which he adds someone whom is level headed and smart by what he talks about. Brings alot to what he does as well as doing a good job stressing stuff. He seemed to come across well onto the camera and reacts well to stuff too.
Eric Nenninger (Scotty Braddock) came off strongly as one of those masculine guy next door jocks in which he offers a good macho and cocky attitude. Also does a nice job with his aggressions as well as nearly acting violent in a certain scene of the film as this looked quite believeable. Shows a good powerful and strong personality. Kinda makes you wonder if he will survive in this flick by his actions in other scene's as someone whom is a bit arrogant but yet showing intelligence. He brings this off very nicely.
Supporting actress Nicki Aycox (Minxie Hayes) does well with her emotions when she dicovers what the creeper is after her dream. She has the girl next door looks and also shows off a good atttiude with nice knowledge. Shows off good energy when she says her lines or does something. Was a good character actress.

Diane Delano (Betty Borman) was the best supporting actress in which she shows a good butchy tough as nails type of attitude along with showing a great aggressive and no nonsense attitude by what she does or says. Had the right looks for this type of role and had a great speaking voice sounding deep with her words too.
Billy Aaron Brown (Andy 'Bucky' Buck) lived to play a nerd in this flick without being over the top geeky. Had the right looks and appeal. Shows alot of good adrenaline into all that he did as well as showing off some great frightened type of behavior too. He studied this role quite well.
Josh Hammond (Jake Spencer) comes off greatly as someone whom is ignorant with what he does or says as well as showing a strong cocky attitude. Comes off as one of those jock types who thinks he's all that. He for sure seemed like one of those bullying types too who lacks intelligence. Makes you wonder if he will be a victim in the movie by what he does with himself which he made his role convincing enough to be that way.
Tom Tarantini (Coach Dwayne Barnes) shows off a terrific high strung attitude as a hyped up one whom is always on the ball or alerted with stuff. Had the right geeky type of looks too to portray this character. Defientely presents himself in a good fashion here.

A young boy has a bloodied head.
A metal pole is sliced through the Creepers face and half of his head is gone.
A head is bitten off a students body.
The Creeper rips off it's head to put on the head of the head it bit off and ate.

Bennet Salvay is back again as he's a terrific composer and I wouldn't choose anyone else for this film as he has alot of low violin music as well as the high pitched noises for the real terrifying moments. Plus we hear metal clanging and rusty noises too adding great touches for all of this. Good drumbeats pounding away as well as great thumping sounds for the jumping moments. We hear odd hissing noises too sounding smoothly done.

[Taggert is looking for the disabled bus]
Taggert: Are there any landmarks nearby? What are you close to?
Buck: I'm close to pissing my fuckin' pants!

Coach Dwayne Barnes: What happened? What did you see?
Jake: What'd you see?
Coach Dwayne Barnes: Come on! Did you see something or not?
Jake: She flew away.

[voice is rewinding]
Darry Jenner: Every 23rd spring, for 23 days it gets to eat.
Minxie Hayes: Eat what?
Darry Jenner: Eat us.

Buck: Two groups? What, the "will be eaten" and the "won't be eaten"?

Dante Belasco: Maybe it only opens from the outside.
Jake: It's an Emergency Exit, idiot!
Dante Belasco: Well then you fucking open it!