Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017)

Written & Directed by: Victor Salva


.... Addison Brandon
.... Buddy Hooks
.... Gaylen Brandon
Stan Shaw .... Sheriff Dan Tashtego
.... Sgt. Davis Tubbs
Jason Bayle .... Cal Hooks
Jonathan Breck .... The Creeper

Special Appearance:

Meg Wright .... Gracie Mathers

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: September 26, 2017




The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) returns and a farmer Gaylen Brandon (Meg Foster) is told to leave her farmland as this monster will be heading to her home but she has a dark secret of her own while both Sheriff Dan Tashego (Stan Shaw) and Sgt. Davis Tubbs (Brandon Smith) along with their crew tries to find a way to stop it but it's not as easy as they thought.


A good beginning for a sequel where there's crows swarming around in the air as well as revealing opening credits with the sharp dagger that the Creeper uses with careful shots on all of this. Then we reveal a prologue involving a scared man running away with a machette as well as dodging these daggers being thrown at him plus good slow motion shots with all of this happening too which was well concentrated. Then there's a moment with him looking around near a vehicle and then some nice effective moments with a piece of a hand falling down towards him while he's looking around as well as a good shot at the moon and the nighttime too. This seemed like a nice beginning for a sequel indeed.
Perfect focused situations with the police and detectives surrounding the jeep owned by the Creeper and being cautious on this along with them trying to get inside of the vehicle with a nice shocking and jumping moment on sharp objects crashing down on someone's leg which looked clever for a horror fashioned sequence.
More great suspenseful moments when two officers try to tow away the jeep and something happens with nice dark shots on the Creeper slowly approaching these two as well as a nice close up shot on this monster sneering and a humorous moment on what this thing does towards one of them. A nice distant shot on this jeep and the object backing up too.
I enjoyed a scene taking place at a farmland owned by Gaylen Brandon with her son warning her to leave the area before it's too late with the Creeper about to reside there the next day as the moments here looked powerful when she denies leaving as it made me wonder what will happen later on. Plus a good shot on her son's back turning which looked grissly of what happened to him as this was a good touch too.
While the story is rolling along it is quite slow as I was hoping there'd be more action since things were getting a little boring like some detectives arguing about what to do and things like that but then we have a bunch of kids riding their dirtbikes and discovers the metal jeep and go exploring it as things are perfectly still and silent when they look around it which can seem chilling wondering if something will happen before we all at least expect it.
A nice shot on something coming from the muffler of the jeep with an object shooting far to get to the kids riding the dirtbikes and grabbing one back as well as them meeting up with the Creeper.
Then I spotted a good mysterious moment when Gaylen starts digging up her garden to look for a monstrous hand as well as what she does with it showing nice hyped intensity that surrounds her as I was thinking to myself "What is happening here???"
A hokey situation when both Addison Brandon and Buddy Hooks goes to an area and spots locals hiding underneath their vehicles and warning them which looked a little too comedic thatn spooky but it does seem chilling when Buddy tells Addison to get into the vehicle and lock their doors since this moment was done properly. Good shots on the Creeper staring at Buddy through his car window and sniffing as well as some intense moments happening later on which looked well done.
More nice timing when both Sheriff
Dan Tashtego and Sgt. Davis Tubbs goes to the farm to talk to Gaylen as it looks mysterious at first when she's silent like she's hiding something as this drew me in to watch more on what will happen. Plus a great flashback sequence involving the person from the prologue and the monstrous hand he buries in her garden. Many nice touches with this scene.
Nice setting when the three of them plan to do something by holding this object and she tells one of them to hold onto the fellow that's grabbing the hand which is impressive sonce we know what is about to happen like it did with her and the moments were strongly done in.
Impressive when both Addison and Cal are bagged up in the back of the jeep while the Creeper goes exploring which is the first time we discover as to why these bodies were placed here along with them trying to find a way to get out of the vehicle as well as Cal trying to press some of the objects and we hear that famous honking sound from what this vehicle did in the first flick when he pushes a button as this was a nice brief jumping moment and gives me the chills thinking that the Creeper will come back after hearing this.
I really loved a car chasing sequence involving Dan and Davis after the jeep trying to seek revenge as well as this object dropping bombs near them to try and stop these two. Plus a good moment with another vehicle with a machine gun trying to fire away at the jeep in which we reveal on how indestructive this object really is.
Terrific shots on the Creeper slowly approaching Dan and Davis with a deadly weapon as this looked powerful to watch and a nice sinking feeling that things will turn out deadly for these two.
Nice intense struggling moments with Addison battling against the Creeper with all her might using deadly devices inside the jeep as this looked enjoyable to watch.
Perfect moment to the close end when the Creeper is suffocating walking through the night and acting weak with stuff which was perfectly put into the story.
But at the very end we spot our own Gracie Mathers from the original flick waiting to seek revenge on the Creeper for killing her brother which was a perfect closing to the story as we all hope another sequel will arise from this.
Bottom line is that the story starts out quite boring with the discussions about the Creeper and trying to discover it with not enough action at first but then it starts up a little better as I enjoyed some of the suspense as well as a brief history on the jeep and the deadly objects that this vehicle has in which it was great bringing it back to the story again since it was just the Creeper itself from the previous one. The original one will always be a great one to watch but it's nice to see more and more on the background of this monster. My guess is they will continue to make sequels on this. Let's hope a remake won't ever happen to this one as it's fine the way it is.

The acting is pretty decent in which (Addison Brandon) seemed to come across as someone whom is sharp and clever. She shows alot of energy and pizzaz into what she did here. Was quick with her actions as well as trying to keep calm on things along with really bringing it out with her struggles when the terrors attack her. She deserves fairly good credit for what she did here.
(Buddy Hooks
) came across well with his somewhat clean cut geeky innocent boy next door type of looks and appeal. Does well with his intelligent and mature behavior. Seemed to really get into his part a great deal especially for the suspenseful situations which was a total attention grabber. Showed it off in every fashionable as he possibly could.
(Gaylen Brandon) stood out the most in her supporting role as a basketcase family woman in which she made her disturbed and depressed attitude totally realistic acting very down on stuff. Also does well with her expressions in a scene when holding an object and showing some great intense adrenalline. Had the right looks and appeal for this role so she was a great choice. Also does a nice job by acting stern whenever necessary.
Stan Shaw (Sheriff Dan Tashtego
) certain drew in powerfully as a tough type of lawman showing nice aggressions by what he does. Had the right tough looks for the role too as well as having a perfect no nonsense attitude along with his aggressions as well. Seemed to be a real strong force of nature by what he was talking about in many scene's of the film. He proved himself to be a great character actor.
(Sgt. Davis Tubbs) was impressive as the cowardly type whom has a low courage level on what goes on around him. He does well acting a little tense on things and situations. However added a great versatality within his characteristics later on in the story when he is vengeful showing great full force aggressions when seeking revenge and ready for battling on whom he's against. Does all of this with terrific style and enthusiasm.

Sharp objects slice off someone's foot
A spike is impaled in someone's leg
Two kids are impaled against a tree
A sharp object slices through somebody's head

Terrific classical composing by Andrew Morgan Smith as he studied his homework bringing out alot of powerful low trombone scheechings as well as rusty metal sounds and lots of banging too. Plus high screeching violin music too just packing a punch throughout the attacks and the chasing moments. Good banging sounds as usual for the surprise attackings. Plus nice still silent breathing and hissing sounds that you can just hear when things are still for the slow motion attacks which was brillaint to hear and very effective.