Jennifer's Body (2009)

Directed by: Karyn Kusama

Executive Produced & Written by: Diablo Kody


Megan Fox .... Jennifer Check
Amanda Seyfried .... Needy Lesnicki
Johnny Simmons .... Chip Dove
Juan Riedinger .... Dirk
J.K. Simmons .... Mr. Wrobleski

Release Dates: Toronto International Film Festival: September 10, 2009; Night Visions Film Festival: October 28, 2009 (Finland)

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A nerdy outsider named Needy Check (Amanda Seyfried) is in an asylum who talks about what happened to her when she was sane as she meets another outsider named Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) who is a cheerleader and becomes tight friends with her although they have little in common and then starts dating a geeky classmate of hers named Chip Dove (Johnny Simmons).
Both Needy and Jennifer go to a bar and watch a band lead buy a guy named Dirk (Juan Riedinger) whom picks up Jennfier after a fire happanes at the bar.
Later on Needy realises that Jennifer has changed and seems to be hungry for human blood as she tries to pick up guy's at her school and then kills them in which Dirk and his band members are responsible for the night they picked her up.
Needy fears that her school will be in since their dance is happening very soon and she plans to attend it. She asks Chip to attend with her to help protect everyone from Jennifer's next movie even if it means killing her.


The DVD cover looked nice and flashy with the pic of Jennifer so I checked it out as I heard the film was a bit corny and it certainly was corny and in the beginning it seemed like just a dark comedy and wondered when the horror was coming in to all of this but it does when she is turned into a demonic type vampiress.
The story is a little confusing in which you wonder how she came to be this way but in the middle of it there's a flashback sequence with the band members doing a cult ceremony but yet I didn't understand how she turned into a vampiress. I guess they resurrected a demon and she became possessed. The story tried hard to be an original vampiress flick in that fashion but yet it needed a bit more inspiration.
There's a good moment with a nutritionist as an asylum calmly coming up to
Needy Lesnicki and giving her advice with her suddenly kicking her in the face and then this nutritionist falling back which really makes you jump as well as a good camera shot looking up on Needy saying something vulgar to her with a nice evil expression on her face. There's also a great moment with orderly's dragging her away into a quiet room with a nice shot on her screaming crazily.
There's some nice discussions between both Needy and Jennifer Check going in a bar and talking to some band members mainly played by Dirk as well as him talking to his members by asking about picking one of them up seeing if she's a virgin as well as a good camera shot on Needy looking shocked and disgusted and telling him off which looked nicely energised.
There's nice shots on Dirk performing with his band as well as nice close up shots on both Needy and Jennifer smiling and holding hands. Plus there's nice shots on the bar catching on fire with everyone panicking and running out. There's a campy moment with Dirk trying to pick up Jennifer outside next to the bar burning down as if it's not a big deal. It looked a bit too comedically done.
There's a good moment with Needy walking into a kitchen of her home and then Jennifer appearing behind her grinning evilly with blood all over her and then going into the fridge and gorging out on food acting ravenous which really trips you out while watching this as well as her spitting out black liquid.
There's a nice discussion with Needy almost getting emotional talking to her boyfriend Chip Dove by telling him what happened that night as well as a nice flashback shot on her crying hysterically and cleaning up the black liquid on the kitchen floor.
There's a good distance camera shot on a football jock and then a fast camera shot panning in on him and then Jennifer approaching acting firtatious with him which seemed a bit rough. There's also good lustful shots on them making out in the woods and then close up shots on the wildlife staring at them with a nice attack approach by her looking monstrous and him screaming which looked cheesy but not terrible.
There's a good moment with a supporting character Nikolai looking nervous around a dark house which looked abandoned and then Jennifer approaching next to him with her lustfully coming on to him and then a nice shadow shot on her face turning monstrous and attacking him. There's a good gruesome shot on her drinking his blood. Plus there's good shots between Needy and
Mr. Wrobleski getting it on in bed when this moment happens with a perfect camera shot looking down on them.
A good moment on Jennifer telling Needy as to why she did the things she's doing with good flashback shots on Dirk and his gang taunting her in the woods as well as doing a cult sacrifice on her with her crying in fear of them which almost looked disturbing but the situations on this was a wee bit cheesy. There's also good close up shots on both Needy and Jennifer kissing one another mouth to mouth which is also mind boggling.
There's a good confrontation with Needy talking to
Mr. Wrobleski near a staircase in a school hallway telling him that Jennifer is evil with him not taking her seriously and then discussing about the dance and to show up to protect others which looked not too bad.
There's a good moment with Jennifer approaching Mr. Wrobleski in a park at night and then going to an abandoned pool talking along with Jennifer getting lungeful towards him and pushing him in the pool plus many great takes between her evilly walking towards Needy with her acting nervous but trying to act courageous and defensive on this matter as well as their battling towards one another which was one of the best scene's ever and higly energised. Another best moment was when Needy is talking to Mr. Wrobleski who is slowly dying which seemed very emotional.
There's more great energy between Needy and Jennifer battling in their room with a good close up shot on Needy herself ripping off a necklace on Jennifer and her falling down.
It does show a good look at 3 outsiders that stick together until one of them changes. It kinda reminded me of The Craft in that sort of fashion but the topics on what went on in the school was a bit different since there were no curses put on others due to witchcraft but what it had in common was some outsider friends and one of them was stunningly beautiful regardless.
There is a touch of some lesbian moments but that doesn't explain itself too well as to why these two chicks are kissing one another since they both have a thing for guys later on. Plus there's a good touching moment between the girlfirned and boyfriend close to the ending when one of them is dying from Jennifer's bite. Also what is really tense to see is when these two girls have a battle of survival in a bedroom one of them is caught by their mother in which leaves you a scary feeling that there is no escape from this since you've been cuaght redhanded and no one would believe you about the other one having evil powers.
The bottom line is the cover box looks like it would be a fun horror flick and it is which just saves the film to be consisered above average but there is alot of hokey moments too in the film which didn't seem to belnd in too well and fails to make you laugh. It's a film to watch if you're in the mood for a typical teenage demonic vampire flick but not a powerful one.

The acting is not too bad at all as lead actress Megan Fox (Jennifer Check) really knew how to act lustful and stuck up along with behaving very mysterious along with her evil speaking in which she really drew attention to the public eye by portraying a horror character in the film. However she didn't present herself that way in the beginning of the film till things got really rolling. She had the nice beautiful looks too which was a nice plus though.
Amanda Seyfried
Lesnicki) really knew how to come across as someone a tiny bit shy and feeling like she doesn't fit into a popular crowd. She did come across almsot like Carrie White but yet had a romance in her life and a few friends who were outsiders too. She does well with her stern attitude when she needed to be that way as well as bringing on the energy when she acted violent in the film which she can act very suspenseful while doing all of this. Nice freaked out reaction on her during a scene with someone spitting out black liquid. There's a good aggression by her when someone approaches her room demanding her to leave.
Johnny Simons
(Chip Dove) seemed to come across as a bit of a dorky teen in the film but really portrayed this well as another outsider but yet really came across nicely as an outgoing one in the flick. He had the nice guy next door looks too which probably convinced him to be cast along with having that type of personaity too.
Juan Riedinger
(Dirk) really had the perfect tough guy looks to be a rocker type in the film along with having a good cocky and sleazy attitude. Plus he really knew how to act vicious when he shows his true colours in the film.
Supporting actor J
.K. Simmons (Mr. Wrobleski) really grabbed my attention as an eccentric schoolteacher in the film with his clawed hand in which he seemed to come across as creepy like when teaching his students but at the same time he was quite corny and comedic too while doing this. Still he did an okay job with this character.

A body is torn open in a forest
Another body is torn open in a house with Jennifer drinking the blood
A guys neck is bitten and bloodied
Jennifer is bloodied and battered in the end

The music was put together by Stephen Barton and Theodore Shapiro but yet it's not overly noticeable except for some of the odd dark keyboard playing for some of the dark and creepy scene's as well as the bumping sounds too. Most of the music was covered by many songtracks. The one that stood out the most was towards the end of the film by the band Hole with "Violet" as I always loved that song.

Needy Lesnicky: Jennifer's evil.
Chip Dove: I know.
Needy Lesnicky: No. I mean, she's actually evil. Not high school evil.