Jigsaw (2002)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Don Adams & Harry James Picardi


Barret Walz .... Colin
.... Tawny
.... Val
Arthur Simone .... Eddie
.... Louise

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 22, 2002




A group of college art students are finishing up a project called the Jigsaw and go to a bar to discuss their darkest secrets but soon learn that their project turns out to be a deadly weapon.


The story was extremely slow for most of the beginning but shows a brief beginning with someone tied up as a pentagram which was supposed to draw you in a bit to see on what else will happen here. Yet we get pointless discussions for most of the bit with a group of students lead by Colin at a pub as well as spotting some bimbo trying to pay for a drink and others staring at her not able to control their hormones almost which was a lame scene.
However things seem to beef up a bit when we spot a redneck truck driver Art acting aggressive with his basket case of a wife Louise before going in to join the group of students which looked strong and a bit humorous to watch as well. Also a nice blue spotlight on the two of them in their vehicle.
But when the group of people get into their stories as the camera focuses on them things start to look mildly interesting for some of the people.
There's the flashback moment with Louise discussing about her rocky relationship with Art as the setting looked perfect in their shabby home and their fights as you wonder if this creep will strike her or not as things look intense and funny in a sort of way too.

However with a flashback showing Tawny about her emotional memoriy was supposed to make you cry and feel sad by what we spot. However, this misses by a longshot as it was far too cheesy to be taken seriously. The moments were incredibly rough to watch. Sorry no pointer here at all.
While we watch this slow story we all wonder to ourselves if we're really in for a horror film or not as nothing horrifying is happening at all and it becomes terribly pointless watching some sexy chicks swinging their butts around in the bar and stuff like that but then we get to see a scene with Tawny acting silly and all when we spot the Jigsaw character statue sitting there with the camera turned on which is of course the eye of this statue and if you look carefully you may spot this figures head moving as then I was thinking to myself that something is finally about to unravel while we spot still moments on some teasing moments with a couple having fun with one another in a dark wooded area hoping something will happen here but it doesn't at all.
However the horror starts to roll in as there's an effective moment with Jigsaw approaching one of the people from behind and using a device to strangle someone in which there's perfect close up shots on this looking good and graphic to please the horror fans a great deal.
There's also a fast slice and dicing moment with this object in which things were fast but yet cleverly done for a flick like this one which also looked entertaining to watch.
We also spot a moment with hearing the horn of Art's truck blaring in the still of the night outside of the bar and the people go to the truck wondering who's doing all of this as this for sure leaves a nice creepy impression since we all have a feeling that something not good is going to turn out of all of this.
Plus we have a good moment with Sneaky Pete carefully taking a look at Jigsaw standing still and then a moment that's supposed to make you jump but it barely works. However the moment still looked incredibly effective and knowing he'd get a heart attack from all of this.
Then we have some lame moments with Colin actin crazy on stuff which makes you wonder as if he's behind the madness which was supposed to add mysterious moments but this fails big time and looked incredibly stale as well as annoying to watch all of this.
Bottom line is that this film was very slow to get to the point on stuff and saved from boming was the terror that Jigsaw did to his victims. It will make you fall asleep with the triteful scene's throughout the movie and many disappointments when you think the terror will start and it doesn't just yet which is an awful teaser for the horror fans indeed. Full Moon Pictures can do better than this.

The acting is pretty bad and only certain one's stick out in my mind worth mentioning so I will give this a whirl..... Barret Walz (Colin) seemed quite rough by pulling his role together as the head of the students but seemed convincing as an asshole and a dork by his demanding actions and attitude. Seemed to know on how to get in your face. However when he acts weird and crazy he is a little too annoying and a bit amateurish. Seemed okay with the looks and appeal for his role but that was about it.
(Tawny) was plain annoying in general in her part of the film just shaking her stuff and not knowing how to get into character although you could tell that she was trying her best. She was incredibly lacking when she starts to act emotional by sobbing when telling a story on a past life of hers as it's a tough thing to do but doesn't pull it off to make it convincing. She just had the looks and that was about it.
(Louise) however pulled her stuff well and found her to be one of the best performers in this flick as she comes across as someone who's a basket case and dysfunctional too. Plus does well with her obnoxious attitude while throwing stuff or acting crazy on certain topics. Plus does a nice job with her socialising towards her onscreen students and acting normal on stuff. Had the right looks for the role she portrayed too.
) seemed to be the best out of the cast as an eccentric owner of the bar in which he came across creepily towards others as well as having an eccentric behavior. Shows off a bit of a comedic performance and adds some interesting timing to his part in the film. Also does well reacting to something and was convincing by having a heart attack near the end of his role and getting into this greatly.

Someone get stranged by barb wire and is bloodied
Jigsaw slices and dices with his saw but it's fast
Body pieces like a leg is revealed

Alot of light synthesizer composing was done here and there which isn't too shabby at all. Also the odd low sounds too as well as intense high pitched screeching noises for ther killing sequences as this sounded effective. Plus we hear some organ type of playing in another area which offers a nice change too. We also hear the odd sounding woodwinds too as this was good and clear. Plus there's gloomy low rumbling and deep synthesizer playing for the closing credits which also does the trick perfectly. This was put together by Kevin Hartnell.