Ju-On: The Curse 2 (2000)

Written & Directed by: Takashi Shimizu


.... Kamio
Denden .... Yoshikawa
Yuuko Daike .... Ky˘ko Suzuki
Makoto Ashikawa .... Tatsuya Suzuki
Kahori Fujii .... Yoshimi Kitada
Takako Fuji .... Kayako Saeki
Ryōta Koyama .... Toshio Saeki
Takashi Matsuyama .... Takeo Saeki

Release Date: Box Higashi-Nakano: March 25, 2000 (Japan)




A new family moves into the house where the last family was murdered, posessed and then was haunted the place themselves.
They also end up seeing deadly illusions by the ghosts of the family that lived there.
The family gets sick and behaves strangely when people who knew about the family before them tries to help them but the family refuses and one by one more residents end up disappearing as well as getting killed.
Suddenly the family turns into ghosts themselves.


There is only 45 minutes of new footage to this sequel as the rest was from the first film but it seemed to be necessary to have it in this one so we can catch up on what will happen with the new footage.
Then when we follow the new footage we get a strange boy Yoshikawa strangely staring at a TV screen and enjoying a killing as well as him just acting possessed when someone is trying to talk to him and he doesn't answer as this draws you in strongly making things look truly mysterious for a horror flick such as this one.

What shows great horror timing is seeing a family acting somewhat possessed and one of them rocking back and fourth as well as the wife Fumi later on laughing hysterically and telling her husband Taiji she spotted one of her family members being funny as this psychs you out while watching all of this. Then we have Taiji discovering a ghostly figure rising up as well as later on a ghostly figure revealed on a roof as this looked effective and showing great special effects. This for sure all looked perfectly terrorising and creepy.
Nicely crazed moments when the police officers Kamio and Iizuka tries to discover some cases and spots an old man staring out and acting out of it in the front of his home and then going insane as the scene definetely looked perfectly twisted as well as this old man's family members insisting them to leave making these moments looking convincingly unhappy.
Great sharp moment when Yoshimi goes to check her mail and opens up an envelope and spots a drawing as there's well focused shots on her looking at it and leaves an impression that she is becoming possessed by it. Then walking silently into the kitchen which looked creepy as well as her husband being a bit of a nag and you'll flip when you see her whacking him on the head with a frying pan which was right on the ball for a horror flick such as this one and then she stis down and butters some toast as if nothing had happened which made me chuckle a bit.
A still and focused discussion between Kamio and Iizuka when they spot the boy Nobuyuki walking by them and they talk about his issues and being mute as this seemed to bring more mysterious moments into the flick and what they plan to do with their mission on the unsovled cases. It was a bit dull to watch but drew into the story at the same time.
A real strong and still moment Tatsuya visiting Yoshimi and talking to her and we spot her head down with all of this happening as this looked impressive for a horror flick and having an eerie feeling that something terrifying will happen to him and a good moment when she crawls up towards him and then spot a freaky face on her as there's a great close up shot on this.
Then we have a scene at a school with kids mocking one another and almost getting into a fight as their actions looked pretty natural as well as them mocking Nobuyuki when he's staring out the window as it draws you in to what will happen within this. Plus good shots on some hands trying to reach inside the window as well as spotting the indoor of the classroom and a bunch of ghoulish bodies trying to get in as well as ghostly figures standing outside in the rain which seemed to have a real zombie feel to everything as the effects looked great within this moment.
Bottom line is that I seem to enjoy this one a bit better as there's more creepiness to the film. Still the story ends too quickly but there's better special effects and more in your face horror to this one compared to the original. This flick was later reshot and americanised titled The Grudge 2.

The acting is still hard to understand as it's in Japanese but they seem to pull it off very well with their expressions and emotions to the posessions etc. I will do my best to review the actors worth mentioning but it will be a challenge so let's see here.... Denden (Yoshikawa) knew his stuff as a possessed kid showing no expressions and just acting almost like a zombie. Shows a good disturbed presence with what he does and comes across as a misfit too. Got into his role nicely. He for sure was a good horror character without a doubt.
Makoto Ashikawa (Tatsuya Suzuki) seemed to play his part pretty good as someone whom shows a good seriousness to all that is happening and comes across as someone who tries to figure out problems and is wise about it all. Reacts well to stuff and knows on how to get into a conversation too. He had a sharp attitude.
Kahori Fujii (Yoshimi Kitada) stood out the most in her role in which she does a good job by focusing on what she spots in the mail and looking at a drawing as well as showing a good expressionless look as well as doing a good job walking back like she's in a trance. Plus shows great blocking while assualting someone with a frying pan really bringing on a good force within this. Also does well showing a mellow attitude in other areas or acting out of it. Offers a nice versatality into her part of it.
This is all I can dig up here folks that are remembered and worth mentioning but here's a couple of people with minor roles worth mentioning here:
Taizô Mizumura (Taiji Suzuki) does a highly energetic job as a fearful father in the flick really acting aggressive but in a frightful way as well as being good and loud for when the terrors start to occur. Shows great wide eyed expressions too and bringing his energy to the extreme. Seemed to be a worthy character actor.
(Fumi Suzuki) as the mother really got into her role big time as someone who seems possessed and acting crazily happy with her hysteric laughter and just going to the extreme as to what she is discussing. She comes acorss as someone whom is insane and drew in well onto the screen. She had the most effective supporting role.

There's a bit of blood here and there but not over the top gory.

Gary Ashiya and Shiro Sato delivers some the same synthesizer/violin sounds but somehow their work seems way more effective for this one but maybe it's just me. Seems to have more powerful hissing and rumbling sounds which fits into the creepiness of the scenery. Also more deep gloomy keyboard playing too.