Kannibal (2001)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Richard Driscoll


Richard Driscoll ....
Linnea Quigley .... Georgina
Lucien Morgan .... Inspector Lewis Reed
Vass Anderson .... Wallace White
Eileen Daly .... Tanya Sloveig

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 4, 2001 (UK)




A bunch of squad police cars arrives at an Emergency call racing through the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and find dead bodies everywhere done in a grizzly art form with their bodies torn apart. They missed the killer doing this although one of the survivors was the head of a New York Russia Mafia.

Then they move down to London but the assassin named Gideon Quinn (Richard Driscoll) also moved there and is working for the police as a pathologist. While the family is still on the hunt for the killer Quinn is on a mission for revenge disguising himself as other people as the police killed his wife and unborn child.

Meanwhile, a bisexual Russian mob boss named Georgina Thereshkova (Linnea Quigley) ends up making out with some of the women there who turn out as victims afterwards and she is also in questioning with the horrible murders.


An impressive and energetic beginning to this flick when we have police cars speeding to an area and then going into the hallways and other places where there's dead corpses as well as good camera shots slowly spinning on these gruesome results.
Nicely focused camera shots on Georgina in a limo with a cigarette doing business on a report as this settings definetely looked like a mafia type of going on plus good shots on her walking through some TV station and so fourth as well as her getting together with her mistress Tanya Sloveig and getting into a heavy lustful moment as this looked strongly done.

We also spot a dark moment with a bunch of people in an underground area getting drugs ready with their mob boss coming in and being nasty as well as sarcastic which was drawn in perfectly as well as a hooker coming on to him and then in an area getting lustful with him doing her doggy style as this was all carefully shot and concentrated and then another scene right away shows this hooker dead and being put away by the coroners with a newspaper headlining this. It for sure adds some good timing as well as making you wonder if this bad ass was a suspect to this case.
Nicely focused moments when the police inspect another slaughtering case revealing what's left of a dead body as well as realising that the killer had a meal after the slaughtering along with a discussion on canniballism as this almost seemed to pay a tribute to both Helter Skelter and Silence of the Lambs. The scene was fairly well done.
Plus some good timing when we are in the coroners lab and have the detective Wallace White discussing some evidence as to who slaughtered the corpse he's working on and so fourth as this was sharply done in a good fashion.
Plus a great setting with Quinn peacefully playing the piano and then we have a setting with Georgina chaining up one of her mistresses and ready to be kinky with this person as we get moments on her not ready to do what Georgina wants and this bitch being dominant as well as nice artsy shots on her cutting leather off of her. All of this is drawn in superbly and grabs your attention a great deal.
Anotgher nice setting with Georgina lying on a couch caressing Tanya as well as her talking to someone on a video call doing business and there's a sleazy type of attitude going on which looked entertaining to watch.
However we have a setting with Inspector Lewis Reed planning a mission with his officers on suspects and showing pictures of them and what to plan out by getting information as this looked a little uninspired.
Perfect horrifying moment when Quinn forces information out of someone else by bitig the side of his neck as this for sure looked shocking and intense.
Perfect sharp moments with Lewis trying to get information out of Georgina and she acts cocky and fresh as this was well put together on how all of this was performed as it looks like a cop with a criminal not seeing eye to eye on the deadly situations that were happening here.
Many of you will find this gross with Quinn making a gournet type of dinner for himself in which you get a feeling that it's not your everyday meat. Seemed to be well focused on what he was doing here.
Well done circling camera shots on Quinn talking to someone sitting in a chair in a dark grungy room which looks like an execution room with some cold situations between the two of them as you get a creepy feeling that Quinn will do this person in afterwards.
Also a nice dark moment with Quinn seeing his mother and her torn off face in a hospital bed with their wicked interactions towards one another as this looked perfectly still and wicked like. Suits the film while we watch this going on.
Bottom line is although this independent feature was well done and cleverly made in many scenes there are many tiring moments and the story almost fails to deliver the plot. It's still mysterious with some twists and turns.

A solid performance by many of the British actors for this UK flick. The acting really helped the plot big time whenever it got tiresome. Richard Driscoll (Quinn/Kavanagh/Virgil) is wonderful as the mysterious cannibalistic killer disguising himself with different names in order to hide away from the Inspectors and is nasty with his role. He for sure was a true force of nature when he attacks someone and getting perfectly cold and vicious studying this nicely. Also does well focusing on playing the piano acting perfectly sharp. Plus seemed to really get into other scene's with good style.
Scream queen Linnea Quigley (Georgina
Thereshkova) who plays a tough bisexual Russian spy who looks like she's an American trying to put on an accent but she delivers her role incredibly well nevertheless. Knew on how to act slick and playing it cool towards others. Also gets into business quite well and strutting it off perfectly. Plus knew on how to act dominant while getting into a lustful rage with someone else. Was perfect with her nasty sarcasm too while being questioned which made me chuckle a bit.
I also enjoyed Lucien Morgan (Inspector Lewis Reed) which I found the best actor out of all three. He shows a good stern attitude when doing his commandments or questioning someone. At times he's a bit over the top but makes up for it later on. He was very energetic and had the right looks for his role too.
Vass Anderson (Wallace White
) shows off a good serious motive as a detective in the flick and does well with his lines in which he was perfectly clear by how he was talking as well as being alert with what was going on. He seemed to have the right looks for this role too. For sure a decent character actor.
Eileen Daly (Tanya Sloveig) was perfectly slick in her part of the film with her tall like features and knew on how to act like a mistress and lustful. Plus shows off a good sleazy personality with her loose behavior. She was good and smooth with her speaking too as it shows off greatly. Had the right looks for this part too. She seemed almost mysterious and wicked like too.

There are many nude scenes throughout this film but it's very artsy instead of using it for an excuse to keep the viewers from watching this film.
Linnea's character pulls open a woman's red coat as her breasts are exposed.
A blonde woman takes off almost all of her clothes at some sort of a cathedral while a guy doggy style has sex with her.
Also a woman's arms are tied up and her leather outfit is cut off exposing her full nudity along with another woman lying on a bed making out with Linnea's character.
also performs topless for a couple of scenes too.

A group of people are nailed to a wall in the beginning systematically slaughtered.
A coroner is working with some corpses bodies that are torn open as well as showing many others corpses with their insides torn out but the bodies look totally fake as you can tell that they are dummies.
A guy's face is bitten off from the side of his face by Quinn in a Hannibal Lector kind of way.

The music is superbly composed by Patrick Bird and John Klein. We hear some echoey effective hissing and deep breathing sounds fitting into what we see onto the screen. Also for the beginning we hear some peaceful classical orchestra which was an odd combination as it centers around dead bodies with the police investigating. Also some nice low deep music as well as the odd accoustic guitar strumming for the odd lustful moments which was catchy. The most effective composotions are during when Georgina is in a room for questioning as well as at a gothic museum.

There were also songtracks by classical composers.
There was also hard core music in the film too which I wasn't wild over by an artists named Gioacchino Rossini.
Once a CD soundtrack was available by a small label named Nightingale Records.