The Killer Eye (1999)


Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Neal Marshall Stevens, Matthew Jason Walsh & Rolfe Kanefsky


.... Rita Grady
.... Dr. Jordan Grady
.... Jane
.... Morton
.... Creepy Bill
.... Tom
Roland Martinez .... Joe

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 18, 1999




A mad scientist Dr. Jordan Grady (Jonathan Norman) does an experiement with a street kid but it goes awry turning his eyeball into a giant killing machine that has an insatiable appetite for young women especially lustful ones.


This was a dull flick in which there's a typical incident with amad scientist Dr. Jordan Grady doing a test on a street kid with their conversations which looked awfully cheesy to watch as well as Jordan's wife Rita discusses the two of them not having sex lately and being frusterated which sounds like a typical DeCoteau flick. In other words a lame excuse to put into a plotline.
However, during this incident we see the street kid's shadow as something large is popping out of his eye which looked amusing to watch as well as this giant eye approaching as this certainly seemed to pay a tribute to those old fashioned horror flicks on the outcome of this.
When the story gets rolling after the opening credits there's of course teenage jocks that are shirtless having a laugh and moments like that which is pointless as well.
Then one of these jocks lust with a woman in a lingerae and no nudity which looked like an amateurish lust scene and the giant eye is focusing on this. It was a long and pointless scene which I was thinking to myself "Get on with it!!!!" Yet what was interesting is there's neat cheesy laser effects with this eyeball doing something to the jock but again this doesn't make up for the lame scene.
Then this killer eye goes and stalks as well as analyze two jocks getting it on with a beautiful woman killing even more time along with more cheesy effects on the eye shooting a green laser against one of them along with this object using some sort of an arm to feel around this woman too which I rolled my eyes big time.
After this situation the killer eye goes and watches Jane on a treadmill and then taking a shower feeling her out and getting aroused which is of course another lame time waster to fill in the blanks as well in the meantime Rita gets flirtatious with some of the other guys doing business as I preferred to see this although it was also lame to watch but nowhere as bad. Afterwards some amusing moments on this killer eye zapping Jane as well as Morton basically putting them in a trance but yet the killer eye seems to be lustful towards her once again feeling her out with it's objects.
Some brief entertaining horror moments when Jordan shows Rita and Creepy Bill his killer eye revealing his secrets on the thing as well as this object shooting the green laser once again towards one of them as this has a fair sci-fi/horror madness to the scene but again we've seen this in other shows too that were done in better style.
Then two jocks in their underwear watching TV which is showing DeCoteau's flick Creepozoids mainly showing over and over again a nude shower scene and brief moments on the monster. This was one of his only flicks that made it to theatre's for a short time. The scene looked pointless to watch like some of the other situations but not as bad as the long lustful one's. Yet the moments look pretty fair later on as the killer eye crawls through the vent behind the tv and approaches Joe staring face to face about to do it's deadly deeds which was one of the only scene's worth watching in this clunker. But yet when this jock is under the eyeball's evil spell the moments were annoyingly bad. However later on on what happens to him as well as revealing the killer eye once again offered some nice tame horror to what unravels here.
Also a good trap that involves Rita thinking that Jordan will be romantic towards him to have his killer eye do a deadly deed towards her looked fairly insane as well as offering decent horror/sci-fi timing too. Plus some nice cheesy special effects with the others trying to figure out a way to put a stop to this thing even if the moments here were coming to an end.
Bottom line is that this flick was a complete bore mainly focusing on a killer eyeball watching sex scene's before doing something to these people. It was a complete waste of time and effort. Years later a sequel arose which was surprisingly a bit better.

The acting is in really rough shape in which you could tell that they weren't really into performing in this piece. (Rita Grady) however seemed to offer a bit of spunk with her flirtatious and charming type of attitude showing off a fair outgoing type of behavior within this too. Seemed to pull her weight a bit and appealed well onto the camera as well as having the beautiful looks as she was a right choice.
(Dr. Jordan Grady) seemed to have the mad scientist appeal and was clear with his speaking but at times was a bit wooden with his wicked attitude and so fourth but tried his best in parts when he focuses on his projects and trying to bring that persona to life. Yet he needed a bit more improvements while doing so.
(Morton) seemed to have a sharp type of behavior and was on the ball with what he was doing. Seemed to be quite energetic within what happens in each part of the story. I would have to admit that he can pull off some fair characteristics and was better than most of the cast members.
(Creepy Bill) was supposed to portray an eccentric type of attitude but he was way too over the top as well as very rough within whatever he did here. I really thought he should've taken some acting lessons as he lacked a bit.
Roland Martinez (Joe) was probably the worst out of the whole cast in which he almost wasn't worth mentioning but what brought my attention is when he is under a spell and has a monstrous speaking voice that it was humiliating and annoying. He was not meant to be in the acting field whatsoever.

Woman is barebreasted in bed with two jocks.
After doing cardio another woman takes it all off top to bottom and has a shower. Later on she falls in a bed with her bathrobe open revealing her breast once again.
Two people are nude in a shower on a TV screen.

Eyeball is missing from a persons eye.

Carl Dante was cheesy with his work in the film but yet it fit the storyline quite well using a synthesizer of waltzy music as well as trying his best to add classical music in with this instrument It doesn't sound natural though but there's some good energetic music for the opening as well as metal scraping sounds in other spots along with heartbeat sounds too.