Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)


Produced Directed & Story by: Charles Band

Written by: Kent Roudebush & August White


Erica Rhodes .... Jenna
Olivia Alexander .... Giselle
Chelsea Edmunsen .... Rocky
Ariana Madix .... Catalina
Lauren Furs .... Kiana

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 18, 2011





Jenna (Erica Rhodes) asks her four girlfriends to help an old mansion be converted into a halloween haunt but decide that they want to party instead and one of them named Giselle (Olivia Alexander) owns a prop called the killer eye while a crystal ball in the mansion uses some special powers on this eye to come to life which is a spirit from a perverse party crasher from beyond who will stop at nothing to get what he wants even if it means molesting or killing some of these party goers.


There's neat cheesy low budget opening credits used in the film making it look like a fun Halloween type of low budgeter and then we spot some girls in a horror themed mansion being terrorised and running away from something terrorising as this all looked so phony looking to watch all of this. Then it says 52 minutes before which looked interesting to spot since it seems to take place every minute we watch this flick instead of having moments happening hours later like in any feature flick.
It shows the group of girlfriends hanging out in the horror themed mansion interacting as well as having fun dancing and partying but yet this all looked very sloppy and unnatural as if they were forced in order to be doing all of this.
Things do seem humoress the odd time when the head friend of the pack Giselle tells her friends to be careful on touching a crystal ball belonging to her Mom's in which there's a nice laughing matter when another friend Kiana pushes her boobs in front of it and taking things lightly on what is can predict since this was a nice add on to the story.
Also they try to scare one another with jumping ghoulish objects in the home as this was supposed to make the audience jump as well but this fails in order to do so.
The story gets a little tiresome when they decide to watch a low budget horror film in what seems to have cast members of people they know as this was a film by David DeCoteau called the Killer Eye. If you keep watching we see some brief scene's on Creepozoids. Then while this is happening we spot the crystal ball zapping a prop belonging to Giselle with is a giant eye and later on spotting this eye possessing Kiana in which we see her acting lustful which is of course the drawing card to a trashy horror flick such as this one.
The killer eye seems to spy on a girl taking a shower and takes it's time spotting all of this of course for a horror film with a thin plot this seems to be pretty commonly done. Of course we then spot a terrorising moment too with this eye zapping her but yet it doesn't look as suspenseful like it's supposed to have.
Then we spot more moments with this eye stalking the other girls in which it possesses one of them and they get into a lesbian lustful moment as this was well shot and their energy was at an average pace but this seems to take up a few minutes of pointless time here.
Also we have good evil possessive moments with Giselle being forceful towards her other friends and getting nasty after the killer eye possesses her.
Also another good horror situation is when this eye pops underneath the covers of someone sleeping in bed and intensely killing her and then slithering away. While watching this it also looked a tiny bit funny.
Then we spot struggling moments with the survivors like the lead character Jenna trying to find a way on surviving the hellish nightmare everyone is having as this sometimes looked amusing to watch but nothing overly special either.
Bottom line is that the story is very short and doesn't really make sense on what is happening and badly written too. Yet it can be fun if you're in the mood for it. Otherwise you may want to avoid it at all costs. It's a combination on a tribute to those old fashioned horror/sci-fi flicks as well as pointing in the direction on the bisexual horror market too.

The acting is in poor taste for the most part here. Lead actress Erica Rhodes (Jenna) comes across as one of those ditzy types with just the cute blonde haired looks and not the talent. Yet she pulls it off not too badly whenever she gets anxious on the terrorising situations and bringing it to a full speed which I had to give her good credit while doing all of this. Does a good job with her struggling behavior too and does well with her excited interactions towards others too. So she passes to pull off this role. Just not the greatest actress.
Olivia Alexander (Giselle) I'd have to say was the best out of the whole cast here in which she shows a great sharpness to her behavior throughout everything. She shows a believeable firm attitude. She is great with her words speaking smoothly and acting cool on stuff. Also does a great forceful job by acting aggressively with her dominating behavior when she's possessed. Shows perfect excited expressions too as well as good powerful blocking to add to her credit here.
Chelsea Edmunsen (Rocky) seemed a little too over the top with her defensive toye of behavior and stuck up attitude and was believeably annoying in which she was portrayed to be that way but however she seemed a bit stiff while doing this onto the screen. However she could really get into things when she had to be dead serious on the terrors happening and showing some good emotions with all of this. She does a nice job trying to act courageous within all of this too as well as having decent energy and enthusiasm for these moments too.
Lauren Furs (Kiana) showed off a nice bubbly type of behavior to her role offering perfect timing with her humoress attitude and was average when she acted lustful in a situation which could've been a bit more energised. Yet her looks weren't right as well as her screaming needed a bit more energy when the terror strikes her. So she was mediocre as an actress. Sorry folks.

Someone takes off her top and pushing her breasts in front of a crystal ball.
Two women get it on with one another topless and briefly exposing her breasts.
A butt and brief breast shot on someone taking a shower.
A possessed girl is fully breasted and topless when trying to attack someone else.

A woman is bloodied all over after the killer eye attacks her in bed.

The music has some nice haunting like chimings and chantings with the opening here as this almost sounds similar to the music inside the haunted house in Disneyland. It sounded very professional. Also we spot some nice wavy sounds and it flows well with the peacefulness through alot of this. There's good hissing sound effects too along with ghostly synthesizer playing too. All in all it was put together by Richard Kosinski & William Levine as they made it sound tradiational for a Full Moon Pictures production such as this one.