Killer Party (1986)

Directed by: William Fruet

Written by: Barney Cohen


.... Jennifer
 .... Phoebe
.... Martin
.... Blake
.... Albert Harrison
.... Professor Zito
.... Veronica
.... Melanie

Release Date: Theatrical: May 9, 1986





Three frat sisters try to pledge at a sorority as they are in hopes to have their own sorority house that has been abandoned and told to never enter the home since there's been issues held there.
The head of the sorority sisters crash an April Fools Day party where all sorts of supposed pranks that seem deadly but aren't are happening.
A blood thirsty demon is lyin in wait at the house and all hell breaks loose possessing one of the sisters killing almost everyone at the party.


The film starts off with a campy opening on a preacher doing a funeral ceremony as I wondered if this would be a plain comedy since these moments looked a little too comedic as well as a woman later on being alone near the coffin of the corpse as she shows her hatred which is also off the wall but what lurks inside the coffin attacking her as the mild horror comes into the picture as this was done in fair taste in a slapstick type of fashion.
The fun and entertainment then gets rolling along big time in which a girl named April goes to a movie theatre that's abandoned and sees if anyone is there in order to get some popcorn but the place is dead which is supposed to leave a nice eerie feeling that something scary will unravel as it offered nice horror timing here along with later on she is attacked by zombies and so fourth as well as trying to get away and then a rock band performs with clips of this happening as I wondered why this was happening since I figured that this was a music video but it explains itself later on. This was my favourite part of the movie and done in great taste too.
More fun stuff occurs as the frat girls look at the deserted house which they hope will be their own sorority home as it leaves an eerie feeling on how this was all set out as well as the headmistress warning them about the place. A nice beginning to a horror story.
Of course some of the frat sisters skinny dipping in their jacuzzi and the frat guys do a prank to video tape these girls which seems typical for a flick such as this one and was done in nice style by what happens here.
The headmistress goes to the abandoned home and talks to a tombstone as this adds some nice twisted moments which caught my attention and left another effective moment for a horror story and done in good style as well as her entering the home as this left an impression that something is bound to happen to her.
The comedy rolls in alot as I was wondering to myself if this is actually a horror film like the frat girls being pledges for being one of the sorority sisters with the bitchy head sister Veronica sister being in command which was well focused as well as one of the pledges pulling pranks of her own towards them as at first things seem shocking and almost fooling you that more horror has happened.
More great comedic moments with a closed minded Professor Zito about to show something on a film projector and it was not the footage he planned to show them but what went on with the perverted guys towards the girls during their moments in a hot tub as I got a good chuckle out of this.
Another nicely focused moment with a geeky couple Martin and Vivia making out in their convertible and was over the top but could tell that this was meant to be that way as it didn't look too bad at all.
Then the horror comes back in as Professor Zito goes exploring the abandoned sorority home and spots the objects that were used for pranks including a guillotine and so fourth in which during these moments leaves an impression that someone deadly is watching him and about to do him in.
I loved a moment when the sorority decides to throw in an April Fools Day party as it makes you want to join in on the fun in which there's many good humoress moments happening during these moments.
The horror rolls in big time with a killer in a deep sea diving uniform coming in to do other fraternity people in although alot of the slayings is shown off screen. Still it proves to be a worthy horror apart from being a comedy.
Some gorehounds may be amused when Vivia opens a refrigerator and spots something shocking in it as this was well set.
The adventure piles up when Vivia and Phoebe tries to flee for their lives after all their friends turn up dead and one of their friends is possessed which looked creepy as this possesed friend of theirs does alot of horrifying things like crawling on a ceiling and getting crazy which offered more horror timing as you fans of supernatural horror won't be disappointed with this at all.
Great powerful situations when they try to climb on a roof to get away from their possessed friend as well as one of them later on whacking this being with a stick and then she looks normal again pleading not to hurt her as this of course is a brain teaser wondering or not if she is still actually possessed or not but we all know that this is more than likely a trap. All of this looked terrifically energetic. Then there's a different twist near the end of the film which was clever to watch as well as a door left open for a sequel.
Bottom line is that this was a nicely done Canadian tongue in cheek horror flick as it's a real teaser wondering what is really happening or not and then building up the suspense. The flick seems to pay a tribute to The Exorcist although not as disturbing as well as Evil Dead without all the horror violence. A very entertaining film for any fans who loves the 80s.

Although this was a Canadian flick alot of the cast members came from the U.S. and did a fine job with their work on this but only certain one's stood out in which ) had the perfect geeky and brainy looks but at the same time was very attractive and offered a ton of spunk in her role along with showing a good outgoing type of attitude. Plus brings up the hype big time when the terror starts and getting into this a great deal.
(Jennifer) offered the perfect healthy good girl looks and shows off her performance quite well as the smart type within whatever she did here. Also reacts well to being fearful or worried later on in the story as she shows this off well onto the camera. Then was great when she becomes possessed again powerful and does this in great taste.
(Martin) showed alot of great hype as a geeky frat boy and really getting into action big time. He offers great hyped up expressions as well as to what he is talking about. Seemed to show good timing with his comedic performance too. A worthy character actor indeed.
(Blake) had the rough scruffy looks as well as offering a nice charming attitude as well as doing well by acting supposedly violent and deadly during a certain part of the story. Shows off alot of decent energy within everything that he did here and another passable character actor like the rest mentioned.
 (Professor Zito) had a good supporting role in which he does well acting closed minded as well as somehwat pigheaded by what he was talking about. He for sure knew on how to behave somewhat unlikeable. He was someone I totally grabbed attention to while watching this flick as he stood out strongly.
(Veronica) lived to play the head sorority sister as she was sharp within her speaking and presence too. She was perfect by acting like a mega bitch when she is in someone's face especially. She was one of the best out of the cast and had the right lustful type of looks too which was a plus.

Breasts are briefly revealed while a bunch of frat girls are running out of a jacuzzi

A somewhat skewered body is revealed with a sharp object stabbed on the top of a corpses head
Body parts are revealed in a fridge

John Beal does very well with his music in which he has a nice low tone for the mysterious and creepy moments as it leaves off a nice vibe along with some nice synthesizer chiming sounds too. There's also some good beats too here and there as it gives a good tone for an 80's flick like this one. Alot of it was convincingly low budget creepy like throughout what we spot in the story and deserves nice credit.

There's also a bitchin songtrack by the hair metal band White Sister with their track "You're No Fool (April)" as they come onto the film in the first bit as it was a rock video since the song suited the story already shown reminding the good old days of 80's glam hair bands.

Veronica: OK, slime-buckets, listen up! The phrase for today is: 'I myself prefer a big, fat cucumber.' Let's hear it.

April: [Walking around the abandoned cinema] Hello? Hello? I just want some popcorn! Customer here! This is your last chance!
[Starts to happily fill a huge bucket of popcorn, then walks out]
April: Thank You, Come Again!