Killing Spree (1987)


Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Tim Ritter


Asbestos Felt .... Tom Russo
Courtney Lercara .... Leeza Russo
Raymond Carbone .... Ben Seltzer
Cloe Pavel .... Mrs. Palmer
Joel D. Wynkoop .... TV Repairman

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: 1987




An insecure husband Tom Russo (Asbestos Left) thinks that his wife Leeza (Courtney Lercara) is having an affair with people that do maintenance and repairs at their home after reading what seems like her diary so he invites them back to his home and kills them but however they return from the dead to seek revenge.


I spotted the beginning of this story when we spot our title character Tom Russo talking to his nagging neighbor Mrs. Palmer as amateurish isn't the word for their interactions as I had a bad feeling that I was heading into a real bad made for video horror flick that won't give me the scares at all by what was going on.
There's stale moments when Tom is at home with his wife Leeza at dinner along with their guest Ben Seltzer in which the moments looked very unnatural but however there's some average tension when Tom kicks him out of the house and he tries to reason with him as the moments look psychological but the intensity could've been picked up alot better.
Interesting moment into the story when Tom tells Leeza his past experience with his past ex in which gives you an idea that he could go on a killing spree out of jealousy and being insecure. However the scene didn't draw me in as it was amateurish like the other scene's so far while I continued to watch this boring flick.
Then we have a dream sequence when Tom catches his wife getting it on with Ben but none of this looked convincing one bit especially the fact that they were fully clothed and very stupid as well as a moment that's supposed to make you laugh having her lips growing gigantic and putting them over Ben's head. I rolled my eyes thinking this is agony so far and I bet it's going to get worst.
Impressive shots though when Tom is reading Leeza diary on what seems like an affair that she's having with other men as there's a neat cheesy red light shining on him and decent close up shots on him.
In the story he goes to the beach beating some people up which looked extremely stupid and pointless as well as a lame excuse for a time filler but thankfully it wasn't too long.
Then we have a situation with Tom acting crazy towards Ben as well as to what he does with his girlfriend as this looked awfully phony and uncreepy since the scenery surrounding all of them looked terribly amateurish. But an interesting brief moment when he buries his victims.
While I sat through the lame imaginary scene's on Leeza has affairs with people repairing technical stuff in their home I spot an impressive close up shot on him sharpening a machette as I was thinking to myself we're going to get into some decent slashings but then I see him putting them on a roof fan which looked like a lame killing device and of course brings the repairman over to check it out and of course lifts him in the air which looked so uninspired and stupid seeing this moment happening.
More lame moments when we see a TV repairman fixing the object and a shot on Leeza's legs in which this is supposed to leave a clue that she wants to lust after him especially when she says she's tight on cash asking for a discount.
Plus there's other situations when Leeza gets out of the shower to answer the door or sanbathing with another worker cutting the lawn as well as telling them she's trying to save some money and the imaginary moments on their affiars with her while Tom reads her diary as this just looked too pointless and amateurish as well.
The slashings however improve a tiny bit but not much as there's a moment on the TV repairman tied up in their basement and Tom himself brings out a chainsaw but he waves it towards the camera a little too much showing very little action but then later the results don't look pretty which should please you gorehounds.
We even see a lawnmowing sequence with another one buried in deep but it doesn't look convincing on this deadly object towards this person.
Then we have Tom on a ladder and dropping a screwdriver and it stabs someone's head which I thought to myself that doesn't happen at all and not the least bit deadly.
After the killings happen there's the nagging neighbor Mrs. Palmer talking to Tom about what he was doing which was supposed to look funny especially when she asks him to kill someone for her but it's not the slightest of funny and badly written in. However a good gruesome moment on what he does to her which is another nice slashing moment. However this is nothing to brag about.
The vengeful moments on these victims are the best scene's but not enough to save the film from bombing as we see them returning from the dead with a first moment on Ben creepily stepping up towards him with his angered situations and then some nice moments on others rising out to where they were left off especially a corpse rising from the ground which looked cheesily fun or one that looked skeletal after being burned in a barrell. Also interesting near struggling moments between these zombies against both Tom and Leeza.
However it falls flat when the two of them lock themselves to prevent from being killed and Ben talking to the others on what to plan in order to seek revenge against these two which looked totally moronic. However when the two agree to come out and willing to give in there's cheesy horror moments with these ghouls following them which was done in an okay fashion for a trashy horror flick such as this one.
Bottom line is that this film was a waste of time and can tell it was on a cheap camera and trying to make it look like a grindhouse type of feel to it. Doesn't do the trick at all with bad everything. Tried to combine it into a slasher film as well as a zombie flick but doesn't cut it at all. The filmmakers should be embarrassed with this piece of junk and can see why this one was almost unheard of.

The acting is just plain terrible in which lead actor Asbestos Felt (Tom Russo) was seriously humiliating himself playing a maniac with anger management issues as he is way too over the top when he loses his temper and can't get into character at all. He was really straining when he loses control and not intimidating like he was supposed to have been. However there's times he shows good creepy expressions but that's about it. He needs to find a new hobby that's for sure as not even acting lessons can help this person.
Courtney Lercara (Leeza Russo) was the best out of the whole cast in which she seemed to show some inspiration to her part in this one. Was believeable by acting sympathetic as well as trying to have a good and calm understanding on what's going on. Also shows some nice spunk and energy into her role as well as doing a good job with her anxious and frightened behavior when the terror starts to strike.
Raymond Carbone
(Ben Seltzer) seemed to do an okay job as well coming acorss as someone whom is outgoing and acting like a chick magnet. Plus shows a good down to earth type of attitude as well. Also does well with his gravelly voice w hen he is a zombie in which he seemed to show off a nice dark attitude but sometimes got carried away while doing this. He wasn't a spectacular actor but seemed to do the job well.
Cloe Pavel (Mrs. Palmer) was so wooden in her performance it wasn't even funny playing a nagging type of neighbor as she got on my nerves big time. She was incredibly annoying although she was supposed to come across that way she just is too over the top by what she does and trying to come across funny but it was so irritating big time. No gold star for this one.
Joel D. Wynkoop (TV Repairman) is often over the top with all the trashy horror films that I've seen him in but seems okay in this one. I just mean he's okay. Seems to show a fair seriousness while discussing the cost on repairs of a TV set as well as showing someone his martial arts showing an okay concentration while doing this. Plus does well with his shocked aggressions after being hit.

A fake looking decapitated head is revealed as you can tell it's a dummy.
Lots of bloodsheds during killings.
Intestines are pulled out.
Top of a head is sliced with a brain revealed.
Fingers are cut off from a lawnmower.
Screwdriver is bloodily stabbed on top of someone's head.
Ladies bottom jaw is torn off.
Zombie's head is torn with a brain revealed.
Thoat is bloodily slashed.

The music was badly done on a synthesizer by Perry Munroe as it sounds very weak and uneven especially some corny comedic type music which sounded incredibly annoying to listen to. At times it sounded okay with some adventureosu high sounds with the beats, buzzing sounds after a slaughtering or ghostly type sounds when some of them return from the dead but falls flat in other spots. No golden winner for this guy though.