Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981)

Directed by: Patrick Regan

Written by: Ronald Abrams, Patrick Regan, Alain Silver & Mary Stewart


Fabian .... Deputy Blanchard
Marilyn Burns .... Nora Dennis
Nell Regan .... Beth Nicholas
Patrick Regan .... Michael Nicholas
Chester Grimes .... Snake - Biker Gang Leader
Robert Dryer .... Billy
Jed Mills .... Biker
Gay French .... Nicky - Female Biker
Will Rand .... Guy Nicholas

Special Appearances:

Jon Cedar .... Wally Stanton
Marvin Miller .... Bill Morris

Release Date: Theatrical: 1981





A protective father Guy Nicholas (Will Rand), who's wife recently passed away from leukemia has two twin children named Beth (Nell Regan) and Michael (Patrick Regan III) with telekinetic powers but their father tells them to never use their special powers in public else they'd be taken away and used for experiments.
A nasty biker gang trespasses on their property and then kills Guy and takes off leaving the two children alone and wondering what to do making them orphans.
They don't tell anyone what has happened to their father making out that he is still alive so they use their powers at full speed to make their father's corpse move around whenever someone arrives at their house.
An obnoxious alcoholic named Wally Stanton (Jon Cedar) arrives at their house demanding for their father and the kids use his corpse to kill him.
Then this gives them an idea to take revenge on the biker gang that killed their father.


The film has a lame opening showing pictures and the handwritten credits are also hard to read. But we have an impressive beginning with Deputy Blanchard driving in his police truck along the seaside as well as two flirtatious teenage girls sspotting him as this showed good timing for the beginning of this story.
Also we have an impressive moment with the two twin siblings Nora and Beth playing frisbee and realise they threw it too hard that it lands against the other side of a busy road while waiting for their father to pick up some groceries and then using their telekinetic powers to retrieve it as this scene was for sure memorable and well done for anyone who saw this I will have to admit.
There's a good moment written in with a store owner talking to Blanchard about a biker gang around the area as this is the key to the story on what's going to happen later on which seemed necessary to have in the flick.
We spot rather corny moments when Guy tells his kids to use their powers to put the groceries away and they do so which I thought to myself "Ho hum!"
Things seem quite disturbing when the biker gang trespasses onto their property and use a tub outside of their front house as well as Guy confronting them which makes you cringe that something bad is going to happen. When it does with the struggling and the murder things looked very fake and not intense like it was supposed to have been.
Later on we have the kids putting dark make up on their dead father as this looked lame to watch and amateurishly done.
We do have an effective scene when Wally Stanton has some unfinished business with Guy and barges into the home as well as Beth trying to be nice to him and he acts nasty in which this looks disturbing to watch while this scenario happens. A good shot on the kids using their powers to make their dead father come up and grabbing this obnoxious man but then the results on him being strangled to death looked amateurish like the rest of this story.
We spot some effective discussions between Nora Dennis and Blanchard with their flirtations and romantic moments as this seemed to flow in well to the story and is convincingly well done.
Nice night shots on the beach with one of the bikers with his girlfriend fornicating there as well as a good shot on the corpse of Guy coming out and planning to to these two in as things looked impressive from the start of it when he sinks underneath the sand and grabs them with his arms but then it fails from there as once again didn't look intense as it was intended to be.
Effective scene when the kids are at the beach making a sandcastle and a surfer accidentally kocks it over as well as this dudes friend purposely flattening their other one as it looked like a realistic moment on mean teenagers as well as leaving a clue that these kids will use their powers to have their dead father come after them. It was well put into a horror story for sure.
There's a lame moment with the twins eating yogurt discussing as to whether or not to tell Nora on their father being killed as well as speaking telepathically in which there's no audio doing this since you're supposed to imagine all of this happening. More amatureish situations.
Yet a good moment with the surviving bikers which happens to be Snake and Billy pitting themselves against Nora when she comes to visit the home as this looked unpleasant as well as later onj Snake acting menacing towards her which looked a little intense without looking phony. Plus we have the kids using their telekinetic powers to make their father whom is Guy rising out of the ground adding a cheesiness =seeing him rise up as well as ready to attack these goons.
Bottom line is that a movie made on a god awful budget as the picture quality sucks as it looks like it was shot on a cheap home video camera. It was obviously a bad video quality picture. The story tries to be interesting but fails for the most part. In 1984 it did show on an Elvira TV episode of Movie Macabre showing clips of Fabian's role.

The acting is terribly stiff and a little wooden but former 60's hearthrob Fabian (Deputy Blanchard) seems to do a fine job with his performance and yet it surprises me that he's in this forgettable flick as he wasn't hurting that bad I thought. He shows good expressions with his role as the head deputy. Also has the unique charm to his part in the story making his role very likeable. Plus was convincingly romantic. Also knew on how to get into a discussion or be alert on stuff.
Marilyn Burns
(Nora Dennis) was better off in Texas Chainsaw Massacre though as she never topped her career off in any other film she's been in. She portrays a different role in this film however playing a nice and mellow person instead of shrieking insanely proving she can be versatile in which she knew her stuff by doing this as well. Plus adds a good flirtatious charm to her appeal and knew on how to get into a romantic mode. Plus does well acting nervous and cautious when she is about to be attacked as well as doing a good job by acting upset or anxious too showing off some great adrenaline.
Nell Regan (Beth Nicholas
) tried her best to pull off an innocent little girl charm as well as showing a friendly attitude as well as doing well with her lines but alot of the times she is quite stiff when you think she will be able to get into character when we first see her pull it off and then just not passing at the end of everything. She wasn't terrible but needed a push.
Patrick Regan (Michael Nicholas) seemed to come off nicely as the twin sibling but is incredibly wooden and was mainly a line reader. He just couldn't get into character properly. You could tell that he tried his best but doesn't do the trick. Oh well. Not everyone was meant to be in the acting business.
Chester Grimes (Snake - Biker Gang Leader) seemed to almost have the looks as the leader of the gang but he almost looked too much of a hippie by how he was dressed and so fourth. Almost pulled it off with his nasty sarcasm but was a little too over the top. His blocking alot of the times was pretty sloppy but seemed to do okay later on when he is focreful to an actress making out that he's going to rape her.
Robert Dryer (Billy) had the perfect looks as the secind in command of the biker gang and can seem a bit convincing with his menacing words and threatening attitude but he too was a bit rough by how he was getting into his nasty mode. His blocking also was a bit off as well. In his last performance when he falls down and dies looked terribly phony and amateurish. However this was his first film role before having other small and supporting roles by playing bad guys in mainly non mainstream cheesy flicks but this film he was in was the lowest budget I've seen him in and was better remembered with his other work.
Will Rand (Guy Nicholas) wasn't too shabby in his role as the protective father in which he does well acting at times a bit anxious while trying to warn his onscreen children about their powers. Plus does a good job taking to the onscreen bikers without trying to sound too threatening as he brought this to life as well. Shows good acting expressionless as a dead corpse when his powers are used to kill bad people. Seemed to be an attention grabber by all that he did in this film.

Two teenage girls flash a deputy driving by wearing bikinis.
A woman biker played by Gay French is skinny dipping in a tub outside of Guy's house and then is nude lying at a beach.

David Spear does wonders on an out of synch synthesizer but alot of the times he makes it sound extremely annoying. However in certain spots we have a laser type sound of music which was cheesily catchy. But there's uplifting annoying sounds for the opening and closing credit that's supposed to sound uplifting. Plus there's really high picthed music alot of the time as it got on my nerves.