Krampus: The Devil Returns (2016)

Co-Produced, Written, Edited, Cinematographed & Directed by: Jason Hull


.... Jeremy Duffin
.... Harry Sharp
Tiffani Fest .... Lori Taylor
.... Santa Claus
Darrin Foltz .... Dave Kane
R.A. .... Stuart
.... Gil Farabee
.... Natasha
.... Krampus

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: October 4, 2016



Five years after the murder of his wife and disappearance of his daughter, former police officer Jeremy Duffin (A.J. Leslie) is brought back to help in the hunt for a yuletide monster that punishes children that have been "naughty." As the monster becomes more erratic and unpredictable, Jeremy learns the truth about the disappearance of his daughter and the fate that has been bestowed upon him by an unlikely source. Can Jeremy finally end the nightmare Christmas monster that has terrorized this town for years?


Now the story starts off with kids getting off a school bus and going home for the holidays as well as a naughty one doing some damage to an abandoned home in which all of this looked amateurishly done along with the Krampus figure spying on these kids which was supposed to look creepy but it doesn't one bit.
Then there's a meet and greet Santa as there's an immoral kid wanting something for Christmas with him suggestung to this brat what a better gift would be but refuses and does something naughty to him. Although this also looked phony to watch it leaves an impression that he will put him on his naughty list as we all know what will happen to him later on.
Then when the story rolls along a sloppy situation when a mother tells her son to go to bed but he isn't listening which shows a lack of discipline as this is common in the modern days of families sadly but it needed to be way more convincing as the situations here were terribly slow and lacking. Plus we have our own Krampus stalking the home as this looked amateurish in every way and non effective as well.
Things start to change to save this flick from bombing when the naughty kids are trapped in a shack with Santa acting creepily charming in a sarcastic fashion and then getting aggressive with them along with Krampus punishing them including whacking one of them brutally with a strap in which all of this looked intense and dark. I was thinking that the film wasn't so bad after all but it slopes in other spots making it still a really bad storyline.
Another good scene after this one is a setting taking place in a mafia kind of way as the head of the clan Stuart discusses their mission and so fourth making the moments look unpleasant and aggressive but sometimes it looked a bit silly too.
Nice dark setting with Santa scolding Krampus in a corner of a neighborhood as well as telling him what he needs this devil to do as it was done in a strong serious fashion but I couldn't help but to think that this Krampus character is in a costume as it doesn't look realistic at all. In other words, low production values.
Things slope greatly when there's a catfight scene against two women as it looked way too planned out and not any kind of believeable energy whatsoever.
The powerful situations kick in again when detective Jeremy Duffin and his sidekick Lori Taylor are pitted against Stuart and his mob which made me wonder if this evil prick made a deal with Krampus or not. This scene was a bit better than the rest but not by much.
The lowdown on Jeremy with Santa telling him for his sins in the past seemed necessary for a horror film as it was in your face type of fashion but it still didn't save the film for being worthy at all whatsoever.
Bottom line is that this film was an amateurish piece of junk. Althouh the original one was the same way it had more going for it but this had none plus the audio was bad in many spots while trying to watch this one. Making this one was a waste of time except for the certain worthy scene's that were mentioned saving it from bombing.

The acting is like in the first one is terrible and amateurish as (Jeremy Duffin) once again had the appeal to his part and the looks but however seemed to improve surprisingly in this one as well as doing an okay job with his troubled attitude too.
Tiffani Fest (Lori Taylor) wasn't too shabby as his sidekick having a good serious no nonsense attitude and seemed to get into the scene's pretty well but even she lacked in other spots too like during a cat fight scene as she was terribly sloppy and her reactions to it all didn't cut it at all.
(Santa Claus) still did the trick as the nasty one when someone was naughty getting into a nice sneering rage. Also shows off a goos assertiveness in other spots with his seriousness too and comes across that he will do harm if you cross him when he acts like this. Shows a good polite attitude to the one's good around him which also looked convincing.
R.A. (Stuart) was probably the best out of the cast in which he does well with his obnoxious attitude as a head mafia leader redneck sort and had the perfect looks for this type of character too. Sometimes he was over the top within this and got carried away but seemed to make up for it later on. Was fairly convincing as a character actor and can wear many other hats than just as Leatherface.
really showed off a sharp presence as his sidekick and had a perfect nasty girl bad ass personality as someone you don't want to mess with. She really grabbed my attention greatly and for sure makes you want to kill her by her actions. However she lacks when getting into a cat fight in a certain scene so she needed improvements but nowhere near as much of the cast in this one.

A bloodied looking woman is barebreasted fornicating with someone else.

Insides are revealed from a corpse.

Aaron Forsyth this time was quite amateurish with his music as he has weak playing for example an instrumental piano playing for the beginning of the story on "Up on a Rooftop" as well as other spots that were supposed to be creepy but it doesn't do the trick. However he does well with his creepy playing for a scene when kids are punished by Krampus in a shack as it worked well but that's one of the only good moments. Other areas "Up on a Rooftop" was playing again and was driving me bonkers as it was overly played. Yet he composes okay for the closing credits but it was nothing to brag about at the same time.