Lake Dead (2007)

Directed by: George Bessudo

Written by:
Daniel P. Coughlin


Kelsey Wedeen .... Kelly Lake
Kelsey Crane .... Brielle Lake
Jim Devoti .... Ben Graham
James C. Burns .... Sheriff Chuck Lake
Alex A. Quinn .... Bill Welsh
Vanessa Viola .... Amy Leigh
Pat McNeely .... Gloria Lake
Christian Stokes .... Abel Lake
Trevor Torseth .... Kane Lake
Dan Woods .... John Lake

Release Date: After Dark Horrorfest: November 9, 2007

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The Lake sisters named Kelly (Kelsey Wedeen), Brielle (Kelsey Crane) and their rebellious third one which is their half sister named Samantha (Tara Gerard) finds out that they have a Grandfather whom they didn't know about and had just died, then gets an inheritance so all three of them go up to a resort to visit the Lake Motel which is owned by their unknown Grandmother named Gloria (Pat McNeilly) and decides what to do with the property.
While they're there they decide to party out but also discovers some unknown relatives that are deranged psycho's that their father named John (Dan Woods) tried to warn one of them not to go up there.
One of the relatives are two hulking twin brothers named Abel (Christian Stokes) and Kane (Trevor Torseth) whom torture, rape and then kill the people there slowly till they try to get to the last ones since Gloria doesn't want any nonrelatives at their resort which didn't include Samantha.
They try to get help from Sheriff Chuck (James C. Burns) but he seems to be a part of the family too which makes matters worst shooting anyone he doesn't like on the Lake property.


The situations looked a bit cheesy at first with a dispute between an elderly couple as it didn't seem too believeable.
We have a good shot on an evil Sheriff Chuck Lake pointing a gun towardsthe old man and some intering cheesy CGI results after firing his gun as there were many good camera takes on it all.
We have some cheesy but enjoyable discussions between Ben Graham and Kelly Lake with Samantha Lake acting totally out of it in a living room discussing about their estranged grandfather and going to the camp resort. There were spots that didn't seem natural but yet seemed to do okay as young people having the odd disagreements too.
We have a good camera shot looking down on a supporting cast a funeral zooming in.
We have many terrific camera shots on Abel and Kane standing near a distance in the woods towards their victims before running in for the kill and there's of course great fast action shots when they attack which borrows to those Friday the 13th kinds of tributes.
We have a great shot on Samantha being whacked in the head and thrown down by both Abel and Kane while getting tortured to death with good shots on what they do almost making it hard to watch. There's a great dark shot on them in a boat at night and throwing her body down in the lake.
There's many great shots with Amy Leigh running away terrified and trying to hide which keeps the suspense running wondering if any of these people will survive which is one of the spookiest moments of all on how the people were shooting this film and the reactions everywhere circling the terror.
There's a great horror moment with both Kelly and Brielle pinned to a chair crying emotionally while Chuck gets aggressive with them as well as Gloria acting pleasant and aggressive at the same time in which the makers of this flick brings all the pieces together making it really twisted.
There's also a nice and disturbing moment when both Kelly and Brielle are holding one another and sobbing.
We have tons of great shots with Kelly, Brielle and Ben running away in the woods with Chuck, Abel and
Kane trying to stalk them.
A great battling moment between Ben and Kane which was perfectly choreographed.
Another terrific moment with Kelly struggling against Chuck which showed terrific energy.
Nice powerful moment with John pointing his gun towards Chuck acting like the hero which was probably one of the best moments ever.
Bottom line: At first the film looked like it was going to be another run of the mill badly done indie camp horror flick but yet when it gets going it's really good and almost like a tribute to those summer horror retro and remakes such as Last House on the Left, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes, Just Before Dawn and Friday the 13th. There's a bit of everything in the film and it's faced paced in a good way too. Lots of struggling moments making you glued to the set wondering who will make it out alive and who won't. Definetely I would vote for a sequel as this little indie flick earned it so let's keep our fingers crossed.

The acting is not too bad but some of it was a bit slacking. Lead actress Kelsey Wedeen (Kelly Lake) shows terrific energy and aggression in her role as an angered daughter to her father plus shows great emotions too.
Kelsey Crane
(Brielle Lake) was another one who played her sister showing good terror to her part and really knew how to cry and get emotional as well.
James C. Burns
(Sheriff Chuck Lake) really brought it on by playing the role of an evil unpredictable sheriff since he had a great intense attitude to his role on the film and a nice character to his part in it too.
Supporting actor Alex A. Quinn (Bill Welsh) seemed a little annoying in his role as a skanky one at the camp and didn't do much for me at all. Ho hum!
Pat McNeely
(Gloria Lake) was excellent in her part as an evil Grandma in the flick first showing her niceness and then snapping and behaving loud and wicked too. A true born horror actress if I do say so myself.
Dan Woods
(John Lake) I can't seem to shake off his role as Raditch in the Degrassi TV series but showed he can wear many hats to what he plays and does his role well as a heroic type in the horror film which is of course we all need in one. He delivered his words perfectly too. We have a good aggressive moment with him at a funeral scene by having a believeable argument when he tells his fellow actress not to go to the resort which was done well that you get a good impression that he has a dark secret.
There's a brief supporting role by Tara Gerard (Samantha Lake) as she tried her best playing a tough girl with a stoned out like attitude but however seemed too wooden and doesn't pass too much. Well she was one of the first victims to get killed off.

A woman takes off her top towards a guy near a tree about to seduce him fully barebreasted.

Some heads are bloodily shot
Lots of gruesome stabbings
A girl's legs are stabbed through with a metal pipe
A persons face is stabbed to a tree with a large blade
Heads are bloodily crushed
Two fingers are bitten off
Lots of bloodsheds

Perfect metal sounds clanging and banging moment with the heavy violin music too all of it sounding dark and suspenseful in every scene without a fail at all. I mean it was perfect alltogether!!!! This was put together by Mark Petrie.