Last House on Hell Street (2002)

Directed & Composed by: Robin Garrels & John Specht

Written by:
Robin Garrels


Leah Schumacher .... Jessica
Schmack Virgin .... Kyle
Robin Garrels .... The Mother

Release Dates:
B-Movie Film Festival: April, 2002




A couple located in the deep woods at an evil force hides there to drive men insane and to kill their loved one's.
A person named Kyle (Schmack Virgin) falls into the possession and tortures his girlfriend Jessica (Leah Schumacher) half to death as well as pouisoning her mind but she tries to get the aid of the spirit of Kyle's dead mother (Robin Garrels) in order to escape.


I could not understand this film too well at all and is extremely confusing. I will do my best to give it a simple review here as we spot mainly a Mother narrating the story with colourised effects that looked terribly amateurish by how all of this was set out and could never understand by what was told here.
We do see a maniac dragging a woman in and then about to hack her to death with a meat cleaver and due to the no budget and amateurish looks on this film was one of the only horror scene's that's worth seeing but this is nothing to brag about either but showing blood yet nothing graphic cause of the lack on the budget of this flick.
We spot many silent moments with the narration as well as a couple dancing around a field area with interesting slow movements on all of this. Plus we get a moment on thme near their farmland as well as the boyfriend Kyle starting to look out of it after returning from his home which was supposed to draw you in that something isn't right with him but this is slowly done and making you think to yourself "Get to the Point!"
There's alot of pointless shots on trees when we hear intense moments between these two as this was so stupid to watch while this was happening as it's better to see the situations happening. There's also a shot on a moon at night with bad camera shots focusing in and out.
THings get going a bit better to save this clunker from bombing when we spot Jessica being tormented and tortured in the basement of the home as the setting looked dark and sketchy as well as close up shots on him tearing her clothes but this was dragging as it took a long time while these moments were happening.
There's family members outside asking Kyle if they've seen Jessica and him assaulting them with things outside which looked way off. But yet good shots on him in the basement torturing one of them to death even if some of the graphic moments looked amateursihly done as usual.
The most effective moment was near the end of the film with Jessica going in a rage with a bloody axe as it gives a no budget horror feel to all of this. Almost does the trick for the story but not quite.
Bottom line is that this flick was close to being plotless and at times it is interesting at times with the intensity but most of the time its very annoying. My guess is that they had no money and used their own equipment to make a film with no effort at all. Skip this one for sure.

The acting is in average taste but not too terrible. Leah Schumacher (Jessica) seemed to bring her character to life or tried to. It was hard to tell her performance at times with the annoying narration as she didn't have much to say in it but acted lifelike in the beginning of her role bouncing around. Shows a fair intense screaming when the terrors happen showing okay energy too. Shows some decent emotional sobbing as well. She also knew on how to go crazy and in a rage while running with an axe in her hand. Convincing energy there in her behalf.
Schmack Virgin (Kyle
) seemed to do the trick showing some versatile performance by acting happy in the beginning of his performance but then showing an ugly and expressionless face like he's not well or himself at all. Plus does a good job just going wild and crazy with his menacing attitude but however he is a bit off within his blocking while being violent.

A lady has a long scene wearing nothing but her panties while being tormented by her husband.
If you enjoy nudity this scene is worth while.

A girlfriend has her clothes torn off while being tormented in a basement and alot of times her breasts are revealed.

Some people are being chopped up with a meat cleaver and axe.

The music is extremely annoying composed by the directors David Burnett and Robin Garrels. I will pass on this one as it sounds incredibly annoying for the most part especially for the opening sounding like a toned out machine as well as bubbly types of sounds. However there's at times some nice deep sounds for the tim,es in the cellar of the home where the twisted things happen but that was about it as well as some airy music too sounding mellow.