The Last Horror Film (1982)

Produced & Directed by: David Winters

Written by:
Judd Hamilton, Tom Klassen & David Winters


Caroline Munro .... Jana Bates
Joe Spinnell .... Vinny Durand
Judd Hamilton .... Alan Cunningham
Devin Goldenberg .... Marty Bernstein
David Winters .... Stanley Kline
Mary Spinell .... Vinny's Mother
Glenn Jacobson .... Bret Bates

Special Appearances:

Richard Marner .... Screening Room Jury
June Chadwick .... First Reporter
Robin Leach .... Second Reporter

Release Dates:
Sitges Film Festival: October 9, 1982; Cannes Film Festival: May, 1983


An obsessive man named Vinny Durand (Joe Spinnell) is determined to do a film with his favourite horror film actress Jana Bates (Caroline Munro) whom is making an appearance in France.
He tells his mother that he is going to make a motion picture with her that will get into the Cannes Film Festival but she doesnt believe him. Still he convinces her that it will happen.
He travels down there but acts unprofessional about stuff when he talks to producers and other people who diss him.
These people suddenly are slayed while being video taped and there's a note to Jana that this will be her last horror film after she encounters a person who was just slaughtered. This freaks her out but her manager tells her this could be great exposure so they advertise it.
However, more and more people starts to become deadly victims and Vinny seems to be responsible for all of this.


The film starts off with a mildly amusing moment with a lustful woman skinny dipping in a jacuzzi as well as close up shots on killers hands putting a wire in the wire and electrocuting her and then we spot people in a movie theatre not impressed as well as the film producer Vinny Durand getting upset as this makes you think that he will go in a slope with his career.
Impressive opening credits when we carefully watch someone cut and paste a film together since it was done back then which was nicely put into the stary since this is a story on a horror filmmaker.
In the story which looked nicely set in a low budget horror fashion is when Vinny hallucinates that he is failing when he spots an oscar and another part of him is being evil towards him as well as the dark nights showing with fog floating around. Certainly leaves a nice haunting and ghoulish impression while we watch this in different segments.
Yet numerous trrashy and conry discussions with Vinny talking to his mother about going to Hollywood to be a top filmmaker and her alienating all of this as this looked incredibly annoying to watch and unfunny too even if this was supposed to make you laugh.
We see a bunch of fans waiting for the superstar Jana Bates coming out of the plane and being mobbed as there's nice camera shots and excitment happening which looked good but at the same time things seemed to look a little too set out.
Yet some entertaining moments with her meeting and greeting others at a dance club as well as cheesy discussions with the people there in which this seemed like a nice set out for an 80's flick as well as quite colourful.
A decent intense moment when Vinny tries to call up Jana to convince her to be in his film but we spot her greedy husband/producer Bret being closed minded while this desperate person tries to convince him to get her to talk to him as this reminds you of wanting something from someone but someone is being preventful adding some good psychological elements on a jerk being selfish to someone else. Yet the moments here looked quite cheesy at the same time.
Many good close up shots on the mysterious killers hands circling a character on there as to be the next victim for his killing. But again we've seen this before in the films like Prom Night and Graduation Day.
Nice dark moments on her husband getting killed while we spot Jana returning to her hotel room with her being cautious with her slowly opening a bathroom door as focusing on this as well as her spotting him dead as this for sure leaves a nice grindhouse drive in horror effect making this look entertaining along with the results that will impress the gorehounds who like the cheesiness low budget situations.
Then we get more trashy moments with some girls skinny dipping in an ocean as well as a close up shot on Vinny looking like he wants to strange one of them while watching as well as one of them trying to be flirtatious which was cheesy to watch all of this.
More trashy moments when Vinny calls his Mom up and she nags at him as well as him saying that he's going to have Jana in his film project but at the same time it seems to be effective on a desperate wannabe movie maker who isn't succeeding and is only fooling himself.
A good moment when there's a letter to one of the filmmakers to meet him at a movie thatre as you get a feeling that this person will be done in.
Then we spot this happening as well as a myserious figure filming on what he's going to do which is killing this person with an axe but the killing looked quite cheesy. It works in okay for a grindhouse flick such as this one.
There's another situation with another filmmaker playing a flirtatious game of hide and seek with his girlfriend as they are in a tower by the ocean as things looked good and dark as well as necessary for the killers next move. Nice dark shots on the killer creepily going up with a gun and ready to shoot his victim which was nicely set.
Another moment with Vinny sneaking in to try and talk to Jana and she is wrapped in a towel with her freaking out which makes you watch carefully and wondering if he will kill her as well as a good shot on him holding a broken glass of a champagne bottle which looked impressive in a grindhouse horror flick as it was well focused and can please fans of drive in flicks since this was drawn in. Of course we have her running away and trying to get away from him which looked cheesy to watch as well as people from the hotel thinking it's an act along with nicely psyched out moments when Vinny comes out and close up shots on people clapping their hands. The moments looked mildly psychotic.
Things try to get rolling after we spot Vinny kidnapping her at an awards ceremony and a nice setting with him shooting a scene in his area making the moments looking like a castle of Dracula and him approaching her with a wooden stake and her asleep as you wonder if he is going to kill her that this I must admit was a bit of a brain teaser.
We have the moments with the killer revealed which was supposed to surprise you by thinking that it wasn't typical as to who the killer really was but by how this was all put together looked quite off and trashy. Yet there's a chainsaw that's involved to put an end to the madness but we've seen it all before folks!
Bottom line is that the film almost looked so bad it's good but it slopes big time and at times I was in total agony watching this film after buying it at a store in Venice, California for a dollar as the film itself is more worth half that much. There's not much good about this one. It's extremely corny, almost plotless and terrible scenery in it. If someone is to make a bad horror film they should do it right so it will appeal to viewers who enjoy bad horror flicks as I have fun watching bad one's but this one bites the dust. It doesn't make any sense at all from start to finish.

The acting is terrible as it seems like the cast has only done experince by doing voice over's for foreign films as we all know how badly acted out they are. This film isn't even worth watching for scream queen Caroline Munro (Jana Bates) although not many of her other horror films were top shelf either. She had the beauty and everything so her part suited being a top horror celebrity in the story. Seemed to do okay with her speaking acting timid for the near creepy moments but sometimes was too over the top when she was freaking out or running away.
Joe Spinnell (Vinny Durand) seemed to have the right appeal for his role as a flakey filmmaker not making it as well as doing well with his obsessions or acting out of control. Plus shows a nice stressful attitude. However there's many times he gets a little carried away within all of this. He was convincing as a suspect by being the killer but seemed too much of a goof to be intimidating. Also his upsetting or emotional attitude was extremely wooden.
Judd Hamilton (Alan Cunningham) wasn't too shabby in his role as he's probably the best out of the cast which is saying very little. Had the right clean cut decent type of personality. Also shows off a good wise type of attitude too. Seemed to get into his role when he is trying to be sympathetic and being helpful. He did his best as you could tell by watching him.
David Winters (Stanley Kline) shows off a good slick attitude as well as someone whom is convincingly outgoing by all that he did here. Had the okay looks for it too. Also had good energy within all of this. Seemed to be a passable character actor and shows it off as a filmmaker in which he knew on how to become likeable.
Mary Spinell (Vinny's Mother) got on my nerves big time but was supposed to be a nagging mother. Yet she was awful in her role as mentioned the acting was terrible and she's a perfect example. Her voice was way too high pitched and seemed that she was trying too hard to do this role and was way over the top. In fact those aren't the right words by what she did here. She was goofy but not in a good way.
Glenn Jacobson (Bret Bates) had the most notable supporting role but at the same time was a bit rusty in it. However does well with his arrogant attitude as well as coming across as closed minded. Seemed powerful but needed a bit of a push. Near the end of his part in it when he acts crazy he seems over the top and can't seem to relate too much to his dark secret. He really needed lessons.

A lady actress is naked in a jacuzzi
Many woman are sunbathing topless
Some skinny dipping
There is also a stripper too taking it off.
For a terrible film like this of course they need to show this.

There are gory moments on some films shown like a guy being cut up etc.
A man's head falls off
A gruesome slit throat
A head is bloodily shot
A person's head is chopped off close towards the ending.

We have the typical screechy violin music and the piano playing composed by Jesse Frederick and Jeff Koz as it suits the low budget type of grindhouse this clunker had to offer and it has a low budget slasher feel to it all in it's time too. Plus we have some typical trombone music as well as adventureous theme's which is nothing too special and sounding quite cheesy. Yert some good deep sounding music for the final moments of the killer being revealed as this was quite catchy to hear.

We also have an interesting soundtrack by groups like Depeche Mode with their tune "Photographic" and the rest by Jesse Frederick and Jeff Koz. It very much sounds like the right 80's pop music for a soundtrack during this genre with good synthesizer music since that was used alot back in the days.

Jana Bates: I've seen enough fake blood to know the real thing when I see it.