The Last House on Cemetary Lane (2015)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Andrew Jones


.... John Davies
... Cassie Conrad
.... Mrs. Connelly

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: February 18, 2015






A horror filmmaker John Davies (Lee Bane) moves in to an old manor house in South West Wales in which he is told that is rommates with an elderly woman that he never sees but yt hears a record player of old music going on and other events as he goes to the aid of someone he became romantically attached to named Cassie Conrad (Georgina Blackledge) to get some answers as he is introduced to an ouija board as he finds out that his rented home is haunted by malevolent spirits.


We spot a silent situation dealing with both John Davies talking to the landlady Mrs. Connelly about the house he's renting which seems to do in not too shabby but due to the lack of the budget and effectiveness it looked mildly dull to watch but yet adds some mysterious flavor to the whole thing as well as him discussing that he's a film writer on horror flicks as well as her not liking horror which is a nice touch to the story. Also perfectly mysterious moments on her telling him about a roomate of an old woman residing there and telling him he won't know that she's there at all which draws you in wondering if something deadly will occur out of this. So this was an impressive beginning to what we might think is a worthy mysterious horror flick.
There's also moments when this man is tormented in his nightmares being drowned in a tub or having his mouth sewed as well as other horrific situations going on in which we see these effective moments look worthwhile in other flicks that we see which is another nice pointer.
Plus there's a moment when we think that John is alone in the home and an old turntable with music is activated which also makes things mysterious that is well done but yet when we try to find out the nitty gritty on stuff it just doesn't work in well at all due to a lack of budget and inspiration.
We've got a flowing romantic moment and peaceful discussions with John and Cassie Conrad which worked in peacefully but at the same time really lacked of inspiration as this looked way too common and typical for a film in order to fill in the time slots.
Also there's moments when John is taking a shower and then we spot some mysterious moments on his door being locked as well as the music playing which is supposed to look creepy but once again lacked the spooky inspiration. In other words it looked rather amateurishly done.
We also have moments when John is using a ouija board to find out answers which doesn't look too thrilling at all as it was supposed to have been but however when things are rolling along there's the odd entertaining pieces put togther but not a heck of alot.
Then we get to the point where John is finding out on his roomate but this doesn't seem to look suspenseful either yet it erolls along alot better when we discover on who this person is plus some good terrorising and suspenseful moments revealing on who the person behind the madness is as the story improved here and enough to save this dull clunker from bombing but when we spot struggling moments with John pitted against this maniac it looked totally lacking. Yet a nice mysterious moment involving Cassie looked nicely done adding a perfect touch to a happy ending for John and the madness surrounding him.
Bottom line is that this film tried so hard to become mysterious and suspenseful but it looked too low key to have it be that way as it needed alot of improvements in doing so since the makers didn't seem to put alot of effort in creating it the way that they wanted and the story is very slow and tiresome. We've seen movie like this before folks. Better off next time.

The acting was quite well done in which lead actor L (John Davies) seems to know his craft as a serious wirter and filmmaker for horror flicks as well as having a niceness to his role in socialising and being friednly in which he does this very naturally. Plus does a great job by speaking gently to the one he's romantically attracted to and adding full of life to all of this in which he is dead on for doing so. Also he adds a great anxious attitude when the terror strikes him as well as doing a good job with his insane and obnoxious attitude. However his blocking is quite off on alot of occasions when he is forceful or strangling someone in which he isn't rough or intense as he's supposed to have been.
Cassie Conrad) seemed to add a nice charm to her role as she shows off a nice and mysterious friendliness to her part of the film in which she adds some nice spunk into her romantic behavior speaking nice and calmly adding a happiness to what she does. Also does well with her conrcerned attitude and trying to be helpful within whatever she does. Her ending was wondering by having a happy emotional attitude too. She studied this part perfectly.
(Mrs. Connelly) really had a deceivingly friendliness while showing her new resident around the home as well as doing well answering questions and reacting to them in a believeable manner. Shows a nice decent look to her part too. Also she does a nice job with her cold speaking and wicked attitude later on but when she is forceful she is off key on her blocking. Yet does a great job by acting wild and going into a rage as the energy was very high within this.

We have some really strong and effective low budget sounding piano playing for the opening credits with the mellow one's and at times is played in the films run too which works in well along with cheoy piano playing too having a sort of ghostly feel to it. But at times it doesn't do too great with the different themes of this. However there's alot of breathing and hissing sounds as well as dark music as this was incredibly effective too as well as rusty screeching sounds which worked in powerfully. Many various music is played which seems to work in quite well and there's some that needed improvements all put together by Bobby Cole.