The Last Slumber Party (1988)


Written & Directed by: Stephen Tyler


Jan Jensen .... Chris
Nancy Meyer .... Tracy
Joann Whitley .... Linda
Danny David .... Tommy
.... Billy
.... Scott
Stephen Tyler .... Maniac

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: 1988




A trio of teenage girls decide to have a slumber party after their last day of school while a few jocks decide to spy on them and crash in on the fun.
However, a maniac dressed in a surgeon suit also joins in by doing them in one by one with a dissecting knife.


Very rough beginning when we spot the maniac in a hospital dressing up as one of the surgeons at the hospital with a cheesy shot on him picking up a dissecting knife as this is supposed to leave an impression that this device is going to be deadly on victims but I was thinking that this was looking awfully lame.
Then an interesting cheesy shot on a house at night with a blonde teenage girl looking out as well as cheesy shots on the maniac creeping towards her with the dissecting knife and she screams which was yet again a failed attempt to make something look nearly horrifying that he's going to do her in with a tiny object.
Later on there's moments with the teens after school discussing on their slumber party on the last day of school which isn't all that terribly done but still needed a bit more inspiration as it still looked quite amateurish but again there's worst moments in this flick as mentioned.
Then we have Dr. Sickler in the psych ward looking after the maniac as there's an attacking moment as this looked sloppily and terribly done. It really needed to pick up the pace and not looking at all intense like it was supposed to have been.
However there's a mildly effective scene when a nurse walks to a bus stop after her shift and sees a homeless person sleeping making the moments look still and mysterious and then a good dark shot on the maniac pointing his knife towards her but this shot needed to be shortened a bit but a nice shot on him slicing her face.
Trashy moments with the guys snooping the house and being sarcastic with the girls after pulling off some pranks on them as we've seen this in many other films before and done in better taste.
Another interesting moment with the guys hanging out in a driveway drinking beer discussing the girls as well as being a bully to a dweeby kid near them and throwing cans at him which seemed to work into the story but nothing to brag about either.
In the story there's the story having a discussion in a bedroom at night and then a head of a ladder is placed and they watch which takes a long time for this mysterious person to climb up and a total time waster which is supposed to make you think that someone creepy is trying to climb up but this takes away the suspense big time.
There's a moment later on when this maniac rises outside to look into the window of the home but this didn't look creepy like the makers were intended to make it seem that way.
Another time waster is when one of the girls is taking a shower b ut the drapes are closed with the camera circling around the bathroom but yet nothing happens at all in which this makes you wonder if the maniac is planning to do her in. This is another real disappointment.
Then we spot a corpse hung upside down in a closet as the camera shot took too long to spot this as an excuse for another time waster to fill in the story which didn't impress me at all.
Lame moments when Linda and her boyfriend making out with lame discussions towards one another as well as the maniac sneakily watching them as this was supposed to look bone chilling but I was thinking to myself "Whatever!!!" Then later on with the boyfriend spotting this maniac climbing up the ladder and about to slay him which looked painful this time with the dissecting knife but trashy writing as to how he was outside after watching him making out with Linda.
However a good camera shot focusing on the maniac with his wide eyed expressions spotting someone as this looked mildly spooky I had to admit.
Then in the story Chris awakens the next day and hears echoing calls towards her as at first seemed twisted but then it slopes when we see her friends as bloodied zombies as well as other twisted moments like that which looked lame to watch but it grabbed my attention that this was all a dream.
Also in the story there's some other killer dressed in a surgeons uniform about to kill someone and this maniac kills him. This doesn't explain at all this new character whatsoever. More bad writing of course and not taking enough time to plan this all out.
The story was supposed to draw you in when Chris is the last survivor of the massacres with a couple of the victims about to die when they reach out to her which didn't look convincing or her getting scared on these moments as the moments really fall flat but there's a moment when she takes out a knife and kills the wrong person which nearly worked in well but not quite. Then she is pitted against the maniac as the moments looked slow on these two facing one another which was a time waster and was thinking will one of you lunge in for the kill already????
Then while we spot more pointless moments during the finale when we think the movie has a bad and pointless ending we realise that maybe Chris could be dreaming it and suddenly has her party but yet it's really going to happen as she dreamt it which the makers tried to add a twist to it to make this look interesting to watch but this fails big time and the only thing worth watching are the closing credits.
Bottom line is that this film was a real waste of time and the makers should be ashamed of this piece. I mean a killer using a small dissecting knife to do in his victims??? C'mon!!! Any other weapon would be better than that as it's not threatening at all. Of course Michael Myers used this object in Halloween II but did it with more brutal force yet he used other devices too. Seemed like the makers tried to pull off something like you'd see in Slumber Party Massacre but that one was by far better made and had a good killing device. The film was poorly organised and a terrible storyline too. It looked like that someone used a cheap video camcorder and put a grindhouse effect to it which didn't work at all and some of the shots looked like it was made on another one that was tougher to spot than the other. Plus they didn't concentrate too much on camera shots either. Avoid this one and watch SPM instead as this one is easily forgettable.

The acting is very bad in which none of these performers had done anything else which is my guess were friends of the filmmers so I will do my best to review the one's that are worth mentioning.... Jan Jensen (Chris) was so humiliating in her role with her arrogant and sarcastic attitude. It looked like someone forced her to act this way and showed no enthusiasm whatsoever. Also when she screams or acts terrified she is way off key it's not even funny while doing any of this. No folks she was not meant to be in the acting business. Didn't even have the right looks for this role.
Nancy Meyer (Tracy) seemed to try her best pulling off her role but acting lustful and outoging but she doesn't even cut it herself. Has the fair blonde pretty girl looks but yet could've been a better choice for even that. She really needed some acting lessons for what she had to do and then got better roles.
Joann Whitley
(Linda) stood out better for what she had to do as she does an okay job acting alerted with stuff. However she wasn't the greatest either. She seemed to speak her lines quite well within her performance and drew in okay by what she did in the film.
Danny David
(Tommy) played the bullying type of jock as he was a little rough within all of this as well with his sarcasm which seemed forced out. Had the right masculine looks for this type of role but when he makes out with his fellow actress in a certain scene it was forced to death which was a real turn off as he really needed to get into character but he doesn't. He wasn't a true character actor by any means.
Stephen Tyler (Maniac) who created and directed this trashfest proved that his acting skills were the best which isn't saying much at all but showed good wide eyed menacing acting when going in for the kill. Showed okay blocking but other times he was off as well.
Sorry folks, nothing more worth mentioning here as I did the best that I could do here as these people probably moved on to do other types of carriers.

Many fake looking slit throats which anyone with a strong stomach could handle
Guy's face is constantly sliced by a dissecting knife which looked painful to watch
Person is stabbed in the chest with a knife

The music composed by John Brennan and Danilo Bridgens is quite cheap sounding but it isn't all that terrible as I've heard worst. There's some catchy wavy synthesizer sounds for the silent suspenseful moments in the dark hallways of the home and situations like that. At times I do admit it sounds annoying in other spots with the intense sounds. Interesting brief low sounds for when the killer is about to do someone in.

During the closing credits I hear a hair metal tune as it was done by Firstryke and it had some interesting cheesy guitar riffs and vocalising which is the only thing worth watching and a nice touch for a closing credits on a no budget slasher flick.