Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990)

Directed by: Jeff Burr

Written by: David J. Schow


Kate Hodge .... Michelle
William Butler .... Ryan
Ken Foree .... Benny
Viggo Mortensen .... Tex
Joe Unger .... Tinker
R.A. Mihailoff .... Leatherface
Tom Everett .... Alfredo
Miriam Byrd-Netherly .... Mama
Jennifer Banko .... Little Girl
Toni Hudson .... Sara

Release Dates: Theatrical: January 12, 1990; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1990

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A couple named Michelle (Kate Hodge) and Ryan (William Butler) are on a road trip to Los Angeles but get stuck in Texas by getting some gas at a station where they run into a hillbilly named Tex (Viggo Mortgenson) as he points them in the right direction along with a crazed gas station owner named Alfredo (Tom Everett) as he seems to have shot Tex when the couple speeds off.
Suddenly, havoc seems to follow them as a truck drives them off and then they are nearly slayed by a chainsaw maniac named Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff) while trying to fix a flat tire.
Then their car crashes after being chased off the road again by a scarred victim along with a man named Benny (Ken Foree) and are stranded in a wooded swamp terrorised by Leatherface.
Michelle seems to escape from Leatherface's grasps when she reaches a house near the swamp thinking that she can get help but she's in for more of a terrifying event than ever while reaching there.


We have an impressive opening with shots on Leatherface sitting at a worktable in a shack and sewing together people's skin to make a mask. A nice shot on Sara staring in the window of the shack looking very disturbed.
There's a great setting on Ryan and Michelle driving by at night when there's patrol work on the side of the road from dug up graves.
At a gas station scene we see a nice shot on Alfredo cutting pieces of pictures on nude women in a magazine which instantly gives away that he's a demented one.
There is a good scene with a truck hitting the car and scaring the people inside it.
We have a nice dark shot with Ryan and Michelle fixing a flat tire and then Michelle herself is standing up with the flashlight when she hears a sound which almost came across suspensefully but it looked slightly cheesy to pull it off.
There's a nice shot on Leatherface holding his chainsaw and turning it on but is not at all convincing by coming in for the attack.
There's great adrenaline on Michelle when she is driving fast not listening to Ryan to stop the car.
A nice shot on two cars colliding and crashing.
A good shot on Tinker's truck driving towards Benny.
The swampy area looked impressive while all Ryan, Michelle and Benny are lost in the woods looking for one another and footage of Leatherface's legs walking and trying to hunt them down.
There's a good conversation scene between Benny and Michelle talking to one another in the swamp on what is happening there.
Nice shots on both Michelle on the bottom stairway of a house and the little girl on the top staircase too.
The happenings in the house with Michelle being nailed to the chair looked believeably mad but the settings didn't have as a creepy effect on it like you saw in the original movie. It looked like a modern day family at times and then they act twisted the other times. It was still well done as this was mainly due to the writing of the film.
A nice close up shot on Ryan slowly opening his eyes while he is pinned upside down like he was an animal in a slaughterhouse.
Alfredo acts wild and crazy in the swamp while dumping body parts in the water which gives a good dark feeling to the picture.
There's a perfect shot with Benny acting menacing on his shotgun shooting the family and nice shots as well as reactions on the family being hit by the bullets.
A fight sequence between Tex
and Benny was quite nicely choreographed as it looks balls to the wall along with the heavy music giving that direction a powerful feeling.
We also see nice shots on Benny and Leatherface fighting inthe swampy water with a chainsaw rolling around in the water too.
There's also a perfect shot on Michelle holding a shotgun towards Alfredo in a truck as you wonder if she will pull the trigger.
Bottom line: Well there's the rolling narration during the beginning of this film like the first two talking about the history that happened in 1973. You kinda wonder if this was a direct sequel to the first one but really it doesn't explain itself that way when you watch the movie and more like a corny remake. It's a fun party flick but it doesn't do alot for the plot of the film and not at all effective like the first one and not as bloody as the previous sequel with less dark comedy to top it off. The film had some interesting effects and they tried to make it look dark and scary but failed in order to do so. Certain communities banned the first two at rental stores for a short while during the mid 90's only making this one available.

The acting is quite good except for one of the lead actors known as William Butler (Ryan) as he tries way too hard to show intensity and it is not believeable nor is his character either. His reactions and panicking after his car is hit is extremely fake. He reacts well as if he's drugged on painkillers.
Kate Hodge
(Michelle) on the other hand seems to have lots of spunk to her role and seems to pour out alot of aggression and scared emotions but not as good as the original actress when she tries to freak out at what is happening to her. Yet she cries well on set of the film with all of this happening but she is not bloody intense. Does well reacting to being drugged in a scene on painkillers. In another part of the story, she really brings her insane words to action when she explains what these people do and shows nice intense expressions too. Shows nice intense anger and agressions while calling for Leatherface's character to come and get her. Shows great menacing looks and puts everything she's got by smashing a rock on Leatherface's head.
Ken Foree
(Benny) was believeable in his role as a tough guy trying to save the day from these maniacs and is impressive. He shows a nice shocked expression on his face when a truck is charging towards him.
Supporting actress T
oni Hudson (Sara) was another impressive one with her insane actions as a stranded one in the wooded swamp trying to get away from the chainsaw family.
Tom Everett
(Alfredo) can come across as a madman but sometimes is too much with his role. He is good at terrorising two of his fellow actors during the near beginning of his performance with his gun jumping around and acting threatening.
Viggo Mortensen
(Tex) was nothing too spectacular in his role as the cowboy chainsaw member but still can do his job in this one.
Joe Unger
(Tinker) really came across well at being a vicious one in the family and had the perfect looks too. He reacted well by acting strange while setting up flares on the ground during a certain part of the story.
R.A. Mihailoff
(Leatherface) wasn't convincing enough to play the role of Leatherface as he didn't seem so menacing but had the right size for the role.
Jennifer Banko
(Little Girl) stood out well as the little girl of the chainsaw family as she seems like a cute and evil child. She really showed nice sneering actions afterwards too.

We have some skin that was already torn off a guys face that is being constructed into a mask.
Some slimy body parts are pulled out of a dug up grave
There's a violent bloodshed on a victim being sawed in a swamp
Michelle's hands are hammered onto some armchairs and it is graphic looking later on
Body parts are being dumped in the swamp water
Fingers and other parts of the chainsaw family are being blown off by a shotgun

We have some nice stompin and dark music by Jim Manzie and Patrick Regan giving the film that slasher type feel to the film.

We also have a real effective balls to the wall metal sountrack by groups like the ending song "Leatherface" performed by Eraz Rockit which suits the film for the closing credits for headbangers who love slasher flicks.

Alfredo: [after peeping on Michelle in the bathroom] She likes it. She likes it just fine. Just ask her!
Tex: Why don't you just shut up, stupid.
Alfredo: You shut the fuck up, motherfucker. This is my place! I'll do whatever I want here in my place!

Ryan: Do you hear what I'm saying man? We're being hunted!

Tex: Whaddaya think to our little lady?
Tinker: ...Uncertain. Looks like she might get all screamy on us Eddie.
Tex: [Slams meat cleaver on table] I wish you'd call me Tex. I told you.
Tinker: Oh I'm sorry boy. Goddamit, I'm sorry... how'd you like to do us the honor of plugging that whore up?

Tex: [stripping Ryan] Hey, looky here: colored drawers.
Tex, Tinker: California.

Benny: Sshh. This gun makes an awfully loud noise. And an awfully big hole.
Alfredo: Do I know you?
Benny: Shut up!
Alfredo: Look here Mister; I am very scared of guns, so please, do not point that at my face.
Benny: How many?
Alfredo: How many what, OJ?
Benny: How many sick bent-fucks like YOU are there out here?
Alfredo: Darlin' I only got one thing to say to you; I don't like the tone of your voice.
Benny: What is this? Booby traps? Camel netting? What are you people doin' out here?
Alfredo: Big suprise... FUCK YOU MISTER!
Benny: [Punches Alfredo into the bog] One down.

Mama: Junior loves them private parts. We knows what to do with them parts. Cut my own out years ago, I did.

Tex: Come on sweetheart. Let's see what you got.
Benny: The fuck is wrong with you people? Why don't you leave us alone?
Tex: We're hungry.
Benny: You never heard of pizza?

Tex: Time for dinner!
Benny: [lights lighter] You're toast, fuck!